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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 6 - Baby Boy & Pregnancy Announcement

Maddie decides to call Jordan to see if he can come over. A short time later he comes over. Maddie lets him in and they go talk in the living room.

Jordan - So, what did you want?
Maddie - James and I want to announce my pregnancy. Can you call Mom and Dad and tell them to come down?
Jordan - Of course I will. We should probably tell them that we’re related.
Maddie - I was thinking that too.
Jordan - Just know I will take care of you while you’re pregnant.
Maddie - I know you will and appreciate it that I not only have James looking out for me but I have you too.
Jordan - You ok?
Maddie - I should go lay down.
Jordan - Ok, I’ll just go so you can rest. We can talk tomorrow.
Maddie - Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow.
Jordan - Feel better

Jordan gives Maddie a hug and then leaves just as James comes home from getting Maddie some chicken soup. He puts the bag on the kitchen counter and then comes into the living room. He sits down on the couch beside her and gives her a kiss.

Maddie - (Smiles) What was that for?
James - Just thought you needed a kiss to help you feel better.
Maddie - Aww, that’s really sweet.
James - I brought you home some chicken soup for you to eat.
Maddie - Aww, you didn’t have to do that.
James - I know but I wanted too.
Maddie - You are so sweet.
James - (Smiles) I know I am and I love you so much.
Maddie - I love you too.
James - There’s something I want to ask you honey.
Maddie - What?
James - The way I feel about you, I've never felt with anyone else. When we first met I honestly had no idea that you would be so damn important to me. You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I want to love you for the rest of my life.(Slips a ring on Maddie’s finger) What do you say honey? Will you marry me?
Maddie - (Smiles and starts to cry) Oh James of course I will marry you.
James - (Smiles) Really? You will?
Maddie - Of course I will. I love you so much James and want to spend the rest of my life with you.
James - I love you too.

Maddie grabs James’s arm and pulls him close to her. James smiles when he’s laying on top of her. They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. They continue to kiss until there’s a knock at the door.

Maddie - Whoever that is has such bad timing.
James - Don’t worry babe I’ll get the door. I’ll be right back.
Maddie - Ok

James gets up from the couch. He goes to answer the door. He smiles when he sees his mom. He lets her in and they go into the living room. James’s mom smiles when she sees Maddie asleep on the couch cuz she never thought her son would find a girl to settle down with. She sits in the rocking chair while James sits next Maddie.

Deborah - She is so pretty James.
James - I love her so much Mom.
Deborah - How long have you two been dating?
James - We met around Christmas time when she moved into the neighborhood. She asked me to move in with her on Valentines Day.
Deborah - Wow, you two must be pretty serious about one another.
James - We are in fact she’s pregnant and I asked her to marry me.
Deborah - Aww, that’s wonderful Son.
James - So you aren’t mad?
Deborah - Why would I be mad? You found a girl you’re obviously in love with and I’m happy for you.
James - (Smiles) Thanks Mom. We also found out that Maddie has family in town.
Deborah - I was going to say she looks like your roommate Jordan.
James - That’s cuz Maddie is his long lost sister.
Deborah - Wow, I always thought he only had brothers
James - Jordan told us that his mom put her up for adoption and a family here in Pittsburgh adopted her.
Deborah - Wow, so how did she find out that Jordan is her brother?
James - I said the same thing you did about how they looked a like. Then Jordan told us about the baby his mom put up for adoption and the family here in town named her Maddie. So the next morning they had a DNA test done.
Deborah - Wow, that’s quite a story. At least she has the two of you to take care of her while she’s pregnant.
James - And we both plan on taking care of her.
Deborah - I see she’s starting to show a little bit.
James - She’s right around 3 months. I never thought I would be a father. I’m kind of nervous. Is that normal?
Deborah - Aww, of course it is sweetie. Does anyone else know she’s pregnant?
James - Her friend Leslie and Jordan.
Deborah - Well if you need help throwing together a get together I can help or you can wait till you find out the sex of your baby.
James - Which will be sometime soon.
Deborah - Aww, I will stay in town till you find out cuz I want to know if I’m go to have a grandson or a granddaughter.
James - You don’t have to stay.
Deborah - I know but I figured your beautiful fiancée hasn’t felt like cooking lately. This way I can cook for you guys and then you can have alone time with her.
James - Thanks Mom I appreciate it.
Deborah - You should take her to bed.
James - I think I will. Can you put the soup I got for her in the fridge?
Deborah - Sure I can do that.
James - Night Mom, I love you.
Deborah - Night sweetie, I love you too.

