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Golden Boy's Golden Girl

Chapter 2: The First Date and the Angry Elder

The morning after the game, I'm sitting in my bed reading the post-game tweets from my friends on Twitter, over the moon that everyone seems to be happy for me being in the Rangers organization. Finally, I get off my laptop when I hear my mom from downstairs.
"Lucy, come on, get ready, Uncle Mike's gonna be here soon!" I sigh and get dressed, brushing my hair and pulling my hair into a bun. Uncle Mike isn't really my uncle, but he was my dad's good friend and was a pallbearer when he died. Up to this day he feels that it's my fault that he had to go to Dad's funeral in the first place. He flat up told me the day of the funeral that (and I quote): "If you hadn't wanted to go see your brother's karate meet, you wouldn't have killed your father!"
And now he's back for the first time since my dad died, driven down all the way from Owen Sound. I can hear him greet my mother as I pull a jacket over my arms and huff when I hear Mum call up for me to come greet our guest.
"Coming, Mom!" I stretch a little bit and settle my dad's hat over my head and pulling my bun through the back before trudging downstairs to meet Mom and the middle-aged Italian man that my father had known since they were children. "Hi, Uncle Mike." I mutter as I sit on the couch beside my mom with a slump.
"Take that blasted thing off your head!" Mike orders, nodding to my ball cap. I cock an eyebrow. "Don't you look at me like that!" I roll my eyes and take the hat off. "And stand up straight!" I obey with a huff and a mumble of a couple expletives. "WHAT WAS THAT!?" he bellows.
"Mike, please, she's only fifteen, let her alone." Mom orders.
"You are letting this child run wild, Sharon, trust me, ball caps and swearing one day, the next day it will be sex, drugs and rock and roll." I roll my eyes.
"Coming from the man who lived by that manifesto as a teen?" I ask myself with a smirk.
"You speak when spoken to, Lucretia." Mike growls at me, making me scowl. "And wipe that look of your face!" I let my face go stoic and grab my word find as Mike and Mom discuss various things. I ignore then and finish the one I started the day before and am halfway through a new one when Mike addresses me again.
"Don't you have a job? Or are you sucking every penny from your poor disabled mother?" Mike asks.
"Michael, that is more than enough!" Mom yells at him. "Lucy has a job with the Rangers, she's got enough money to buy for herself. Leave her alone!"
"Does she have money for college? Or is Lucretia;" Mike corrects my mother. "I hate the name Lucy, it's a name meant for domestic punching bags and floozies. Or is Lucretia going to drain every free penny from your disability and then whoring herself off to any man who will have her?" I growl and shoot up.
"Michael!" Mom yells at him. "Lucy is not a whore and she is not a leech, she is more than capable of handling herself." I storm back up to my room and slam the door. Mike is running up the stairs and I barricade the door with by body.
"Lucretia, open this door!" Mike yells.
"My name is Lucy, and I will open this door when you leave!" I yell back at him. His shoulder hits the door and I actually get scared, backing away from the door as it opens, revealing a red faced but grinning Mike.
"Lucretia...you know you shouldn't make me angry." he grabs my arm and throws me onto my bed, making me scream for Mom as I'm pinned to it.
"MICHAEL, LEAVE HER BE OR I'M GOING TO CALL THE POLICE!" Mom screams from the door, having taken the donated elevator up to my room. Michael lets me go with a disappointed grumble. Mom has a knife in hand and is pointing it at Michael. "Get. Out." she hisses. Mike leaves and turns to smirk at me.
"I'll be back." he promises before Mom and I head to the window to watch him get in the car and leave. Mom rubs the small of my back and I kneel down with her after drawing the drapes.
"Don't listen to him. You're a beautiful, smart, talented girl." Mom squeezes my shoulders and I relax. "Come on, let's go shop for your date." I get up and go grab my bag before following Mom to the elevator.

