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Short stack reporters and towering goalies.

TGI Fridays

Pulling on the sweater I walked into the tunnels. It wasn’t cold down here but I had rink side seats. I guess that’s what I get for becoming a reporter. Tapping on the team door I backed up with my back against the wall. Looking at the sheet of paper Danny gave me with questions to ask I began retorting them in my head. Ben came out. He was a lot taller then me he grinned and shook his head.
“Pea Wee reporter. Cute.”
“Chelsea’s fill out. I mean fill in.” I studdered, He laughed and shook his head.
“I’m Ben.”
“Tara, but everyone calls me Taz.” Steve and Danny walked through the Tunnels Steve with his camera Danny with his book and notepad.
“Getting to know the goalie Queen?”
Queen my last name I blushed and ran my hand through my black hair.
“Well. A queen always needs her Bishop.”
“That was incredibly cheesy Danny.” Ben said, I smiled and looked at the questions.
The camera started rolling. I began to have a mini panic attack.
“With Stamkos out today how do you think will wager?”
“I think we’ll do pretty good, It’s all about controlling the puck. As long as our defense knows what their doing we should be alright.”
“I have a question from facebook here. What inspired your goalie helment.” My voice turned ghostly the same way it did any other time i found my self confidence.
“I love the movie Tron and I had to have our team logo on it so boom.” He chuckled, I laughed and went to the next question. By the time the short interview was over I wanted a drink and churro to go with the anxiety that had built in my chest. Beginning to walk out of the tunnel Ben tapped my shoulder and took out a sharpie.
“Here’s my number. If you wanna get drinks or dinner later. I know concession is pretty pricey.”
“Oh th-thanks. Here’s my number,” I said jotting down the number to my iphone.
“Okay. Oh and I will calling.”
“I’ll be waiting.” I whispered walking away blushing and pulling my sleeve over the number. He was right the concession is a lot of money I still paid the money for Budweiser and some dip-n-dots.At the end of the game everyone began to clear up I still sat in my seat.
My phone went off in the backpack I had next to me.
‘Ready to leave? - Ben ;P’
‘I’ll come get you :)’
Tipping the last of my beer bottle into my mouth I felt a soft tap on my shoulder.
“Hey I’ve got something for you.” Ben’s voice echoed through the now empty arena.
He held his goalie jersey and smiled.
“I’m getting a new one tomorrow so if you want you could have this one.” Blushing harder i took his jersey and followed him out to his car.
“So Hooters?” He laughed I chuckled.
“Uhm how about wild wings or Tgi Fridays?”
“Tgi fridays it is.” Ben grinned opening the car door for me.



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