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The Road Back to Your Heart


Gabrielle Moore has known the Staal family her entire lives. Growing up Gabi and Eric were inseparable. Everyone thought Gabi and Eric would end up together, so it was no surprise for anyone when Gabi and Eric started dating. Everything was perfect until Eric got drafted, number two overall to the Carolina Hurricanes, Gabi was prepared to follow him there, even applied to colleges around Raleigh, only to have him break-up with her. Threes have come and past, and Gabi has graduated from Yale University, and is headed home for the first time in three years but is taking a side trip to Raleigh. What will happen when the two of them are reunited?

Whitney Moore is Gabrielle’s little sister. She, like Gabi, has known the Staal family her whole life. Growing up, it wasn’t her and Jordan that were inseparable, like everyone would assume, but it was her and Marc. Even though Marc was a couple of years older than her, they were the best of friends, even if everyone was betting on her and Jordan to get together. In reality, Jordan and Whitney can’t stand each other. Jordan makes her life hell and vice versa. Even with everyone swearing that the two of them are made for each other, they swear they will never be together but with Jordan entering the NHL draft, will the thought of being separated from each other, be enough for them to put the childish feud asked and finally admit what everyone else sees.



Love this are you going to do any more to this story?

Gigipens Gigipens

Thank you :)

Update please :)

Loving this story

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Thats so exciting!!!

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