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Love Me

Starting Over

Memories were flooding back. I couldn't take it anymore. I was scared that he would come back and hurt me. I've become delusional and paranoid. I have nothing to live for. At least that's what I thought.

I have moved on from what happened. Not as much as I wanted, but enough for now. I moved to Tampa, Florida and bought an apartment downtown. I've heard good things about their NHL team. Maybe going to a game would make me feel better. I haven't watched a hockey game in forever. Hockey was my life and after all that has happened, it slipped away.

I finish unpacking everything and it feels good to do something on my own. I have a feeling moving here was a good decision. I decide to look and see when the next lightning game is. They seem like a pretty good team. I know some of the players on the team and one catches my eye. His name is Victor Hedman and he's a defenseman.

I've been looking online for awhile and found great seats down by the glass. It's a great price and I'm not going to loose them. I buy the tickets and I'm immediately excited for tomorrow nights game. I decide to slip on some sneakers and go for a run. Tampa is very peaceful and lively. I think I'll end up loving this place. There's this small smoothie store by the Hilton hotel. I walk in and buy myself a smoothie. It's really really good and I'll definitely come here more often. I walk back to my apartment and take a shower. I'm extremely tired and decide to go to bed early.


Sorry that the 1st chapter is short! I'll try and make them longer:)


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