James gets up and gives his mom a hug and then goes over to the couch and picks up Maddie and carries her to their bedroom. He gently puts her down on the bed. He lays down beside her and covers her with the blanket that’s on the bed. He wraps his arms around her holding her close so that they’re spooning with one another. James whispers in Maddie’s ear “I love you so much baby.” He’s asleep a short time later until the next morning. A couple weeks pass. James and Maddie are at the doctor to find out the sex of their baby. James is holding Maddie’s hand as he tries to comfort her.

James - It’ll be ok baby. Everything will be ok.
Maddie - I know I’m just a little nervous.
James - It’s ok baby. I’m nervous too.
Maddie - You are?
James - You bet I am. I never thought I would be a father.
Maddie - Aww, and you’ll be a wonderful father.
James - Do you really think so?
Maddie - Of course I do.

James gives Maddie a kiss when the doctor comes into the room. She performs and ultrasound on Maddie’s belly.

Doctor Jade - Congratulations James and Maddie your baby is a boy.
Maddie - Wow, that’s great. Isn’t it sweetie?
James - (Smiles) You bet it is.
Doctor Jade - Everything look great in there. I don’t need to see you for 3 months.
James - Anything we need to do to make sure everything is ok till then?
Doctor Jade - Just keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe start eating smoothies as a snack to help with Maddie’s morning sickness.
James - That’s easy enough to do.
Doctor Jade - If you two don’t have any other questions I will set up an appointment for 3 months from today.
Maddie - Ok great

James and Maddie head home. When they get home Maddie decides to go lay down for a nap. She lays down on the bed and is asleep a short time later. James goes into the bed room and lays down beside her and covers her with the blanket that’s on the bed. He wraps his arms around her holding her close so that they’re spooning with one another. James whispers in Maddie’s ear “I love you so much baby.” He’s asleep a short time later until later that night. A couple days pass. James and Maddie have invited everyone to the house for a little pregnancy party. Maddie made cupcakes that have blue icing in the middle. James passes out the cupcakes. Everyone takes a bite and sees the blue icing showing everyone that James and Maddie are expecting a little boy. James also announces that he and Maddie are engaged. Everyone smiles and gives them their congrats. Everyone leaves except for Jordan and his mom. Since Jordan and Maddie need to talk to them. James goes to take a shower to give them some privacy. They sit down in the living room to talk.

Linda - What’s all this about Jordan?
Jordan - This may come to you as a shock but a few weeks ago Maddie and I found out that we’re related. Not only are we related. We’re brother and sister.
Linda - Wow, I never thought we would see you again Maddie. It looks like your life is as good as I imagined it would be.
Maddie - I do have a good life. I have a wonderful fiancé, expecting a baby boy, and found the family I never knew I had.
Linda - Your fiancé looks like one of Jordan’s teammates.
Jordan - That’s cuz he is. She’s engaged to James.
Linda - Oh wow I’m so happy for you dear.
Maddie - Do you mean that Mom?
Linda - Of course I do.
Maddie - That really means a lot.
Linda - You ok dear?
Maddie - It’s the morning sickness. It comes and goes so I think I’m going to go to bed.
Jordan - Ok, You can stay with me Mom.
Linda - Ok
Maddie - I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
Jordan - I hope you start feeling better.

Jordan and Linda leave and head to Jordan’s. Maddie closes the door and goes into the bedroom. She gets ready for bed and lays down on the bed. James comes out of the bathroom. He gets ready for bed and then lays down next to Maddie. Maddie snuggles up James. James smiles as he wraps his arm around her.

James - (Smiles) You’re sure snuggling close.
Maddie - Sorry
James - It’s ok honey. I know you don’t feel very good.
Maddie - I hope you don’t find this silly but you smell really nice.
James - (Smiles) It’s not silly.

James notices Maddie has fallen asleep. He puts the blanket over her and goes to sleep until the next morning. A month passes and Jordan has asked Maddie for her help on how to purpose to his girlfriend when she comes to town for a visit.



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