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The Best Job Ever.

Chapter Eighteen.

Chapter 18

Well, the boys lost their game against the Flyers…


But, I was just happy that there were no fights that led to injuries.

Actually, there weren’t any injuries at all.

I didn’t enjoy the grumpy Brandon part though…

He got over it though.

He also wasn’t happy about how hard coach pushed them the day after and made this
morning’s skate for the Nashville game mandatory.

When we got home, he demanded a bath because he was so sore.

“Where are Brooke and Merr?” I asked walking through his front door and throwing my bag on the ground.

“And my parents?” he asked, doing the same.

“Ooo, look!” I said walking into the kitchen and to the fridge. His mom left us a note.

It read:

Brandon and Anna,

Brooke and Merrick went off with Sean and Vanessa. Isn’t that lovely?!
J Also, your father and I are going grocery shopping. Anna won’t be able to make you breakfast next week because we’ve wiped out your stock. We might go to get something for lunch while we’re out, too…

Enjoy the empty house. ;)

Love You!


“Oh my god. She is precious.” I laughed showing him the note.

“She is.” He chuckled.

“I’m going to rinse off down here, why don’t you go start the bath upstairs? I’ll be up.” He said kissing me on the cheek.

“Don’t be long; I’ll be waiting.” I said winking at him and running my hand down his chest as I walked away.

He groaned and headed for the downstairs bathroom.

I ran upstairs to start the bath.

I looked through the closets and cabinets up there in search of candles and actually found some.

It made me wonder, but then I noticed they weren’t lit, so he’d never used them.

I placed a few around the tub and on the counter and then started taking off my clothes.

I decided to leave my bra and undies for him, especially since I had on his favorite undies.

I sat up on the bathroom counter and waited for him to come up.

About 5 minutes later, Brandon finally came up.

He pushed open the door and stood in the door way.

He wasn’t wearing anything, and he had his wet hair slicked back.

“I didn’t make you wait too long did I?” he chuckled as he walked over to me and stood in between my legs.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer to me. He placed his hands on my face and pulled me in for a kiss. His lips stayed motionless against mine for a few moments before they began moving against them.

He pulled away and kissed me sweetly one more time.

“Here, I think you need some help with this.” He said as his eyes flickered down to my chest.

He reached behind me and fumbled with the clasp slightly, causing me to giggle, before lightly tugging my bra off.

Then he took my hand and helped me off of the counter.

I shimmied out of my panties before moving to get into the tub.

“I’ll get in first and sit behind you and give a little massage.” I said stepping into the warm water.

He got in and sat down and I slide in behind him.

We talked while I kissed and massaged his neck, shoulders, and back.

“We’re going to have to do Thanksgiving a few days early, babe.” Brandon said after a couple minutes of us just sitting in silence.

“Oh?” I said resting my chin on his shoulder.

“We play Tampa Bay that Friday and coach wants us to fly down Thursday morning/afternoon so we can be there and practice on their ice and everything.” He said.

“To be honest, I don’t even know if I work that game or not…” I said.

“I hope so. You’ve only not been to one away game and it was awful.” He chuckled.

“I know.” I laughed. “I’ll check my schedule when we get out. Ray was thinking about hiring another young trainer to help out just at home games, so I might not be working as many home games. But, that means I’ll probably get more away games.” I said.

“I don’t really care about home games, I can give you my family pass and you can sit with the other wives and girlfriends in the family suite.” He said.

“Or just sit with my injured players up in the private box.” I laughed.

“That, too.” He chuckled.

“I just hope that this new trainer isn’t a bitch.” I said.

“What if it’s a guy?” He laughed.

“Guys can still be little bitches.” I laughed.


Brandon just got a beautiful slap shot goal about a minute ago. It was great!

And now, I stood from the bench and watched as Tanner Glass and Eric Nystrom fought.

They pretty much had an even playing field. And both were known for fighting.

Tanner just made me so nervous. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

Tanner had a beautiful and clean hit on Nystrom, but he didn’t like it. So he dropped the

But, it didn’t take long before Tanner got a nice punch in and took him to the ground.

Tanner backed off as soon as he went down and stayed to make sure he was okay and to hear what penalty he was getting.

