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I Can Wait Forever

Chapter 3- But Falling in Love with You Was Completely Out of My Control...

Charlee's POV:

I smiled towards Carey as he looked over his menu at the resturant. We rarely got to go out like this, but that was okay with me. The waiter came to our table and smiled, "What would you like to drink today?" he asked

"A water for me." I said with a smile

"The same." Carey replied smiling at me

"And are you ready to order?"

Carey looked at me and I nodded, "Yes. We're ready. I'll have the Prosciutto Di Parma "Rulliano" Con Parmigiano Reggiano, Aceto. Merci." he said handing his menu to the waiter.

"Excellent choice monsiuer. For you, madame?"

"I'll have the Farfalle Santa Maria. Merci beaucoup." I smiled handing my menu to him. He nodded and headed towards the kitchen. I smiled towards Carey. This was one of the few times we were actually able to go to a nice place, sit and eat. Usually because of his schedule, we either eat at home, went to fast food, or ordered Chinese food.

Da Vinci's was one of our favorite places to go here in Montreal. The food was amazing and the service was always great. Montreal had some great food to offer, but Da Vinci's was one of the best. Carey was an amazing cook, however. He usually grilled out or made some pasta.

"Remember the first time we went out on a date?" he asked with a smile

I nodded and laughed, "Of course I do...we were sixteen and crazily falling for eachother." I smiled, remembering that night as the night I fell in love with Carey Price...

"Mom, I'm going out with Carey tonight." I called, grabbing my purse and looking at myself in the mirror. Carey and I had been friends for over a year now. We had recently began to become much more serious than that.

"Be careful, honey. I know you've known that boy for a while, but don't do anything stupid." my mom warned

I rolled my eyes. My mother was convinced that Carey just wanted to get in my pants and then was going to dump me. He had been my 'boyfriend' for about two months and we were finally able to go on our first real date. We had went out on 'dates' before with our friends, but this was our first 'alone date'. "I'll be fine, mom. I love you." I called heading outside and getting in Carey's car.

"Hi." he said with that smile

I smiled back, "Hey. So what do you have planned?"

He laughed, "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

I laughed, "Alright. I'll let you have your fun." Carey smiled again and starting driving. He had made me so happy these past few months. He was a great guy and I was really starting to fall hard for him. I had tried not to at first, but I couldn't help myself. I looked out the window and saw we were at the park, "Carey..." I started

"Yeah?" he asked with a smile, pulling into a spot.

"Nothing..." I replied back, confused by why we were at the park of all places.

"Follow me." he said getting out of the car and going to my side to open the door for me. I hopped out and he blindfolded me.

"What are you doing?!" I asked

"Shh...it's a surprise."

"Okay..." I replied holding his hand tight as he led me to some place...we walked a short distance and he stopped. "Here we are." he said removing my blindfold

My mouth dropped. We were at the gazebo in the park and it was all decorated with lights and candles and flowers. "How did you...when...what?" I was stunned! How had he put this together?

Carey laughed, "I know people." he said leading me up to the gazebo.

There was a blanket laid across the floor and he had a picnic basket with him. I sat down and he sat beside me, opening the basket up. He handed me two bowls, two napkins, a set of spoons and a knife. I sat the stuff out and smiled at him. "Carey, this is wonderful!"

"Merci. I wanted to make this special." he replied

I smiled back as he pulled out a thermos and poured us out some type of vegetable soup. He pulled out a little dish of butter and two biscuits. I buttered them for us and smiled. I was just so amazed by this little picnic that he had thrown together for us. It was perfect. "You amaze me, Carey Price."

He smiled, "You amaze me, Charlee Arquette."

I smiled back at him and we kissed. I would have given anything to stay in that moment forever...

"Charlee, you okay?" Carey asked snapping me back to the present

I nodded, "Just remeniscing."

"About?" he asked smiling

"You." I replied

He laughed, "Good memories I hope."

I laughed, "Of course."

"Good. Charlotte...I have something I want to ask you." he said looking at me intently

"What's up?" I asked, taking a small bite of my food and looking back towards Carey.

"Charlee...you changed my whole life the moment we met. We've had some rough patches in the past, but we've stuck together through and through and I love you more than anything in the whole world..." he started. Then he got down on one knee beside me.

"Carey, what are you..." I started, feeling my heart race

"Charlotte Arquette, will you make me the happiest man alive and make me your husband? Will you marry me?"


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