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Chapter Nine

Love is real, real is love
Love is feeling, feeling love
Love is wanting
To be loved

Love is touch, touch is love
Love is reaching, reaching love
Love is asking
To be loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be

Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love
Love is needing
To be loved

- “Love” by John Lennon

We’re finally home after a long road trip: it’s incredibly nice to be back in Chicago with a few days off. We drive on the team buses from the airport to the arena so that we staff can do a bit of “house cleaning” in the training rooms and then we’re released to go home.

I can’t believe how good it feels to be in my apartment once more. I pull my suitcase into my bedroom and leave it there, deciding that I’ll unpack later. For now, I just want to kick off my shoes and sit on my couch watching television. It’s almost noon and I’m feeling tired…

As I turn on the TV set, I think a bit about the road trip: Marian was able to stay with me in my hotel room quite a few times, surprisingly enough, and I really enjoyed it. The sex was great, yes, but even more important was that we got to spend a lot of time together.

He’s at home now, no doubt, seeing his daughters and his wife… a pang of jealousy hits me at the thought. Well, not for him seeing his children, I could never begrudge him that… I guess that my feeling jealous is just something that I’ll have to get used to if I’m going to continue having a relationship with him.

Letting go of my thoughts for the moment, I put something inane on the set and relax on the couch…

A knock at my door awakens me a few hours later. I’m a bit startled at first, but then I get up and answer it. It’s a deliveryman: after I sign a receipt for him, he gives me a box, containing a dozen long-stem red roses, and a bottle of red wine. Locking my door back up, I carry the items into my kitchen and place them on the counter. There’s a card with the roses…

“See you soon. Much love, M” I read out loud, smiling to myself. It’s so sweet of him, and I’m excited about the idea of seeing him later on. After placing my roses in a vase with water, I put them on my coffee table so that I can enjoy them. I then decide to go take a shower and clean up…

A half an hour later, I’m on my couch once more, brushing my clean hair and wearing a black silk nightie and robe. I find a movie on one of the cable channels and allow myself to get lost in the storyline for a while.

I hear Marian entering my apartment a few hours later: I get up from the couch and go to greet him at the door. “Hi” I breathe as he steps inside. Oh, but he looks good, wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt under his winter coat.

“Hello, beauty” he responds, smiling at me. He closes the door behind him and locks it before he kicks off his shoes on my door mat. “How are you?”

My turn to grin: I move to him swiftly and lean up onto my tiptoes to kiss him.

Marian chuckles at my actions and steps back to take off his socks and jacket. “I take it you got my gift?”

“Yes: they’re beautiful. Thank you so much” As I watch him hang up his jacket on one of the hooks by my front door, I kick into hostess mode. “Did you have dinner?”

“I had a little something” he answers, looking at me. “I’d like to share some wine with you, though”

Turning on my heel, I make my way into my kitchen and open the bottle that he sent me, finding a pair of wine glasses as well. I carry these into the living room: Marian has already made himself at home on my couch, as usual. When he sees me approaching, he reaches out for the bottle to unburden me.

“What is this?” he queries, nodding towards my television.

“It’s an Alfred Hitchcock movie called ‘The Rear Window’” I reply, sitting down next to him and putting the glasses on my coffee table. “It’s almost over…”

“You don’t have to change it, I was just wondering” Marian explains, pouring the wine for us. “I hope you like this, it’s supposed to be good”

I accept a glass from him when he offers it to me.

“Cheers?” he inquires, clinking his glass against mine.

“Cheers” I agree, taking a sip. Oh, dear lord, the wine is delicious as it cascades over my tongue… “Mmm” I intone, gazing at him.

“I’m glad that you like” he states with a smile.

“You know, I didn’t think that I would be seeing you again so soon” I confess, folding my legs underneath me on the couch as I shift so that I face him.

“What do you mean?”

I shrug and look into my glass. “I don’t know… I guess I thought that you’d be spending some time at home”

Marian is quick to grasp my right hand with his left and squeeze my fingers in an attempt to soothe me. “She didn’t want me around” he explains dully. “I spent a few hours with my girls and then she told me to leave”

I stare at him in disbelief, unsure if I heard him correctly. “What?”

He lowers his gaze to our combined hands. “It is what it is…”

Oh, but I can’t help it now: I grow furious at the way that he was treated. “That’s not right!” I explode, my face growing hot with my anger.

