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Do You Remember?


I was 16 and stupidly in love. He was the 'guy next door', my best friend and my biggest crush. I never did get to tell him how I truly felt; never knowing if he felt the same. Just when I thought things would finally go the way I wanted, he was drafted into the NHL, and I lost contact with him within the first year of him being away. Now, all these years later, I was offered my dream job in his new hometown; Chicago.

What happens when two former best friends meet again?


Addison Levesque

Addison Levesque

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane


  1. Oh Great

  2. Long day, and a few drinks

  3. Game Time

  4. I Forgive You

  5. I Like it Here

  6. A Successful Event

  7. Hey, You're Crazy Bitch

  8. Better Days

  9. A Bad Surprise

  10. She's Bad News

  11. Game Time

  12. Chance Encounter

  13. Talk Now

  14. Big Step

  15. The Move and a Jackass

  16. Watch Your Back

  17. A Kiss

  18. Confusion

  19. Becky

  20. The Talk

  21. Bad News

  22. Dad

  23. Difficulties

  24. I Hate You

  25. Hold onto Me

  26. Finally

  27. True Romantic

  28. Finals

  29. Apologies

  30. My Best Friend

  31. Dirty Little a Secret

  32. The Morning After

  33. Any Other Way

  34. Game Changer

  35. Surprise, Surprise

  36. Piecing Together the Mystery

    just as a note, the italics part is in the third person!

  37. True Love

    again, italics are in the third person!

  38. Home

  39. A New Season

  40. Roadie with the Girls

  41. Loose Lips Sink Ships

    As a note again, italics are in the third person!

  42. Be Your Everything

  43. Oh Boy

  44. Words as Weapons

  45. Dust In the Wind

  46. Almost Over

  47. Heart Break Girl

  48. Turn Around

  49. Love Game

  50. My Hero

  51. Raise a Little Hell

  52. Anthem Of The Angels

  53. You Have My Heart

    italics in third person again :)

  54. We Are Family

  55. All The Way

    Italics in third person :)

  56. Had Enough

  57. Marry You

  58. Until The End

  59. Stain Of You

  60. Up Against The Wall

    Italics in third person :)

  61. Demons

    Italics is a memory, in third person of course!

  62. Love Isn't Always Fair

  63. Hands Up

  64. Home Sweet Home

  65. Fake It

  66. Love Alone is Worth the Fight

  67. Jon's Mom

  68. Sorry

  69. Never Give Up

  70. In My Head

  71. We Are The Champions

  72. Bachelorette Party Shenanigans

  73. Wedding Day, Part One

  74. Wedding Day, Part Two

  75. Wedding Day, Part Three

  76. Wedding Day, Part Four

  77. Why Worry

  78. That Bitch

  79. Brighter Days

  80. Better Place

  81. So Far Away

  82. #HawksFanFest2015

  83. I Need You

  84. Dear Agony

  85. The End

    the final chapter before the sequel! Bittersweet

  86. Link To the Sequel :)

  87. [Please Read Me!]

  88. Big Favour


I love puns too :3

FliggyAndJoey FliggyAndJoey

Couldn't even help it.. I'm a sucker for puns!

Mapleleafer Mapleleafer

I knew someone was going to pull the Quick joke.

FliggyAndJoey FliggyAndJoey

@Habon Maxamud
Thanks!! :)

Mapleleafer Mapleleafer

I'm literally crying. Poor Jon, he can never get it right now can he.
Great story, love it!

gallmaxx gallmaxx