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Statistical Chances of Love at first sight

Chapter 6

Travis POV
i woke up drenched in sweat, my heart racing, i was in a panic, i looked at the clock and saw 2:35 on it, and at that moment i realized i had a nightmare, and it looks like i wasn't the only one who had one too, i looked over to see abby sitting up but the only difference was she was crying

"abby babe whats wrong?" i said with a large amount of worry in my voice

she didn't say anything but show me her phone

Teen kills herself, leaves depressing letter about her best friend
i read the article to realize i knew the name, it was Alyssa, and the letter was about Abby.

"its all my fault" abby cried out

i hugged her and rubbed her back "no its not, this was not even close to your fault, she abused you, for too long, yes this is sad and she shouldn't have died, but this is not your fault."

"yes it is, i could have done something, if i didnt freak out about her kissing you, and if i was a better person she wouldn't be dead." she cried out

i just said there and listened to her sobs

until i heard a knock at the door, and i got up to see who it was

i reached the door and saw a crying Nick

"what" is all i said sharply

"its all my fault, she killed herself because me and abby" nick said crying

"actually abby didnt do anything, if anything abby took abuse from her, as for you maybe she did but abby didnt do anything to her, and by the way you better stay away from my girl, i heard you talking to anthony, and she will never go out with you, because guess what? she loves me and not you. " and with that i slammed the door

i turned around to see a crying abby standing there
"why would you do that" she whispered

"because he was trying to pin this on the both of you, and i simply said that it wasn't you, possibly him, now lets go back to bed, " i said and walked her back into the bedroom

we layed back on the bed

"i never told you this but i tried to kill myself 6 months ago, i tried to hang myself, thats what this big scar is on my neck, and alyssa is the one who got my unconscious body down, and nick was there too, when they called 911 they revived me on the living room floor, and alyssa said it was the hardest thing she has ever had to do, why couldn't i be there, why couldn't i save her." she sobbed

"abby i dont wanna ever hear about you wanting to kill yourself, or your attempts again because i would die if i never had this chance to hold you, to show you how much i love you, and alyssa is in a better place right now you didnt do anything to her, to deserve this, abby you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i love you so much, so much you don't even understand, you are my strength, you are keeping me happy and keeping me sober, and making me happy, and i love you beautiful, i love you so fucking much." and with that i started crying and she pulled me close

all i heard in that tiny whisper was
"i fucking love you too" and with that we fell into a deep sleep, our tears finally stopped. Until the next day.


so mad i accidentally deleted this chapter, its a little different, i was going to update but i deleted a chapter so now I'm going to update tomorrow, probably 2 new chapters!!!


So much drama! I hope you're still writing. I want to know what happens next!

FlyersFan28 FlyersFan28