Marian sighs, still studying my hand as he holds it in his larger one. When he speaks, his tone is sad but resigned. “Beauty, I can’t change it, at least not yet… Please… I just want to be with you”

I want to be angry, but the pleading sound of his voice affects me. He needs me to be with him right now, to be his lover and his friend… Somehow, I rope in my anger and lean in to press a soft kiss to his cheek. “I’m sorry, honey” I ease, giving him a smile. “I’ll behave, I promise”

“Not too much, I hope” Marian replies saucily, winking at me in an attempt to break the tension.

I giggle at his words: he can be so naughty at times. “Drink your wine” I command playfully.

He finishes his glass in one big swoop and then places the empty vessel on the table. “Okay…”

Now he’s just being flat-out impertinent, but for some reason, it’s endearing. “Marian, you should enjoy the wine” I chastise gently.

“I’d much rather enjoy you” he retorts, taking my glass from my hand and placing it on the table beside his.

I don’t get the chance to protest (not that I would, anyway) as he pulls me into his arms and kisses me firmly. His tongue finds mine and I mew in the back of my throat at his taste… His large hands push my robe from my frame and then he grabs the hem of my nightie and starts to lift it upward: I find myself reacting instinctually and pulling at his t-shirt in response.

Marian breaks our embrace to divest me of my last bit of clothing. He drops the silk to the couch cushions behind me and moves back in on me before I can get his shirt off, his hands covering my breasts.

Oh, but I can play this game with him: I climb onto his lap, straddling him with my legs and returning his hot kiss.

He growls at my action, his hands sliding around to my back and then down to my bare ass. Marian digs his fingertips into my flesh and pulls me flush against him to let me know that he likes what I’ve done.

As we kiss, I grind myself over him, feeling his hardness pressing to me.

“Oh, baby” he groans, sliding his lips to my throat and kissing my flesh, “You drive me crazy”

His words and husky voice send a rush of heat through my core. “I want you” I whisper, running my fingers through his short hair and caressing his scalp. “I want to make love to you”

At my confession, Marian gets us both onto our feet: I’m quick to take his hand and lead him into my bedroom, ignoring the fact that the TV and lights are still on in my living room. Once we’re in my bedroom, I grin up at him as we pause at the foot of my bed.

“What are you planning, beauty?” he inquires, matching my smile.

“Get undressed and I’ll show you” I promise. When he moves to take off his shirt, I turn the lights in my bedroom on low so that we’ll be able to see each other while we’re in bed. By the time that I return to him, his chest is bare and he’s working on his belt and fly. He’s quick to get out of his jeans and underwear as well: within a few moments, he’s standing naked in front of me, looking beautiful, his hard cock straining towards me. “Lie down” I entreat, motioning to my bed.

He does as I ask, taking his preferred side of the bed: once he’s settled on the mattress, he lifts his arms towards me, beckoning me to join him.

I slowly move to the bed, loving the way that he’s gazing at me with need. I climb in over him, immediately straddling his bare body and leaning down to kiss him.

He rubs his tongue to mine so that I moan as his arms wrap around my back. “Mmm, honey” Marian breathes, the fingers of his left hand going through my hair, “I need you so much”

I don’t doubt him: I can understand that he needs the intimacy and love that we share considering the way that his wife dismissed him earlier today. As we kiss, I want to take him into my mouth and suck him, but I can tell from the way that he’s holding me that he won’t allow it at the moment. So instead, I sit up over him and slide my hips down, gently guiding his cock inside of me…

Marian releases a deep sigh of pleasure, his fingers tightening in my hair as he pulls me down for another kiss. I wait a few moments, until he lets me up, and then I sit up above him once more, placing my hands on his strong chest.

“Beauty?” he questions, resting his hands on my hips.

“I said I want to make love to you” I reply, gazing into his blue eyes. “I want you to just lay back and enjoy it”

“I’m not used to…” he fumbles. “I mean, having a woman above me…”

A combination of anger and sadness flood me at his admission: why in the hell wouldn’t she want to be above him, letting him see everything?! I’m not a rocket-scientist, but I know that men are very visual and they enjoy being able to view a woman while making love. I could almost go off again, but now is not the time: besides, I want and need him. “I’ll take good care of you, I swear” I calm, running my palms over his pectorals.

His nervousness suddenly disappears and he gives me a smile. “I know you will, baby”

I answer his grin and begin to move over him nice and slow… Goddamn, he feels so good inside of me. I squeeze his big cock with my inner muscles, which makes him moan.

