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New People, New Places


Time does not logically work in this story, just ignore it or you will get confused.

15 years ago

Marc’s pov

I was driving home when my phone rang, I answered and put t on speaker without checking who had called. I was extremely shocked to hear my estranged brother’s voice come through the speaker. “Hey Marc,” he said, “How’ve you been?” I was speechless, I hadn’t talked to him in two years and now he was just casually conversing? Before I had a chance to answer he continued talking. “I know we don’t really talk or anything, but right now I feel like I'm on top of the world, I can do anything you know? This is one of the best days f my life and I missed you brother, I want to share it with you.”I didn’t know what he was talking about but he sounded fucking ecstatic, more that that though his voice was full of pride which I had never heard from my baby brother before. “I talked to Krissy and she agrees, we want you here for this man, will you come?” my brother continued talking but I was just getting more and more confused. Krissy was his wife of three years, I didn’t really know her well at all, but she seemed like a nice person. “Wait, are you inviting me to stay with you?” I asked, completely unsure. I could hear movement through the phone and kknew he had nodded, he had a bad habit of forgetting he was on the phone, “So that’s a yes?” I asked to confirm. He chuckled at his common mistake and said, “Yes, as soon as you can make it could you come visit? I have something fucking amazing to show you! The best thing ever, oh Marc you’ve never seen anything like it.” My brother, Brooks, continued to ramble. Brooks and I had been extremely close as children, but grown distant after I moved out of the house. If he wanted to get back together I was all for it, “So what do you have to show me?” I asked, cutting him off. He chuckled and said, “It’s a surprise, you’ll s when you get here, but oh my god brother, its bigger and better than anything you can think of, and to think it only happened this morning, I'm still glowing with happiness. Marc, today I am the proudest man in the world, this day November 23rd, I am the happiest man alive and nothing can take that away from me.” He said. I shook my head, was he on something, “Hey, I'm glad you’re happy but I don’t understand anything your saying.” I told him. He just laughed at me again, “Don’t worry big brother, as soon as you get here everything will make sense.” He assured me, but I had my doubts.
When I got home I booked ticket for me and vero, my girlfriend, to visit brooks and Krissy the following Wednesday.
The following Tuesday I found out my only sibling had been in a fatal car accident.
I only went for the funeral, I wasn’t close to Krissy, and though I was grieving myself, I couldn’t imagine the pain she must be in. we greeted each other at the funeral, but she was a mess. We didn’t talk and I soon came back home, sad, and newly an only child.
I didn’t think of the unusual conversation I had had with my brother until 15 years later when I received a phone call.


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