They both were given a 5 minute major.

Tanner skated off the ice and went down the run way to the locker room.

“Jones! Go sit with Glass and make sure he’s okay.” One of the trainers higher than me yelled down the bench.

I took off and followed after him.

“Tanner! Training room! Now!” I called after him.

He made a right into the training room instead of the locker room.

Good. That means he wasn’t angry or anything.

I walked in after him and he was already on one of the tables taking his jersey and skates off.

“Well, I’m going to be back here for a while. Might as well get comfy.” He chuckled.

“True.” I said walking over to the little freezer that held ice packs.

I grabbed one and stuck it into a towel before walking back over to Tanner.

“He got a few good punches in. Does anywhere hurt?” I asked.

“My jaw and the side of my head hurt a little bit.” He said pointing to them.

I threw some gloves on and felt his jaw line to make sure nothing felt wrong and did the same with the side of his face.

I found a tiny cut in the scruff of his forming beard, but everything else felt normal.

“I’m just going to glue up this little cut and you’ll be good to go.” I smiled.

“I have a cut?” He asked.

“Yeah. It’s just real little, but I don’t want you hitting it later and making it bigger or it bleeding
everywhere.” I said getting the materials I’d need.

“This’ll sting a little bit.” I said taking a long swab with peroxide on it to his face.

He winced a little.

“So, why did he come after you?” I asked wiping at the cut with a piece of gaze to make sure it was clean.

“I hit him into the boards behind Mazanec and I guess he didn’t like that.” He said.

“Oh, that hit. That was a beauty, Tanner.” I laughed.

I put the glue on the cut and held it while it dried.

“Thanks, kid.” He chuckled.

“It was a good fight, too.” I said.

“Thanks; I try.” He said holding up his hand and looking at his finger nails.

I laughed at him before I noticed his knuckles.

They were already bruised.

“Jesus, Tanner. I’m worried about this little baby cut when I should’ve been worrying about
your hands.” I said getting close to his face to see if the glue had dried.

It dried and I let go of it.

“It’s okay, kid. They really don’t hurt that bad.” He said.

“Lemme see them.” I said grabbing his hand.

“Ooo! I’m gonna tell Suttsy you’re holding Glass’ handdd!” Bortz said sticking his head in the

He wasn’t playing so he was in a nice suit.

“Shut it, Bortz.” I laughed.

“Hey, Glasser, sweet fight man.” He said nodding at Tanner.

“Thanks man.” Tanner smiled.

“I’m guessing it’s intermission?” I asked.

“Yupp.” Robert said.

“Will you do me a favor and tell the guys that if they need anything, I’m already in here?” I told him.

“Sure.” He said.

“Thank you!” I called after him as he left.

“Okay. Back to you. Ice. Ice. And more ice. Don’t take it off until you are going back out. Got it?” I told Tanner.

“Got it. Thanks Anna.” He said hopping off of the table.

Letang, Neal, and Brandon all piled into the room as Tanner was leaving.

Kris hopped up on a table, Brandon sat on the counter and James sat on the little chair that had wheels on it like you’d see in a doctor’s office.

“What do you three want?” I laughed.

“Well, Kris is the only one that needs anything. Me and Suts just came to annoy you.” James
said, spinning around my his chair.

“There’s a shocker.” I said rolling my eyes. “What do you need Tanger?”

“My left hammy is a little tight.” He said.

“Okay, well take your pants off, and I’ll stretch you out.” I said.

“Whoaaa! What did I just walk in on?” Beau laughed as he walked in.

“Me doing my job.” I said as I chucked the towel from Tanners ice pack at him.

“Hey now!” he laughed catching it.

“What do you need?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

“I’ll take whatever Tanger’s having.” He said winking at me.

“A hammy stretch? Okay. Drop your pants and sit up there.” I said turning back to Kris who
was waiting on the table.

“Just kidding. I just need my wrists re-taped. This right one is still bothering me.” He said rubbing it.

“Why do you always tell me these things and not the docs?” I asked starting to stretch Tanger out.

“Because it only hurts when I play and I don’t see the docs when I play; I see you.” He said sitting up on the table next to Kris.

