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The Best Job Ever.

Chapter Six.

Chapter 6:

They won again!

Tonight's game was against the Vancouver Canucks and it ended with a shutout. Brandon was rewarded a penalty shot but was shut down by a glove save by Luongo. It went to a shoot out and Malkin got one past him and won the game.

And we were apparently going to party.

I'm down for whatever really.

I was in a training room, cleaning up some little messes here and there, when a knock came from the door.

"Hey, babe." Beau said walking in and sitting down on a table to my left.

"Hi, Beau. What do you want? Is Brandon done? I need to go home and change before we go out." I said looking over at him.

"Oh, I don’t know. He was talking to Tanner when I walked out. But, I wanted to ask you somethinggg." He said.

"Geeze. Okay, well go ahead...” I said.

"So, Suts was talking about your hot roomie, and I was wondering if you'd invite her to come out." He said.

"Are you serious?" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"Yeah! Call her up right now and ask!" He said.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. "All the stupid shit you put me through, and I'm still nice to you." I said dialing Sophia's number.

She answered on the third ring.


"Hey, Soph. So, are you busy?" I asked.

"What do you want?" She said. I could hear the frown in her voice.

"Well, I'm sitting in a training room with Beau Bennett," I said turning to look at him. "And we wanted to know if you were up for a small party to celebrate the win."

"Wait, me?!" She replied.

Beau stood up and snatched my phone from me.

"Hell yeah, you, babe." He chuckled.

There was a small pause.

"So you're down?" He asked.

Another small pause.

"Well, Anna will be home soon, and you can just come with her." He said.


"Alright, baby. I'll see you in an hour or two." He smiled.

Small pause.

"Bye-bye." He said hanging up my phone.

"Mmm, she even sounds hot." He said handing me back my phone. "See you at the club, babe." He said placing a small kiss on my cheek and walking out.

I returned to my tidying up when I heard the door open once more.

"Hi, Brandon." I said without turning around.

I felt strong, muscular arms wrap around my waist from behind.

"Mmm. Hi, Anna." Brandon said burying his face into my neck.

"So, I hear Sophie is coming out with us?" He said. I turned around in his arms, placing my hands on his chest.

"Yeah. Beau said you were talking about her and he wanted to meet her." I said.

"I really only said that we had a good time last night, and that she was funny. But, she'll have fun with us." He smiled.

"I know." I said moving my face closer to his so our noses touched. He then closed the small space and pressed his warm lips against mine.


"How do you two get ready with only one bathroom?" Brandon asked.

He was on my bed stretched out with pillows behind his back and one arm behind his head. He showered before we left Consol, so he was all ready to go, dressed in his suit, but
minus the jacket and tie.

"Well, most of the time we get ready at different times. I always leave before her, so she waits till I leave to get ready. So, it's not really a big problem." I said turning around to look at him from putting on my makeup.

"Mmm, I am really enjoying my view from here." He said smirking.

I decided to get ready in only my Pens polo and black lace undies for him because I felt bad that he had to sit and wait for both me and Sophie to get ready.

"I'm glad." I said.

I made sure to swing my hips as I crossed my medium sized room to my small walk-in closet. Brandon groaned and put his face in his hands from the bed which only made the smile on my face grow larger.

"Uhh! I don’t know what to wear!" I said as I went into my closet.

"I vote for something small and black." Brandon said. I could hear the smirk in his voice.
I popped my head out of the door made a face at him and stuck my tongue out at him.

Real mature. I know.

He just laughed at me.

"Sophie!" I hollered.

"Yeah?" She hollered back.

"What are you wearing?" I asked.

"Umm, probably a little black dress!" She answered.

"If she's doing black...I'll go for...red!" I said to myself as I snatched my favorite red dress from its hanger. I held it up as I walked out.

"Mmm, never mind, I change my vote to red." Brandon said sitting up on my bed.

"I'm glad it has your approval, because I wasn’t changing my mind." I laughed.

"Oh, it definitely has my approval." He grinned.

"Good." I said.

Then, I turned my back to him and pulled my polo off above my head and bent down realll slow to stick my butt out. I stood back up and slipped the dress on over my head and made sure to shake my ass as much as possible as I wiggled into the tight fabric.

I am being suchhh a tease. I don’t know what's gotten into me; I'm not even drunk yet.

"God, you are being such a tease tonight!" Brandon groaned from behind me.

"I know." I smirked as I walked over and quickly pecked him on the lips.

I moved back over to my mirror and curling iron.

