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Somebody to Love


Lonely, Bella Leyton moves to Pittsburgh because of her new job, but she finds another reason to live there and her life is turned upside down just by meeting one person. When she receives her season tickets for every home Pittsburgh Penguins game from a surprise person, her new life starts.

Story Title courtesy of Somebody to Love by Queen.

Set during the 2009-2010 season.


Ally Sanders

Ally Sanders

Bella's best friend from back home., who stands at 5' 4 and has hazel eyes. Unlike Bella, she's not a hockey fan, only a football fan, but doesn't bash it. She works at a fancy restaurant as a chef. She's more of a quiet type, but once she's around her friends, she's very talkative and random.

Bella Leyton

Bella Leyton

(Minus the tattoo)Single and lonely, Bella returns to Pittsburgh for a new job as a music teacher at a local elementary school. She loves hockey, along with playing the piano, swimming, listening to music, photography and hanging out with friends, has a younger brother, Alex and stands at a nice 5'6.

Madison Simpson

Madison Simpson

Madison is a first grade teacher at the same elementary school that Bella now teaches at. She's 5'8 and has brown eyes and loves hockey. She and Bella quickly become friends.


  1. Chapter 1

    Intro, first meeting and a phone call.

  2. Chapter 2

    Bella's first day of school.

  3. Chapter 3

    The first date.

  4. Chapter 4

    Just a fun and loved filled chapter.

  5. Chapter 5

    Exhibition game, an unlikely and unwanted reunion and alone time.

  6. Chapter 6

    Back to school, an exhibition game and a late phone call.

  7. Chapter 7

    Bella's younger brother brings his girlfriend with him for a visit.

  8. Chapter 8

    Marc comes home and a couple of surprises take place.

  9. Chapter 9

    An eventful season opener against the Rangers and an interesting postgame.

  10. Chapter 10

    This is what I call the 'sexy chapter'. You'll see why.

  11. Chapter 11

    The perfect day and the perfect night. WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT.

  12. Chapter 12

    A long road trip and surprising news.

  13. Chapter 13

    A warm welcome.

  14. Chapter 14

    Marc's birthday.

  15. Chapter 15

    Visiting Marc's family.

  16. Chapter 16

    Visiting Bella's family.

  17. Chapter 17

    Toronto game and a surprise guest.

  18. Chapter 18

    The rest of the road trip and the project.

  19. Chapter 19

    A fun day after the long road trip.

  20. Chapter 20

    Meeting Matt. All seems good until something unexpected happens.

  21. Chapter 21

    Ally's arrival and a few long days.

  22. Chapter 22

    Things are looking up.

  23. Chapter 23

    A week later.

  24. Chapter 24

    The first week of the Games.

  25. Chapter 25

    The Gold Medal game and coming home.

  26. Chapter 26

    The first day back and an after-school surprise.

  27. Chapter 27

    The interesting beginning of another road trip.

  28. Chapter 28

    The next five days.

  29. Chapter 29

    Time to visit the kids. Also, maybe there's gonna more fun?

  30. Chapter 30

    Just spending the night with Marc or what?

  31. Chapter 31

    Moving in.

  32. Chapter 32

    An unexpected and unlikely meeting while grocery shopping.

  33. Chapter 33

    It's time to talk about the dream.

  34. Chapter 34

    The first day with Melanie.

  35. Chapter 35

    Introducing friends and an unwelcome visitor.

  36. Chapter 36

    Game 4 and coming back home.

  37. Chapter 37

    Games 5 and 6.

  38. Chapter 38

    A wonderful day.

  39. Chapter 39

    Game 1 vs. Montreal and the day after.

  40. Chapter 40

    An unexpected evening after Game 2.

  41. Chapter 41

    Boys and family.

  42. Chapter 42

    The entire day and night of Game 7.

  43. Chapter 43

    Summer and September. (THE END)



HeatherFormica HeatherFormica
Are you continuing this story I liked it. :)
jaws1218 jaws1218
whats the rest of chapter 5? lol i love it btw!
hockaayy hockaayy