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Forgetting Faith


Elaine had left; she was currently flying in the air on her way home, or at least to her second home. Elaine and Lorraine had both grown up in a city not too far from Toronto where Sage and Jeff had grown up; Lorraine met Sage through work when she and Elaine had moved to Toronto.
When Lorraine and Jeff had first started dating, Jeff introduced Elaine to a few of his hockey acquaintances; there was one particular Penguin player she hit it off with. Elaine moved to Pittsburgh a year later to live with her boyfriend Beau.
Megan and Lorraine sat in front of the plasma screen TV in their living room; they had been glued to the TV practically all day watching anything and everything. They both jumped as they heard frustrated screams, they immediately got up and ran to Sage’s room to check up on her.
Sage sat on the floor of her bedroom, her makeup was sprawled out everywhere on the carpeted floor and she was in tears. She held her face in her hands as she cried, Megan and Lorraine walked up to her, they bent down beside her and hugged her tightly.
“Sage, what’s wrong?” Megan asked, she moved Sage’s hands away from her face and forced her to look at her.
“It won’t go away.” Sage whimpered, Megan looked over at Lorraine who was just as confused as she was.
“What won’t go away?” Lorraine asked.
“The scars.” Sage cried, Megan frowned at Sage, she knew exactly why she was so upset. Every time Sage looked in the mirror she was reminded of the accident that left her bruised and scarred.
“Stand up,” Megan ordered, she gently pulled Sage up from the floor and sat her down on her bed, she grabbed the makeup off the carpet and began working.
Megan clapped her hands together, “All done.” She chimed, with the help of Lorraine; the two of them had managed to cover up the scars so that they were barely visible.
Sage stood up and looked into the mirror, her tears began to well up as she noticed that her scars weren’t the center of attention of her face. She hugged her friends tightly and thanked them multiple times.
“One more thing,” Lorraine spoke before running out of the room, Megan stood with Sage excited to show her their surprise, Lorraine walked back into the room holding a Blackhawks jersey, “Surprise!” She shouted.
The Blackhawks had always been one of Sage’s favorite teams, she never got the chance to go to one of their games except for tonight, Megan, Elaine, and Lorraine had both chipped in to buy her a jersey to wear to the game.
Sage held a hand up to her mouth in shock, “This is for me?” Sage whispered, she held the jersey in her hands, she noticed the C on the jersey, they had gotten her a Jonathan Toews jersey, she bit her lip to stop herself from crying, “I love you guys so much.”
“Enough of this sappy stuff,” Lorraine laughed, “Put it on and let’s go.”
Jeff played with the ends of his neatly ironed shirt as he waited to be picked up, he thought more and more about his talk with Kristen earlier that day. He thought about everything they had discussed, he worked his mind to remember his past life; everything he had forgotten in the crash was slowly and surely coming back to him.
The knock on the door caught him off guard, he shook his thoughts away and walked on over to answer it. As he opened the door the smile plastered on his face dropped, he looked at Lorraine and suddenly his head hurt.
Burgundy. That was all he saw, Burgundy. The memories came rushing back to him, Lorraine stood in front of him wearing her favorite burgundy sweater. The one she wore the first time they met, the same sweater she wore the first time she met his parents, the one she wore when she flew out to Carolina to surprise him at his game.
“Jeff, are you okay?” Lorraine asked concerned as she saw the look on his face.
Jeff took a deep breath before faking a smile, “Everything is fine,” He reassured, he leaned in and kissed her lips for the first time since his accident, “Now let’s go.”
As they drove to the arena Jeff thought of everything he remembered, he thought of what this meant, he didn’t want to get Lorraine’s hopes up by telling her he remembered a few things, especially since he couldn’t remember everything.
“I need a boyfriend,” Sage whined as she sat in front of the TV watching a romantic movie with Jeff at her side, “Hook me up with one of your teammates.”
“I need a girlfriend.” Jeff mocked her tone, “Hook me up with one of your friends.”
Sage’s face lit up with an idea and at that moment Jeff knew he should have kept his mouth shut, “I have the perfect person in mind, she’s really into hockey, and she’s smart and also hot. She’s prefect for you, trust me.”
“Sage no, I’m not going to date one of your friends.” Jeff declined.
“Jeff, without my help you’re probably going to end up dating some dead beat actress who just wants you for your money, as your best friend I refuse to let that happen. “ Sage spoke determined to have him listen to her.
Jeff sighed, he knew Sage would eventually get her way and instead of fighting with her, he gave in, “What’s her name?” He asked curiously.



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