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Let Me Be Your Wings


After Hjalmarsson finished his commercial - and I finished the pictures - I went to my apartment and downloaded the pictures from my memory card into a folder with today's date and a description of what was in it. Example: date/Blues and Hjalmarsson. My computer fanned to life and I left it to make a cup of tea. I managed to take two steps before my phone buzzed. Looking at it, I saw I had a text message.

From: Unknown Number
To: Kaycie Cullen
Time: 11:30 am

Hey, what are you doing for lunch?


I smiled at the signature, then wondered how he got my number but responded with:

I was planning on staying home. Lots of pictures. Sorry.


My phone was in my pocket, and I managed to get a cup and a bag of peppermint herbal tea before it buzzed again.

From: Unknown Number
To: Kaycie Cullen
Time: 11:35 am

What do you want?


I told him not to bother with it. that I would be fine, then ignored my phone to continue making my tea. About five minutes later, I was half way finished with my drink and finished with only one picture when a knock came from my door. Setting my cup down I went to answer it.


"I'm not about to let you just sit in here and not eat." Patrick held up bags of Chinese take out.

"I would have gotten something."

"You like Chinese right?" Not waiting for a reply he came n and set the bags on my table.

"Don't you have teammates to hang out with?"

"They're all recuperating from last night's game. So they're all sleeping."

"Why aren't you?"

"Once I'm up, I'm up. Would you like a crab rangoon?"

Smiling I sat down at my table and enjoyed a lovely array of Chinese take out. Patrick and I talked about the team, him filling me in on all of the hilarious pranks they pull on each other and then some.

"So how did you get into hockey," he asked, "Cause you know your stuff."

"Well for starters, my family are huge hockey people. My mother is from Colorado and my father is from New Mexico. So growing up it was a battlefield of Avalanche and Coyotes. I was born in Chicago and sort of planted myself here so I chose the Blackhawks as my team."

"Three people living together liking three different teams? Wow."

"Well my parent's weren't married so my dad didn't live with us. He visited a lot but then he remarried so I don't see him as much."

"You don't call him?"

"I don't want her picking up."

There was an awkward moment then, "So you just like hockey?"

"No, I placed hockey from pee-wee until high school."

"You didn't play in college?"

"There wasn't a women's division and the only team was a club. I didn't join because they never played."

"What position did you play?"

"I mainly played center forward, but I occasionally played a wing."

"What number were you?"

"I was number 10 start to finish."

Patrick smiled, "Really?"


"I'm number 10."

"Could have fooled me."

Patrick laughed, "So how did you come across photography?"

"I've always sort of had a thing for photography. Although I was never any good at still life. That's probably why I'm good at sports photography.... I'm an action person."

"May I see the ones you took last night?"

"When we're finished."

"I'm finished."

Smiling I got up and lead Patrick back into my bedroom/office space. I was slightly embarrassed by all of my dirty laundry that was scattered around the room, but he didn't seem to notice or care. I touched the mouse taking away my screen saver showing the one shot I had finished.

The shot was of Collin Fraser punching a Blues square in the jaw. I brought out the magnificent colors of their jerseys, and blurred the background accenting the two boys. I enhanced the spit that flew out of the other player's mouth making the punch look that much more epic.

"That's awesome!" exclaimed Patrick, leaning in to get a better look.

"It's not really-"

"No, this is incredible! Damn Fraser never looked so good," he laughed, "Are there more?"

"Yes, but they're not finished."

"May I look anyway?"

"Sure."Saving the picture, I exited out and pulled up the folder. "Sit."

Patrick sat down and scanned through the rest of the folder. When he finished he turned around looking rather disappointed.


"No pictures of me?"

I smiled, "Sorry you weren't active enough Patrick."

"I'll have to work harder to impress you then."

A blush formed on my cheeks as I looked away. My body suddenly wanted to straddle him in my computer chair and take him. But naturally I fought them back.

"So, um, thank you for lunch, Patrick.... It was very nice of you. But I need to get at least six of these pictures finished by tonight and seeing as it took me about five minutes to do just one I'll be here for a while."

"What are you doing for dinner?"

"If you leave the Chinese here I'll eat the left overs."



"No, I'll bring by something else."

"I wish you wouldn't."

"Why not?'

"I can take care of myself, thanks."

Getting up Patrick and I left for the front door, "Are you sure you want to eat the left overs?"

'Positive. Thank you."

"No problem. See you tomorrow?"


Patrick gave a small smile, "Bye."


Closing the door I took my mind off things by cleaning up the Chinese and then continuing with the pictures.


A third chapter.
Enjoy. :D


Please update

Psquared91 Psquared91
This is really good :) I like it.. Please update soon!
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