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I want you to stay

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“Carey, Carey!” Hayley squealed.
“whats up shortstuff?” he teased through the phone.
She grinned, “are you sitting down? because my news will make you stand up.”
She heard him chuckle through the phone, “alright, im ready,”
“I got a new job!” she cheered.
He beamed up at the ceiling of the hotel room as he laid on his bed, “really? thats great,”

“hold up thats not all, I actually made a friend! And shes not imaginary,”
“even better!” he laughed, “When I come home tomorrow we need to celebrate,”
“I know! im so proud of myself, after i found out I went down to the club and quit,”
“Good for you, now you dont have to worry about that jackass boss of yours,”
“I know, I'm so happy,” she giggled.

They talked more until the doorbell rang. Mary was supposed to be coming over. They said their farewells, promising to meet tomorrow night. Hayley placed her phone down next to Dempsey's bowl and danced to the door. But her grin dropped when it wasnt Mary on the other side of the door, it was her worst enemy: David the devil.

She immediately panicked and went to slam the door shut. He caught it with his steel-toe boots and shoved it open. She stumbled onto the floor and he entered, closing the door behind him.
“Miss me sweetheart?” he smirked
“Whatre you doing here? I-I quit,” she stuttered.
“you cant get away that easily.” hd chuckled.
She sceambled to get to her feet, only to have him step on her hand and crush it. She yelped in pain. Yep, that was definitely broken.

He grabbed her and yanked her up, only to shove her roughly into the wall. She hit her head and groaned. Her vision was blurred and she felt dizzy.
“you think that you can just leave me like that?” he said with a crazy look in his eye, ”it doesnt work like that, you only leave when I tell you to,”

She couldnt form words, only petrified tears. They gushed down her cheeks as she suffered in pain. He wasnt done. He threw her down and started to abuse her. She got some good kicks to her ribs and she coughed up blood. Then he dropped her and left. She laid on the floor crying and coughing up more blood. A half hour later there was another knock on the door.

She struggled but managed to stand to her feet. It took a moment but she made it to the door. Mary was visible through the peephole. Hayley took a breath and opened the door. Marys face went white.
“oh my good god, what happened to you?” Hayley just errupted into more sobs so Mary helped her inside again and closed the door.
“Hayley you need to get to a hospital,” she said taking Hayleys hand in hers.
She let out a small shriek, recoiling immediately.
Mary was shocked, “your hand is broken!“

Eventually Hayley calmed down enough to tell her what happened. She told her everything. “Ill take you to the hospital, you need to get a cast on your hand,”
“I know,” Hayley sighed sniffling.
Mary helped her while they went to the car. The drive to the hospital was quick. They sat in the ER for nearly an hour before a nurse came to see her.
“How did this happen?” She asked concerned.
“I uh fell down the stairs,” she lied smoothly.

When the nurse looked up her shirt all she saw was bruises on her light skin and even some blood.
“your ribs look broken as well,” she sighed, “we'll have to wrap them up for you,”
2 hours later they were back at Hayley's apartment. She had a navy cast up her whole right arm and bandages around her stomach and waist. She didnt have a concussion thank goodness. They gave her morphine too so she was tired and out of it. Mary opted to stay the night, so they both fell asleep on the couches.


When Hayley woke up she felt stiff and in pain. She groaned and sat up slowly, pain burning through her torso. Mary had to go to class but Hayley was excused. So here she was, at home on a Friday with nothing to do. Daytime television was mostly crap except for Maury and Family Feud.

She knew she had to call Carey and tell him everything.
It was a rare offday for him, so she texted him shakily.

hey are you free? I really need to talk to you

The response was almost instant,
yeah, I'll be right over. Are you alright?

I could be better

When he finally arrived his reaction was almost instant.
“oh my god,” his jaw dropped, “he fucking did this to you!?” She flinched at his volume,
“Its not as-” “No Hayley, he broke your hand!” he snarled, “Im gonna kill him,”
“Carey!” she cried with tears in her eyes.
He froze in the middle of turning to hunt down David and saw her expression.
“dont. I just want to forget about it. Just... stay please?” she pleaded.
He sighed and nodded.
He pulled her into a hug, which she squirmed away from with a painful look in her eyes, “my ribs are broken...”
He tensed, “i thought you quit, how did he..."
“he knows where i live, he came here last night,” she huffed, “That means Ill have to find a new apartment.”

He saw her stressed expression and was sad. He wanted her to be happy again.

“You should come live with me,”


I was not going to post again this early, but this was actually the scenario that inspired the story and i couldnt wait! definitely a favorite for sure:) 100+ more views in less than a day! you are all tol good to me hahah. thank you to all who subbed and commented, you make my day. anyway please keep up the feedback, it inspires me to write! thanks again


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!