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One Night Stand


Patrick dropped his bag and sucked in a sharp breath. He had messed up, badly. They had been on the road for a week and he had let his temptations get to him. A little bit of vodka and a little bit of loneliness ended with a girl in his hotel bed. He couldn’t even remember her name, but he vaguely remembered her face.

Since it happened, his chest felt tight and he felt as though he was walking on shards of glass. He figured the team knew, and just didn’t want to say anything, so anytime they gave him an odd look, he looked away. This would kill her, this would ruin her, he knew the second he woke up that he had just destroyed his entire six year relationship.

He pulled it together as best as he could. He had to tell her, there wasn’t room for lies. He couldn’t hold this secret to his grave; he couldn’t die knowing that he had held something like this back from her. Gaining composure, he kicked off his shoes and walked down the hard wood floor corridor, and turned into the kitchen.

She was there like she usually was, sitting at the table with her black rimmed glasses on the tip of her nose. Her long, chestnut brown hair was pushed away from her face and cascading down her back. He almost smiled, taking in her simple beauty as she scribbled down a few words on her notepad and then typed away on her laptop. He stood in the doorway, watching her, wanting to freeze this image of her.

She sensed his presence. Justice looked up from her work and met his fiancĂ©’s eyes. Instantly, her pale features lit up and she burst into a heart warming, crooked smile. She pulled her glasses off and set them next to her mug of tea, before standing to greet him. She always missed him, but drowned herself in her work to keep herself occupied. It was her coping method.

"Baby," she glanced at the clock and then to Patrick, "You’re hours early."

He shrugged and walked toward her, wrapping his bulky arms around her shoulders. She curled up into him and rested her head in the crook of his neck. Patrick pressed a soft kiss into her brittle hair and felt his heart tremble with anxiety. He didn’t want to hurt her, he swore to her he never would.

"How was the trip?" she asked, and pulled away.

He missed her touch instantly.

Patrick sighed and leaned against the counter, "Fine."

She raised an eyebrow and trotted over to the fridge, finding something to make for him. She loved cooking for him, even though she wasn’t the best chef in the world. He always took her strange meals with a grain of salt and swallowed every bite.

"Fine?" She asked, digging into the contents, "You won both games and you’re telling me it was ‘fine’?"

He smiled gently and let his eyes sweep over her backside that was covered by lulu lemon pants, making her bum look exceptional, "Missed you, that’s all."

Justice grinned and pulled out a Tupperware container with leftover lasagne, a clear sign that her sister had been over within the weekend. She popped it into the microwave and then walked over to Patrick, snaking her arms around his broad waist.

"Aw," she said, "I’ve trained you well."

Patrick rolled his eyes and shook his head, "No, I’ve trained you well. I’m away for a weekend and you can go out and party, yet you’re in the kitchen doing work."

Justice smirked, not bothering to mock offense, "I have a deadline, or else I would be. I’d have boys lined up outside of the door."

Patrick’s heart throbbed, but he forced a smile. He caught her questioning glance, wondering why he wasn’t acting like himself, but she brushed it off as soon as the microwave beeped. She pecked him lightly on the lips before returning to the food, pulling it out of the black box.

He looked over at the laptop and notepad sitting in the dining room. Words were scribbled in messy font, he couldn’t make them out. He caught a glance at the laptop screen and in bold letters saw the words, ‘Chapter Twenty Three’. Her second novel was well on its way, and with the success of the first, was due for a very good selling rate. Proud was an understatement.

Justice placed the plate of food, with a side of salad and a cold beer across from her spot at the table.

"Come, sit," she smiled.

He did just that. He sat and ate, and they talked about the weekend. He didn’t leave out much, but he wasn’t telling her the biggest part either. Everything tasted bitter in his mouth, and the fact that she was so happy to see him and so loving toward him made his stomach sick. He felt nauseous.

After he finished, she shut her laptop and tucked her notepad in for the night. She took him by the hand and gave him a sweet kiss, before batting her gorgeous green eyes and pulling him upstairs. He felt dirty, despite showering three times this morning, and he didn’t want to involve her in the filth that he was bathing in. He considered telling her he was tired, but he didn’t want to insult her. He would never reject her, even if he was in a body cast.

He slept with her.

He slept with somebody else last night.

Justice was supposed to be the only woman in his life, yet he had literally fucked her over last night. The girl, Anna was it? Or maybe Tiffany... had been at his side all night, begging for his attention. It had been extremely easy, he had forgotten how easy. He had nearly erased that entire part of picking up girls from his brain after he had met her. Now it was over, it was gone.

Justice curled up into his side, her long hair tangled and flowing onto the white pillow. Her breathing steadied, but she whispered an ‘I love you’ before drifting off to sleep. He loved her too, with all of his heart; there was no doubt in his mind.

He twisted her engagement ring on her finger, feeling every diamond. He couldn’t lose her; he wouldn’t be able to get over it. She literally had been the one to change him from a boy to a man.

He wasn’t going to tell her.

He couldn’t deal with the consequences.


I'm Evgeni Malkin on both Mibba. com and here! This will be my first story on hockeyfanfiction.com and I'm very happy to be a part of this site! What a genius idea!

This story will focus on Patrick Kane and his relationship and lies with his finace, Justice. His team will be featured in the fiction as well, so don't worry about the lack of Blackhawk presence.

Hope you enjoy! Please comment and whatever!


Love this! Please update!
kyrajenifier kyrajenifier
This is a really good start! Definitely not the happiest first chapter I've read haha, but I like that, it's different! I'm interested to see how it pans out for Pat with his decision not to tell her. Something tells me it's not going to work out in his favor in the end. Maybe the girl that he slept with will come around or something, somehow Justice will find out. The truth always comes out in the end haha. Hopefully he'll tell her first! Anyways, I'm totally loving this so far! :)
westcoastwinter westcoastwinter
tazer tazer

Evgeni Malkin Evgeni Malkin
wow, I love this! Can't wait to read more of it! Pat better tell her...:)
tazer tazer