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Living The Dream

Chapter 1

Dylanne was not your average eighteen year old girl. Hockey was her passion, as she made sure she was on the ice every single day. For fifteen years, Dylan was the star centre for the Grayson Gators, her hometown team. Wearing number 92 on her back, the rink was Dylanne’s second home. Her coach saw star potential for Dylanne, from all of her hard work she puts into improving.

While at an away tournament in Massachusetts, Dylanne and the rest of the Gators went out for dinner, and headed back to the hotel to prepare for their early championship game the next day. Up at six, Dylanne headed out for a run through the streets of Boston, passing the Harvard campus, and the TD Garden.

“Harvard has to be the most beautiful campus I’ve seen so far” Dylanne thought to herself as she ran past the campus. It was Dylanne’s dream to attend Harvard one day, full scholarship to play hockey.
Upon returning to the hotel, the Gators went to the lobby to eat some breakfast before their 9:30 game against the Massachusetts Storm. During warm up, Katelyn skated over to Dylanne, and her line mates Rachel, and Kim, pointing out an unusual group in the stands.

“Look at those people in their suits, with their briefcases,” Katelyn said.

“I wonder what they’re here for.” Dylanne mumbled over putting her mouth guard back in.

The girls thought nothing of the people, and continued warming up as usual. As the game started, the Gators realised how tough their opposing team was. The Gators were trailing by 1, heading into the third period, destined to beat the Storm.
Rachel headed up the ice, 3 minutes into the third, letting out a huge slap shot, sneaking through the goalies leg, tying the game. The Gators were not about to give up, putting 100% into these last few minutes.

With the clock ticking down, revealing there was 49 seconds left in the finals, Dylanne just got out of the penalty box, when Katelyn shot the puck to her giving her the breakaway. It was all up to Dylanne to score the winning goal.

“She fakes left; she shoots right, SHE SCORES!” The announcer screamed.

That was it. The Grayson Gators were the Beantown Memorial Cup Champions. Dylanne was awarded MVP of the tournament, showing off the trophy skating around with her long blonde ponytail sticking out the back of her helmet.

Heading back into the dressing room, Coach said “Well played tournament ladies, team dinner tonight, Olive Garden.” The girls cheered as the breadsticks were their favourite post game snack.
While leaving the dressing room, a lady in a Harvard sweater walked up to Dylanne and said “Hi Ms Rivers, I’m Patricia, the hockey scout from Harvard University,” In that moment Dylanne’s heart almost shot through her chest. “I was watching you play, and you would be an incredible addition to the Harvard hockey team.” Patricia added.

"Wow, I don’t know what to say,” Dylanne replied.

“I am more than happy to offer you a full scholarship to our school, if you want to become the newest centre for the Harvard Crimson.”

“It would be such an honour!" Dylanne cheerfully replied.

After agreeing to the deal with Patricia, Dylanne hurried to the hotel, and immediately told her teammates and coaches about Harvard. “I’m going to Harvard on full scholarship. I start training in August!” Dylanne happily told the team.

“Dyl, we are so happy for you. Go and kick some butt there!” The girls replied.

The Gators got cleaned up, and headed out to the Olive Garden, excited to have a nice team dinner together, as it was their last. “Today was the last game we will all play together as Gators,” Cindy sadly said.

However it was not the last time the girls would see each other. They were the best of friends, especially Dylanne and Katelyn. Alongside Dylanne, Katelyn got accepted into Harvard, and they would be rooming together when they got there.

Upon returning home from the tournament, Dylanne had three weeks at home before moving to Boston to start training. She had a lot to accomplish in that time, including her brother Tommy’s graduation, and attending her grandparent’s 50th anniversary party.
Those three weeks went by so fast for the Rivers family, because before they knew it they were moving their daughter into her new dorm room at her dream school. They had no worries for Dyl though because she had her best friend Katelyn there for her.

“Ready to have some fun, and play hockey?” Katelyn cheered as their parents left.

“Let’s do it!” Dylanne replied.

