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rock me like a hurricane

What could it be?

It was the playoffs. The greatest time of the year for NHL fans and I couldn't believe I finally got to go to a Carolina at Chicago game. I was ecstatic and practically ran into the UC. As the players from the Hurricanes start coming out, I see them start to eye me like I am an outsider. I'm wearing our goalies jersey, Crawford. As the rest of the Hurricanes start coming out, the last is Jeff Skinner. I see him look at me like he skates out and gives me a big smile, showing me his dimple. I make eye contact with him and he comes up to the glass to look me in the eyes while skating past, seeing me blush. The end of the first and I am hitting the glass as hard as I can to at least see more than a two second fight in the second period. As the second abruptly starts, I look over at Jeff to see him pointing at me to show Jared Staal who I am. Just as I start to blush, I hear the crowd roar with an unbelievable excitement and look to see Andrew Shaw trying to fight with Jordan Staal. I cheer as loud as I can and the refs actually let this one go for a good couple minutes. Finally they break it up when Shaw is bleeding and Jordan is missing a tooth from one of Shaws right hooks. They both go to the penalty box and I hear Shaw and Jordan screaming profanity at each other for the entire 2 minutes. Finally, I hear a knock on the glass at the end of the second and look up to see Jeff and Jared looking at me. Jeff looks tired. He has sweat glistening from his forehead, dripping off his nose. He wipes it away and gives me a smile as him and Jared skate back. By the end of the third, I get a giant man coming up to me. I look him in the eyes as best I could and and try to look threatening, but I know he sees the fear in my eyes by saying, "Mr. Skinner just wanted me to get you." I don't have time to say anything, as he picks me off the ground and carries me to the visitors locker room. He knocks and walks in, and I hear him tell Jeff I'm outside. I hear screams and whistles as Jeff walks out. He looks at me and smiles so wide I thought this mouth would be stuck like that. He says hi and tries to talk to me, but can't stop smiling. As were standing there, Crawford walks past and I hear him say "I like your jersey. Best one out there." I blush and look up at Jeff. The smirk that was on his face has now demished to a scowl while he eyes Crawford as he walks past. Jeff looks at me and smiles again and brings me into the locker room. I look around as he bring me to his cubby. He takes off his shirt to change and I see sweat clinging to his chest. I want to wipe it off but I hold myself back. He puts a clean shirt on and we start talking. He says we should hang out and asks for my name. "They call me Aj." I say as he eyes me up and down. He asks for my number and out of complete shock I give it to him. No guy has ever looked at me as anything besides Aj, especially a hockey player. He looks surprised when I tell him this. He says he doesn't believe me and will call me "when he gets a chance" trying to play it cool. He walks me out of the deserted locker room, we were talking longer than we realized. I walk to my car and get in. ---------- I wake up to see 14 new text messages and 2 missed calls from an unknown number. I read the first text messages and listen to my voicemails and find out it is Jeff. I call him back and he seems surprised to hear from me and asks if I want to go get lunch. I quickly say yes and get ready. I take a closer look at the text messages when I'm about to leave and see every single one has a heart in it. I stare at them and smile even more. Jeff picks me up and the song "Rocked You Like A Hurricane" comes on. I laugh as we pull up to our meeting spot. We talk about what we like and he is overtaken by how much I like hockey. His eyes get bigger each time I say something hockey related and by the end of lunch he is talking about a second date. We go back to his hotel room to talk. We get to the hotel and we walk down the hall to see all the players eating in the lobby. We quickly run past them and Jeff pulls me into the elevator. He pulled me off hard and I run into him but he grabs my waist and prevents me from falling. For what seemed like ever, he stared deeply into my eyes and said he loved the way the blueish-green in my eyes even furthermore bring out the gold ring around my pupils. I didn't realize the 4 inch heigh gap between us but I did when he bent down to kiss me. His lips gently pressed against mine as he brought me closer. He has me 3 inches above the ground and swings my legs up into his arms. Half of me is in one arm, the other half in the other. He carries me to his room and sets