“You’re so beautiful” Marian intones, licking his lips as he watches me. “Oh, god…”

I start to move faster: my eyes shut for a moment with bliss, but I’m quick to open them once more and look at him.

“My sweet girl” he breathes as he meets my gaze. “Fuck me”

I’m not about to deny him: I know that he wants it faster and harder, and that’s what I give him. I’m bouncing over him, my pussy going up and down his cock smoothly so that we both cry out in ecstasy.

“Yes…” he hisses, covering my breasts with his hands.

Leaning down, I take hold of his face and kiss him deeply: I feel him thrust up into me a few times out of instinct, but I don’t mind in the least. Fucking him feels so good that I’m beginning to wonder how I ever got by without it.

“Oh my god” I whine, breaking our kiss as I continue to move, “I love you so fucking much”

Marian wraps his arms around my back and holds me close as we move our hips into one another frenetically. The pleasure is intense: I’m nearing the edge already…

“Marian” I cry, pushing myself back up so that I’m sitting above him. “I’m so close…”

“Yes, baby” he groans blissfully. “I need you to come on me”

I can’t help but to grimace with bliss and tilt my head back at the sensations growing within me: but suddenly his big hands are framing my face and he brings my gaze back to his.

“I want to see you” he whispers desperately, gasping with his own ecstasy. “I want to see my beauty come”

The sincerity of his tone is enough to push me into an intense orgasm. I scream as strong waves wash over me from head to toe…

“So damn beautiful” Marian states lowly through gritted teeth: he’s near orgasm himself, but trying to hold on so that he can watch every nuance of my expressions. “My love…”

My fingernails are digging so hard into his chest from the pleasure I’m experiencing, and it flashes through my brain for a moment that I might be hurting him. Somehow, as I cry out and my pussy spasms around Marian’s cock, I manage to relax my fingers.

“Baby” he warns, guiding me down so that we’re pressed together once more. “I’m going to come!”

I release a loud sound of contentment at his words. His hands fly to my hips and he holds me by them tightly, his fingertips biting hard into my flesh. Marian thrusts up into me raggedly as his orgasm hits him: his movements are so forceful that I have to shift my grasp to the bed sheets to keep from being thrown from him. He growls powerfully, and with pleasure, at each spasm of his cock.

Oh god, but the sensation of his come filling me just heightens my bliss, and I find myself desperately calling his name as my peak continues… My eyes shut of their own volition and bright lights flash behind my lids…

When my body has finally relaxed and I’m aware of my surroundings once more, I realize that I’ve collapsed upon Marian. As I gasp for air, I can hear that he is doing the same. “Should I move off of you?” I manage to query, even though my voice is shaky.

It takes him a moment to reply: he also sounds a bit shell-shocked from what we’ve experienced. “What? No… no, I’m fine…”

Opening my eyes, I shift a bit in his arms, pressing my left cheek to his chest. The muscle of him fascinates me and I lazily draw the tip of my right forefinger in a circle over his skin.

“Oh, sweetheart” Marian muses, placing his arms around me and squeezing, “The things that you do to me…”

I giggle softly. “You do some pretty amazing things to me, too”

He lifts his left hand and tenderly brushes my hair away from my face, pressing a kiss to my forehead. “My beauty” he laments, stroking my back. “We haven’t known each other very long, and yet I love you so much”

I know exactly what he means: I feel just as passionately about him, and we’ve only been lovers for a matter of months.

Marian sighs with contentment and stretches a bit beneath me. “You’re good to me, and you know just what I need” he continues. “I can’t tell you what that means to me”

Touched by his confession, I lean up so that I can gaze into his eyes: I can see that he means every word he has said. I gently brush the fingertips of my right hand over his lips and smile at him. “It’s good to love and be loved in return” I muse.

“Very good” Marian agrees, caressing my shoulders. He presses his mouth to mine and kisses me slowly and sweetly…

I mew in the back of my throat as he shifts our bodies to his right so that he is above me on the mattress.

“Marian?” I inquire when he finally lets me up for air.

“My turn” he replies, tenderly stroking the side of my face with the knuckles of his left hand. “I want to make love to you now”

My heart swells with emotion for him. “God, but I love you” I blurt out.

Bringing his lips close to mine, he breathes, “And I love you, my beauty… I love you now and forever…”

He makes love to me ever so sweetly, bringing the both of us to yet another intense climax…

Wrapped around one another, we fall asleep, the both of us feeling deeply loved and satisfied.




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