"I just have to touch up my hair and then we can go." I said to him over my shoulder.

"Okay." He answered.

We were both quiet for a couple minutes.

"Babe?" I asked looking at him through my mirror.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"I talked to my mom earlier today. Actually, I was on my way home from the morning skate." I said.

"Oh? How did that go?" He asked.

"It went well actually." I said smiling into the mirror at him. "She's really happy for me, and can't wait to meet you. I'm pretty sure my dad and Sean only want to meet you because you're Brandon Sutter though." I said rolling my eyes.

"I'll sign whatever they want, I have to impress them." He joked.

"No, they're all excited to meet you." I smiled. "Actually, do you remember me telling you about Jed and Liz's little girl, Harper?" I asked.

"Yeah, she's two, right?" He asked.

"Yeah! Well, mom invited us to go trick-or-treating with Jed and Liz. I guess Sean is bringing his girlfriend, and my parents will be there. So, you could hit everyone in one shot!" I smiled.

"Trick-or-treating? Do we have to dress up, too?" He said making a face.

"Oh, oh no! We're the boring adults. We just walked around with her and make sure no one snatches her." I laughed.

"Oh. Then yeah! I'd love to go." He smiled. "Dressing up was gonna be the deal breaker." He laughed.

"Good, I'm glad. It'll be two nights before Halloween. I checked the schedule already; it'll be an off day between Carolina and a home game against the Bruins." I told him.

"Good, I'll have something to take my mind off of the Boston game." He replied.

I walked over and sat on his lap; he had moved to the edge of the bed during our conversation.

"I'm glad you're finally going to meet everyone. I should've told them a long time ago, though." I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"It's okay. The important thing now is that they know. And that makes me happy." He said rubbing his nose against mine, causing me to giggle.

I pressed my lips to his, but we were interrupted by a Sophia busting through my door.

"I'm readyyy!" She said striking a pose.

"Oh, I'm interrupting something, aren’t I?" She said finally looking at us.

"Nah. It's okay." Brandon said.

"You look hawttt. Beau isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off of you tonight." I winked.

"Thanks, and I hope so; that's the goalll." She laughed. "And look at you! I see that Brandon already can’t keep his hands off you." She nodded towards us.

"Guilty." He said shrugging.

We all laughed.

"Alright, if you're ready, let's gooo! I'm sure everyone else is already there!" I said hopping off of Brandon's lap and heading towards the door.


I don’t even know the name of the club that we're in.

But it has my approval.

We're in a VIP section, obviously, with loud music and bright flashing lights.

"Sophie, let's go dance." Beau hollered at her over the loud music.

I was sitting next to her and Brandon in a large wrap around booth. She looked at me, almost for approval, so I just smiled at her.

"Okay." She said smirking and following him out of the booth and to the dance floor.

Even for us being in a "VIP" section, there were still tons of people in her.

Mostly puck sluts.

I was only on my second cocktail, with only a slight buzz. Brandon wasn’t really drinking that much, either. He was too busy talking to Sid, Kuni, and Glass about the game. I'm actually surprised Tanner and Chris came out with us, both of their wives are rather pregnant, and Chris already has two. But, I guess it's good for them to get out every once in a while.

I figured that since Sophie had run off with Beau, I should try to join in on their conversation.

Maybe that would bring Brandon's attention back to me, and we could go dance tooooo.

There was a small break in their conversation, so I figured now's my chance.

"Hey Kuni, that was a sweet goal in the second period." I said leaning around Brandon.

"Thanks, A." Chris smiled.

"Oh, sorry babe. We kinda left you out of the conversation. Where'd Sophia go?" Brandon asked.

"Well, it looks like with Beau." Sid chuckled, pointing to Sophia and Beau getting rather close on the dance floor.

Tanner loudly whistled over the music and hollered, "Get it, Sunshine!” causing Beau to do a little fist pump and Sophia to turn a shade of red when they heard him.

We all just laughed.

"Why don’t we go get you a refill?" Brandon asked pointing to my empty glass.

"Suuure." I said moving to get out of the booth.

"Anyone else need anything?" Brandon asked as we stood up.

"Nah. I think we're all good here." Chris said smiling as he raised his beer to his lips.

We headed over towards the bar hand in hand, Brandon leading the way. We were almost there, when I just stopped. Brandon noticed this almost right away.

"What's the matter?" He said moving back towards me.

"I have a better idea than refills." I said grinning.

"Oh?" He said, a small smile forming on his lips.