Classes started the week of September third, so Dylanne had two weeks to get some additional training with the coach of the hockey team, before practices and school started. Dylanne was called into Coach Dave’s office the day she moved in.
Dylanne knocked on the door of the office that said “Coach Dave Julien – Harvard Crimson” in bold letters.
“Come in,” Dave replied, as he heard the knock.

As Dylanne entered the room, she noticed that the coach was in the middle of something as he was talking to another gentleman.

“Sorry to interrupt, I had no idea you were busy,” Dylanne apologized, as she slowly started to back out of the office.

“No worries, you must be Dylanne. Please have a seat; I was just having a friendly conversation with my brother, Claude.” Dave replied.

“Well then, you must be Dave, it’s so nice to meet you,” Dylanne replied.

“The pleasure is mine; I’m very excited to be your coach. I called you into my office to discuss a few things about your training. The rink that we usually use to skate on is under renovations currently, so unfortunately we will not be able to have any private lessons before classes start.”

“Wait Dave, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for you to practice with her at the Garden until the rink is fixed,” Claude interrupted.

“As long as it’s fine with the Bruins, then we’ll start training this afternoon Dylanne.” Dave said.

Later that afternoon, Dylanne drove over to the TD Garden, at around 3:30 pm. She parked her car, and headed inside to see her coach Dave, and Claude standing outside the change room doors. Claude showed Dylanne around and opened the locker room for her to get ready. She put her equipment on and headed out to the ice, ready to work hard.

Dave did many drills with Dylanne, seeing what she was capable of, and what she needed to improve on. After a while, a group of guys came through the doors, in their black and yellow tracksuits, carrying their hockey bags. Dylanne’s heart dropped, as she realised that they were the guys who made up the Boston Bruins.

“Skate hard, you’re doing suicides for the next five minutes, then cool down, then we’re done. We’ll let these guys have the ice now.” Dave yelled.

Going her hardest skating up and down the ice, she heard one of the players say “Who is that? She’s good.” In that moment, her skate hit a bump in the ice, sending her to the ground, embarrassing her in front of all of the guys. “Shit.” Dylanne mumbled to herself.

As the whistle blew, Dave opened the rink doors for Dylanne, and she threw her helmet off to dry off the sweat. All of the Bruins surrounded the area, trying to figure out who the incredible skater was. As she kept walking trying to ignore the intimidating group of professionals she heard Dave yell behind her “Practice tomorrow 6 am sharp, see you here.” As she was turning back around she bumped into a very tall person. She looked up with rosy cheeks saying “Oops, that was my fault, I’m sorry,”

The tall man replied with “No problem, uhh I’m Adam,” as he stuttered looking into her big blue eyes.

“I have to go, sorry again” Dylanne nervously responded.

Hurrying back to the dressing room, Dylanne heard the boys talking behind her. “She’s a face to remember,” and “She’s hot” were the compliments she heard before getting changed. After undressing out of her equipment, Dylanne jumped in the shower before heading back to her dorm room. Could I be more embarrassing she thought to herself. I just ran into the cutest guy looking the way I do, ugh.
After about a week of practicing at the garden, with no sign of the boys, Dylanne thought she was free. There was no chance of embarrassing herself before the Harvard rink was fixed. However, she couldn’t forget the face of that handsome bruin she ran into. Adam McQuaid, he would never go for you she thought. A girl could dream though.

Saturday night couldn’t get more boring for Dylanne. She was stuck in her dorm watching movies, because Katelyn was out shopping for some new clothes. Since she was alone, her mind began to wonder, thinking about school, hockey, and boys. She was quickly interrupted with the sound of her dorm room door opening.

“I’m back,” Katey announced as she threw her shopping bags on her bed. “Let’s go out tonight. Classes start next Monday, so this is our last chance.”

“Uhh, I don’t think so, I’m exhausted from practice,” Dylanne replied, as Katey shot her the look. Katelyn always gave this look when she wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Fine I guess we can go out for a little while.”

“GOOD. Dress nice cause we’re getting you some man candy!”

Katelyn put on her dark red dress which ended above her knees with nude heels, as Dylanne put on her tight black dress ending mid thigh with her black heels. Once the girls were done with their hair and makeup, they were off to the club.


First story so bear with me!
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