me down just before he opens the door. As he takes out his room key I hear him whisper, "...and I just want to fuck her brains out mercilessly. That is all, you fucking key." He jumps into his room. When he finally opens it and pulls me right behind. Still being dazed from the kiss, I feel like a rag doll being pulled in. He pulls me in and stops just before we hit the bed, but he grabs my body and slams it onto the bed and starts kissing my neck. He starts taking off my clothes and when he gets to my bra stops and looks at me like a puppy looks when it just did something bad. He couldn't get it unhooked. I slowly reached back and unhooked and saw his face when it came off. The look I had at my first hockey game. I start taking off the shirt he was wearing and threw it on the ground. He was taking off my pants and I was tracing his chest, getting every little cut. He jumped up really quickly and went to put a sock on the outside of the door and then locked it. I laugh as he's looking for a sock and almost falls trying to take his own off. He looks at me and runs back starting to take his pants off. I realize he will be my first and for a second I am kind of guilty and didn't save myself for marriage, but I quickly get over it as he throws his pants on the ground. He looks confused. I ask whats wrong. He stops for a minute and asked "Do you know what your doing?" I shake my head. The puppy looks comes across his face again. We start to reluctantly put our clothes back on because we have no clue what to do. He lays back down on the bed and tells me to lay down next to him. I lay down and he grabs my shoulders with his hands and bring me closer. He grabs my face and kisses it while I know he is thinking about my body, tracing the curves. He asks me what I like and what my family is like. As I start telling him, we both start to drift off. ---------- I wake up, in a shirt and men's boxer that aren't mine. I look over as I feel someone next to me. It's Jeff, smiling at me as he wakes up too. He grabs my face and says "Good morning, beautiful." His with ruffled hair is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. He gets up and starts gathering his hockey equipment. Since he has practice in a couple hours and wants me to go, he starts to get ready to take me home to get ready. He takes a shower and walks out with a towel around his waist and his skin dripping wet. 'So close' I think as his towel almost falls when he bends over. ---------- We get to my small apartment and he walks up with me and sits down on my couch and turns on the TV. After I take my shower, I do what I usually do and walk out in only a towel to get a glass of water. I scream when I see a head with brown hair sitting on my couch and I suddenly remember Jeff didn't leave. I run into my room and my neighbor calls me asking if I'm hurt. I quickly explain it to her, but she doesn't understand any hockey things I say and hangs up. I get dressed in another jersey, this time Toews. I walk out and Jeff hands me of of his jerseys to keep. He just got it for a gift for his mom. He says he'll send her another one later. He is surprised to see me get dressed so quickly. And we get to the ice rink 30 minutes before practice starts so we just walk around, him telling me about his likes and what his family is like. We did share something in common, the love for country music. His coach calls him to get ready, he kisses me and runs down to get ready. I go and sit by myself and have some girls run up to me asking if I am dating Jeff. I think about it. "Yeah, I kinda am. Why?" Puck bunnies. They wanted to see if they could get a shot with him. I yelled, "fuck off, puck bunnies" and hear them say "well, SHE was rude." A girl behind me laughs and I look at her. She's wearing a Staal jersey. She tells me about how the bunnies asks her the same thing every week. She tells me how she is dating Jared. I ask if I will see her at the game later because I don't know anyone else. She laughs and comes down to talk to me. She says she will be there later. ---------- We get back to the hotel room and tell Jared and his girlfriend to come over. We have a wonderful talk as Jared and Jeff go to sleep for tonights game. Me and Jared's girlfriend go out. I find out her name is Kasey. She tells me how Jeff won't stop telling Jared about me. I am shocked he feels this way about me. She says the next time I see him I should give him a big kiss and I do just that right before the game starts. I look into his brown eyes as he talks to me. He leaves with Jared to go to the game and I feel myself longing for his touch. Someway, somehow he has made me start to feel something more for him then I had.


I love this story! Please hurry up and update soon! It's awesome! <3