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The Best Job Ever.

Chapter One.

Chapter One:


"Hello; is this Annabelle Jones?" Came a voice from my phone.

"Speaking?" I replied.

"Hello, Annabelle. This is Molly, from the Pittsburgh Penguins. I was just calling to let you know that you got the trainer job that we interviewed you for last week. Congratulations!" Molly said.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?! I mean, of course you're serious. Why would you call me if you're not?" I laughed. "Thank you so, so much!"

"Oh, why of course! Now, Annabelle, we were wondering if you would be able to come to Consol tomorrow to work out some logistics. Does 9:00 AM sound okay?" Molly asked.

"9:00? Yes! Absolutely!" I answered.

"Okay, good. Just park where you parked for your interview, we'll show you where you'll have to park every day later. Well, I will see you tomorrow at 9:00, Annabelle. Goodbye!" Molly said.

"Goodbye!" I said hanging up.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this past spring with my sports medicine degree, and through several interviews and recommendations, I landed an interview with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Anddd, even better, I landed the job!

Now, all I have to do is turn in my two weeks’ notice at the god awful restaurant/bar I work at and then I can start my career in sports medicine.

Okay, so my job isn’t really that bad...but still.


I walk into Mattie's 15 minutes before my shift so I can get settled before I really start.
I pin my nametag on, that I decorated with a few Pens emblems. Have I mentioned that I've watched them since I was little?

Ahhh, I loveee them.

"Oh, good, you're here Anna! A big group just got here way in the back; can you go take care of them for me, babe?" Barb, my manager, said walking past me with a tray full of empty drinks.

"Yeah, sure." I answered. I went and grabbed my order tablet and headed back to the back room. My ears were met with the noise of several male voices.


They'll all probably try to hit on me. I keep my eyes on the ground as I walk up the table.

"Hi, my name's-Holy fuck. You guys are the Penguins!" I said, my jaw hitting the ground, when I finally looked up.

"Hi, Holy Fuck. I'm Geno." Evgeni Malkin said with his thick Russian accent, smiling up at me from my right.

"Oh, be nice big boy." James Neal said throwing me an award winning smile.

"So, what really is your name, babe?" Beau Bennett asked.

"Oh. Crap, sorry. My name's Annabelle and I'll be your waitress tonight. I'm sorry; I'm just a really big fan of you guys. But, anyways, what can I get you gentlemen to drink?" I smiled, blush rushing to my cheeks.

I took their drink orders and rushed back to the kitchen.

My coworkers Jessica and Emily were standing close by waiting for their orders to come up.

"Holy. Fuck. There is a table of Pittsburgh Penguins in the back, and I have to serve them. Guys. I don’t know if I can!" I said starting to fill their drink orders.

"Oh my god, no way!! Who's back there, Anna?!" Emily asked running to the swinging door and peeking through the small window towards the top.

"Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Bennett, Glass, Sutter, Nisky, and I'm pretty sure that new kid, Maatta." I answered.

"Like, THE Beau Bennett is sitting back there? Gorgeous face and all?!" Jessica gushed.

"YES!!! And I have to serve them! Guys, I can barely think straight..." I said. I finished filling their drinks just as Jess and Em's orders came up.

"Well, good luck, babe..." Emily said as she pushed through the swinging door.

"Thanks." I called after her. I took the tray and placed it on my shoulder as I made my way back to the awaiting hockey players.

"Here ya go boys." I smiled giving each person their drink.

"So, Anna, you said you're a big hockey fan, right?" Tanner Glass asked me when I handed him his beer.

"Yeah, I've watched since I was a little girl. My dad played in college and so did my big brother, Jed." I answered.

"That's sick!" He replied with a smile.

"So, the real question is, did you watch the game last night?" Brandon Sutter asked.

"Hell, yeah, Suttsy!...Wait, can I call you that?" I asked.

"Sure, babe." He smiled.

I smiled back. "Okay, first question, separate checks? And second, are we ready to order?" I asked pulling out my tablet and pen.

"Yes!" They all answered.


"Alright, boys, are we ready for the check?" I asked leaning between Sidney Crosby and Olli Maatta's head for some empty plates.

I made the smallest bit of eye contact with Suttsy before I felt the familiar heat creep into my cheeks. I grinned and looked away quickly.

"Yes, please!" Matt Niskanen answered.

"Alright! I'll be right back." I smiled, looking at Brandon again before walking away.

They were all sooo much better looking in person; the cameras just don’t do them justice.

I was smiling as I walked over to the cash register. Another coworker, Michael was ringing up an order.

"Hey, Anna." He said looking up at me for a second before returning to the cash register.

"Hi, Mike." I replied.

"So, I hear we have some Penguins in the house tonight?" He asked.

"Oh my god, yes. And I got the pleasure of serving each and every one of their gorgeous faces." I said leaning up against a wall.

Mike laughed.

"Which ones are here?" He asked.

"Sid, Geno, Neal, Glass, Suttsy, Nisky, and the new kid, Maatta." I answered.

"Damn. A bunch of high profiles. Sweet. Well, here ya go. Don’t wanna leave the boys waiting much longer." Mike chuckled.

"Thanks Mike." I rang up their orders and ran back to their table with their checks in hand.

"Alright, anything else for you guys tonight?" I asked.

"How about a kiss for good luck at the game tomorrow?" Beau asked tapping his cheek.

"Are you serious?" I laughed.

"Dead serious." He grinned.

"Only if I get to take a picture of it." I said.

"Deal." He smiled.

I took out my white iPhone and walked over to where Beau was sitting.

"Pucker up, babe." He smiled.

"Always the flirt, Sunshine." Sutter teased.

I leaned over pressed my lips to his warm cheek and snapped the picture.

"I'll make sure to tag you in it later." I smiled looking at the picture on my phone.

"You better!" He chuckled.

"Listen, if we win tomorrow, we're comin' back before every home game and you're kissing him." Sid laughed.

"Actually, I'm quitting here in two weeks. I got a real job that uses my degree." I said slightly frowning.

"No!!!" Beau said throwing his hands in the air. I laughed.

"I know! But, hey, gotta put the college education I paid for to use!" I said.

"Well, congrats on the new job, babe." Tanner smiled.


The Penguin players had left and I was slowly walking towards their table to collect my tip. It had been a fast and fun filled night with them here, but now it seemed to drag.

And I was here till closing.

Which was 1:00 AM.

At least I have my Consol appointment to look forward to in the morning...

When I finally reached the table, I saw a white Penguins hat sitting on top of a pile of money.

There was a napkin sitting right next to it; it read:

‘Here's my hat for one of the biggest Pens fans. We all signed it for you. You were one of the best waitresses we've ever had. Just ask Sutsy. ;) -The Real Deal’

Under the hat that was littered with signatures was a pile of eight $20 bills.

Good grief!

Also, there was another napkin folded in half. There was more handwriting on it.

‘I would love to see you again...call or message me- Brandon’

And his number was underneath the small message.

Pinch me...

I must be dreaming.


What do yo think?
Love it?
Hate it?
Let me know...
I have 2 more chapters written, but I want to see how you guys like itttt...


is this gonna get updated!?!?!!? im going through major withdrawal :( this is such a good story!!!!

I definitely NEED an update! I LOVE this story!

HawkeyGirl0645 HawkeyGirl0645

patiently waiting for an update!!! lol :)

I neeed an update!!! lol

Meg871618 Meg871618

I'm glad you like it! It means a lot! Thanks for reading! :)

alliteeeee14 alliteeeee14