"Let's go danceee." I said pulling myself against him.

He looked down and then back towards our table.

"Don’t worry about them. Why do you need to?" I said frowning slightly.

"They'll give me a hard time in the locker room tomorrow. But I don’t even think I care about that right now. What the hell, let's go." He said motioning for me to lead the way.

"Yay!" I said.

I took his hand and lead him towards the center of the group of people dancing. We found Beau and Sophie, and Neal, Geno, and Olli Maatta, all with random girls, dancing.

I took both of Brandon's hands in mine as he pulled me closer to him.

I started to move my hips to the beat as our bodies brushed against each other. Brandon's hands left mine and moved towards my waist as I put my hands in the air and laughed. He smiled down at me and moved his lips my neck, which muffled his own laugh. He kissed and nipped at my neck as I continued to move my hips against his.


I don’t know how long we danced exactly, but I loved it, and I'm pretty sure Brandon wasn’t complaining either.

We ended up just making out rather sloppily in the middle of the dance floor.

When he finally pulled his lips from mine, he asked if I wanted to get out of here. I bit my lip and said yes.

So we walked back over to the table to grab our stuff and head back to my place.

"Did Sophie and Beau leave together?" I asked when we got back to the table.

"Yeah. We're about to head out, too." Sid answered.

"Yeah, we're headed out now, actually." I said.

"Suttsy, I didn’t know you had that many dance moves, bud." Tanner laughed.

"I guess it's a hidden talent, Tanner." He joked.

"Well, you kids have a good night. We'll see you at Consol tomorrow." He said to us in goodbye.

"Bye, boys!" I said smiling and waving goodbye.

Brandon and I left and headed towards the door and his car.

"Do you think Beau took Sophie to his place, or mine?" I asked once we were in the car.

"Hmm...Well, I'm pretty sure he lives with Bortz...so they probably went to your place." He answered.

I sighed and looked up at the ceiling of the car.

"You know, I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed with you. But no, now I'm gonna have to go home and listen to them have sex probably all night." I said.
Brandon laughed.

"What if we ran into the living room, and turned on a movie real fast and blasted the volume. Then, we'd never hear them." He laughed looking over at me.

"That would work." I laughed back.

"We'll put on the third Lord of the Rings movie, because isn’t that one long?" He asked.

"Yeah, it is. So that gives me a while to fall asleep." I laughed.

"See, we'll make it work, babe." He laughed.

I think he thinks I’m joking about turning the movie on.

I’m not.


When we got to the apartment, Brandon pointed out Beau's car in the little parking lot.

And, of course, when we got inside there was lots of giggling and laughing coming from Sophie's room.

So, before I did anything, I turned on the TV loud enough so that I couldn’t hear them anymore, and then quickly popped in the third LOTR movie.

I stripped out of my dress in the living room, in front of Brandon who was sitting on my couch, and then ran to my room with my fingers in my ears.

I grabbed the first big t-shirt I found from my hamper of clean clothes, which happened to be one of Brandon's v-necks, and ran back to the living room.

I threw it on and then walked over to the couch.

Brandon had lost his dress shirt, pants and socks, which left him in his undershirt and boxers.

"Nice shirt. It looks good on you." He smirked reaching for me.

I gladly climbed onto his lap, straddling him.

"Hmm, does it? I think I like it better on you." I smiled, pecking him on the lips.

"Nah, I like it way better on you." He said pressing his lips fully against mine.

I kissed him back and moved my hands to his hair, tangling my fingers in it. His tongue began to trace my lips, searching for an entrance and I gladly gave it to him, deepening the kiss. I pulled away a few moments later, breathless, as he moved his lips to my neck.

"Brandon." I breathed.

He moaned softly into my skin as I slowly moved my hips against his. I could feel his erection growing between us. I moved my lips to his ear.

"I have an idea." I said loud enough for him to hear and started to pull away from him.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

I didn’t answer him.

I just kept sliding down towards the ground, dragging my hands down his chest and stopped them at his boxers as I landed on my knees on the floor between his legs.

"They won’t be able to hear us either." I said, smirking up at him.

"I think I'm going to like where this is going." He said.

I slowly moved my hands past the band of his boxers and softly rubbed his length through them. I could feel him getting harder by the second. He sharply inhaled and his breathing picked up just the slightest bit.

Then, I moved my hand back towards the band of his boxers and looked up at him, silently asking him to lift up his hips so I could slip his boxers down. He responded almost immediately and helped me slide them off.