I sighed and continued to stretch out Kris.

“How’s that little boy doing?” I asked him.

“Alex? Wonderful.” He said with the biggest smile on his face. “He turns one next Friday.”

“Oh my goodness! Is he walking yet?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. He’s been walking for about 2 months, almost 3. He wants to learn how to skate
already. His first words were daddy and skate. And then mama, of course.” He laughed.

“Ohhh, that’s adorable. My little niece just learned how to skate. She’s turning 3 in December.” I told him.

“Is she going to play hockey?” he asked.

“If it were up to my brother, he’d probably make her at least try it. But, his wife wants her to
just dance. That’s all. I say she should at least figure skate. The kid has sooo much goin’ for her on the ice.” I said.

“That sucks.” He said.

“Is Alex going to play?” I asked.

“I’m not going to force him, but he’s definitely going to give it a try.” He smiled.

“That’s true. Well, why don’t you go walk around for a little bit to see if it’s loose enough now and come back if it’s still bothering you. Okay? You’re all done for now.” I said.

“Alright! Thanks Anna.” He said getting off of the table.

“Alright Sunshine. It’s your turn.” I said walking over to the table with tape in my hand.


They won!!!

And, I decided that I wasn’t going to wait outside for them, I’m just going to go in.

I mean, I waited for Danny to give them his speech and everything, and then I went in.

They had ‘Blurred Lines’ blasting when I walked in.

Most of them were awfully dancing around in just their under armour.

Joey V. walked up to me, grabbed my hands and started dancing around the center of the room with me.

“Joey!” I laughed, dancing along with him.

Pretty soon I was being passed around the room.

From Joey, to Neal, Geno and Kuni, to Flower and Zatkoff, to Adams and Sid, and finally to Brandon.

I was slightly dizzy, because they ended up just spinning me around a few times before passing me along.

When Brandon got me, he dipped us back and kissed me.

The boys all made cat calls and hollered.

When Brandon brought us back up, I could feel the blush creeping up the neck and face.

I sat down in Brandon’s stall and pulled my knees up to my chest, trying to hide my blush.

“What’s the matter Anna?” Pascal asked, laughing and trying to mess up my hair.

“Nothing.” I said swatting at his hands.

“Uh, Anna?” Sid said standing on the other side of Brandon.

“Yeah?” I said.

“I need to change…so.” He said, holding his suit pants.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” I said.

That’s when I noticed that a lot of the guys had already begun fully undressing and putting their suits on.

“I’ll just cover my eyes. No peeking, I promise.” I chuckled, covering my eyes.

That earned a few laughs and the boys silently began changing.

“Bee?” I said.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“Have your family left and everything?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but they aren’t supposed to leave until tomorrow morning around 6:00.” He told me.

“And I’m not supposed to go with them…right?” I asked.

“No, I cleared it with Dan that you’re allowed to come with us. He said you can help with practice, and just take the night off.” He laughed.

“That’s fine. What else am I supposed to do?” I laughed.

“I told him you wouldn’t mind.” He said throwing his sweaty under armour at me.

“Thanks.” I said sticking my tongue out. “Is it safe to open my eyes?”

“You tell us?” Sid laughed.

I uncovered them and saw that Sid and Pascal were completely clothed but Brandon was standing in front of me struggling with the buttons of his shirt.

“Here.” I laughed, grabbing his hands and pulling him over to me.


I'm so sorry that it's been like forever since I last updated.

I've just had really bad writers block.

And I've been really sad about all of the free agents leaving and the James Neal trade and not knowing if Sutter was staying or leaving...
But he is staying, so that does makes me a little happier.

But, I think that this is going to have to go on hiatus until preseason starts. Which isnt that long....

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the short and crappy update after such a long wait... :/



is this gonna get updated!?!?!!? im going through major withdrawal :( this is such a good story!!!!

I definitely NEED an update! I LOVE this story!

HawkeyGirl0645 HawkeyGirl0645

patiently waiting for an update!!! lol :)

I neeed an update!!! lol

Meg871618 Meg871618

I'm glad you like it! It means a lot! Thanks for reading! :)

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