I could feel his eyes on my face as took him in my hand and began to slowly pump up and down his length. This caused a quiet moan to escape his lips. I almost didn’t hear it.

I decided to look up at him after a few moments of pumping.

He had his head leaned back against the back of the couch with his eyes squeezed shut. He was breathing through his mouth, and it kind of looked like he was in pain, but I knew he was far from feeling pain.

I looked back down at his length before I moved my lips to it and realized how big he actually is. He's, honestly, the biggest I've ever seen.

I decided that I wasn’t going to try to fit all of him in my mouth, so I moved my lips to cover just his tip and swirled my tongue around it, slowly beginning to suck on it. This caused his moans to gain in volume and frequency.

"Annabelle, you are killing me with that tongue of yours." he said throwing his head back against the couch.

Then, I took his tip from my mouth and I decided to run my tongue up and down the rest of his shaft as I began to pump it again.

"Anna." He moaned.

I then moved my mouth back to his tip and bobbed my head up and down taking a little bit past his tip into my tiny mouth as I moved my head.

Where my lips weren’t reaching, my hands were "massaging".

I kept this up for a good two minutes, until he started to lightly buck his hips against my mouth and hands. His moans were very frequent by then. "You're gonna make me cum." he said but ended in a soft moan. A few moments later I was thrown off guard as he came hard into my mouth.

I quickly swallowed the warm salty liquid and gave his length a couple more good pumps
before sitting back on the floor.

I allowed him a few minutes for him to recover and regain a normal breath pattern.

"Wow. I just- wow. That's all I can literally say right now." He said as he slid his boxers back on.

"That was so hot, and intense, and just fantastic." He said leaning back on the couch and closing his eyes.

I laughed at him.

He reopened them, and motioned for me to come on the couch.

"Just watch out for the little guy down there. He's still recovering." He said.

I was going to straddle him again, but I figured that would be too much for "the little guy".

"The little guy? I don’t think little is a good word to describe him." I said sitting next to him and curling into his side.

"Are you complimenting my size?" He laughed.

"I don’t know if I should feed your ego, but yes, that was a compliment for your size. To be honest, I think you're the biggest I've ever seen." I giggled.

"Well, thanks baby." He said kissing the top of my head.

"I was gonna say we should stay up and talk or something, but pleasuring you is extremely draining. I'm super tired now." I said the last part through a yawn.

"Well, you did a fantastic job, so I can see why. Here, come lay on me." He chuckled.
He propped some of the couch pillows up for his head and laid down, pulling me on top of him.
"Are you sure? Am I hurting you?" I asked as I looked up at him.

"No, just lay down and go to sleep." He said as he brought an arm up around me and started to rub my back.

We might have talked a little bit more, but I'm not sure because I fell asleep pretty fast after that.


I woke up the next morning smashed between the back of the couch and Brandon.

But I didn’t really mind because I was cuddled up into his chest, and he is even more adorable when he's sleeping.

But, my admiring of my sleeping boyfriend was cut short when I heard my phone go off somewhere across the floor.

When I heard it go off again, I figured it might be important and I should go check it.
So, I got up and maneuvered around my sleeping cutie pie and found it in the middle of the floor. I unlocked and checked the two new messages.

‘(1) New Message: Seanie Sean ;P (1) New Message: Beau-Beau<3’

I opened the message from my younger brother first.

It read:
Morning Annieee. I hope I'm not interrupting anything. ;););) But, mom's been asking if you and Brandon are coming to trick-or-treat with Harper.

That little bastard.

I typed back my response:

'Hiiii Seanie Seannn. No. You are not interrupting anything. -.- He's still asleep actually. :p But, yes, I talked to him last night and he's excited to meet everyone. Love and miss you guys<3'

Then I moved on to my second message.

You know, Beau definitely stole my phone and changed his name, because I've only called him 'Beau-Beau' once, and I definitely didn’t put his name in there like that.

He's a little bastard, too.

His message read:

'Hey, Anna. Are you up? I have to pee, and I don’t know where the bathroom is, and I didn’t want to go roaming through your place. And Sophie is still out cold...'

I rolled my eyes as I typed my response.

'Go out her door and make a left. The first door on the right is my little office area, and the second door is the bathroom.'

A few seconds later I heard a door open and feet padding against our hardwood floors down the hall.

When I looked up from my phone I saw and heard Brandon roll over on our couch and stretch a little before slowly opening his eyes.

"Good morning, babe." He said still stretching, his voice thick with sleep.

I crawled, on the floor, over to him and kissed him, placing my hand on his cheek.

"Good morning, sleepy head." I said rubbing my thumb against his cheek.

"What time is it?" He said closing his eyes again.

"Umm, about 9:30." I said. And then I realized what I said.

"Wait...aren’t you and Beau late for a morning skate?" I asked.

"Nope." He smiling with his eyes still closed. "Disco Dan gave us the day off today. I just have to go in and do a workout sometime today. I'll just go whenever I finally leave here." He said opening his eyes and looking over my face.

"Well, that's nice of himmm." I said smiling.

"Would like some breakfast? Pancakes?" I asked.

"Mmm, pancakes sound sooo good right now." He said as he moved his lips to mine.

I quickly kissed him back and then moved to get up.

"I'm gonna go start those pancakes, before we get too carried away..." I said.

"Mmm, we could do a repeat of last night..." he said making his voice sound husky at the end.

"Mmm, as tempting as that sounds...I'm gonna have to pass. Beau's up." I said, nodding to the hallway that leads off of the living room.

"Oh...so he stayed all night? He must really like her..." Brandon said.

"I hope so. I'd prefer him not messing around with Soph." I said turning to go to the kitchen.

"Same. Do you need help?" He hollered after me.

"Nahhh. You can stay on the couch if you'd like. I'm gonna turn on some music and start these pancakes." I hollered back.

"I think I might watch some news, I haven’t done that in a while." He said.

"Have funnn." I laughed.

In the kitchen, I threw my phone into my iHome and opened Pandora to play some music.

I always like to dance around the kitchen when I cook, and now would be no different.

I mixed up the batter and started pouring it into the awaiting skillet when a Beau Bennett walked in with wet hair and in only his boxers.

"Oh." I said with my eyebrows raised.

"Oh, hey. I thought you and Suts were in your room, so I figured it'd be safe to come out here..." he said scratching the back of his head.

It was then that I realized that I only had on Brandon's shirt from last night.

I subconsciously pulled at the edges, trying to cover more of my legs.

"Is Sophia up?" I asked turning my attention back to the pancakes.

"Uhh, define up? Because she was up and told me I could go shower, but when I came back she was sleeping again...so no, not really." He chuckled.

Brandon then walked up behind Beau and slapped his ass.

"Go out some clothes on, kid." He chuckled as he walked past him.

Brandon was only in his boxers as well, but he still had his undershirt on.

"You're not much better yourself." Beau pointed out.

"I'm still beatin’ you." He said as he past me, dragging his hand across my waist as he made his way to fridge.

"I literally only have my suit from last night, and I'm not putting that back on." Beau said.

"I'd offer you some clothes, but I don’t think you'd fit in my girly clothes." I joked.

"Brandon doesn’t have more clothes here?" He asked pointing to the shirt I was wearing.

"No. I don’t even know how that one got here." He said turning his head to the side in thought.

"You came over before an evening work out last week and changed in my room. I found it and washed it...but I might just keep it." I said bringing the collar up to my face.

"Eww, no nasty stuff this early. Go get a room for that!" Beau said swinging his arms at us.

We laughed at him.

"What's all the commotion about? Don’t you people know it's only 10?" Sophia said walking through the doorway stretching and rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty! It's about time you got out of bed. Did you have a rough night?" I laughed.

She grabbed a dish towel that was close to her and chucked it at me.

"Shut it, Anna." She said continuing to wake up.

"I honestly thought you would've left by now." Sophia said to Beau through a yawn.

"I mean...I can?" Beau said looking from Sophie to me.

"No, no, no. You don’t have to." She said smiling, walking over to him and putting her hands on his bare chest.

"Eww! No gross stuff this early in the morning!" Brandon said, mocking Beau as he took a drink of the juice he got from the fridge.


First off...

It was crazyyy!!! A total nail biter!
Suttsy got a goal toooo!!! :D<3
Gotta love 'em though.
Also, I would like to say that the game is the reason for such a late update tonight...sorry, not sorry...


Chapter six!
What do you guys think?

Love it? Hate it?
I love hearing from you guys, so let me know how I'm doing!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!!!



is this gonna get updated!?!?!!? im going through major withdrawal :( this is such a good story!!!!

I definitely NEED an update! I LOVE this story!

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patiently waiting for an update!!! lol :)

I neeed an update!!! lol

Meg871618 Meg871618

I'm glad you like it! It means a lot! Thanks for reading! :)

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