That night, I sit at my dresser deciding to curl my hair a bit more to get the last of the work from the night before to be replaced for the my natural curl. Again, I use the same makeup, except instead of just a chap stick, I use a bright red lipstick and a sheer lip gloss before I look to the new outfit Mom bought me earlier today. It's a simple blue dress with my nice denim jacket and matching blue shoes (though the shoes and bag are sparkly). I stare at the dress and trace the rhinestones at the waistline and smiling. My first date is tonight!
Suddenly, I get really nervous and my palms get sweaty. My first date is tonight! With Jeff Skinner! Oh, crap, what if I say the wrong thing!? What if I do the wrong thing? What if I laugh too loudly or completely make an ass out of myself?!
"Lucy, you ok?" Mom asks as I hyperventilate.
"No!" I yell through the door. "I'm so nervous!" Mom pushes herself in and smiles sympathetically at me.
"You'll be fine, Lulu." Mom smiles and holds up a box. "Here, I think this will help." I open the box and gasp when I see the tiny diamond butterfly pendant on the necklace in the box. I bend down and Mom clasps it around my neck. "I want it back afterwards, alright?" she asks. I nod and touch the pendant, grinning at myself. "You're beautiful." she smiles as I put a pair of studs in my ears, turning to Mom. She smiles and flashes me a thumbs up as I fasten the charm bracelet Dad gave me before he died around my wrist as the doorbell rings.
"Crap!" I whisper, looking to my bedroom door. Mom squeezes my hand.
"I'll go greet him, you take your time." Mom wheels her way out and I look to my Tsum-Tsum collection, taking my Mickey Mouse one and kissing its nose gently.
"Wish me luck." I whisper, taking the tiny toy and tucking it in my purse. I fix my lipstick and stand straight, swallowing as I head downstairs to see Mom and Jeff sitting in the living room. "Hi, Jeff," I smile and tug on a lock of hair. Jeff stands up staring at me. "A-Am I overdressed?" I ask, looking down.
"N-No..." Jeff blushes. "L-Lucy...wow." I blush.
"Thanks." I whisper as Jeff fiddles with the leaf of the pink rose he has in hand.
"Uh...I-I got this...unless it sends the wrong..." Jeff goes a deeper shade of red than I have yet to see and he hands me the rose. "Here." I smile and take it.
"Thanks." I smile.
"Now, Jeff, her curfew is usually ten o'clock..." Mom starts making me sigh. "But...since it isn't a school night...have her home by one. Call me if you're going to be late, Lucy." I kiss Mom's cheek and wave at her as Jeff and I leave the house.
"Be careful!" Mom waves. "And Jeff!" Jeff turns with wide brown eyes. "If I'm not watching you...her father will be!" she points up and then to him.
"Y-Yes, Mrs Finch, I'll keep that in mind." Jeff calls back, scratching the back of his head as he opens the door to his car for me to hop in.
"Thank you." I slide in and buckle up as Jeff runs over to the drivers seat and starts the car. I look to him and giggle as he fumbles with his seatbelt, trying not to crease his dress shirt or jacket. "Jeff..." I put a hand on his over the stick. "relax." I whisper with a timid smile. "If it makes you feel any better, I'm nervous, too." I admit. Jeff swallows and nods
"Alright," He relaxes a little bit as he stretches. "So...I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go see Up?" I nod.
"Sure." I smile and pat my tissues in my bag. Margie told me the first ten minutes are going to leave me crying, so I'm glad I always keep a travel pack of tissues on hand just in case. "Have you seen it?" I ask. Jeff shakes his head. "Me neither, but my one friend says the first ten minutes are guaranteed to leave you in tears." I smile. "I have tissues, if you need." Jeff nods and we drive in awkward silence, occasionally broken for mindless small talk until we arrive at the theater. Jeff and I head to the box office and pulls out his wallet.
"Your money's no good here." he tells me as he pays for two tickets. "Want some popcorn?" I nod and Jeff gets a large popcorn and a large Coke before we head into the theatre. We chat for a few minutes during the previews and settle back to watch the movie.

After the movie, Jeff and I (refilled popcorn in hand) head to Boston Pizza to get something to eat.
"What a great movie." I say as I still dab my eyes from the first ten minutes.
"Yeah, your friend was right about that tearjerker." Jeff laughs as he holds my seat out.
"Thank you," I take a seat and look at the menu.
"Do you want to split a pizza and chicken?" Jeff asks. I nod.
"Sure." I grin and Jeff orders garlic bread, boneless chicken and a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese before turning to me.
"So...what was your favorite part of the movie?" he asks. I take a moment to think before blushing
"I'd say the montage of Carl's and Ellie's marriage." I laugh. "It was so cute, but so sad. Why couldn't they have a baby, the baby would have been so cute!" I gush before giggling. "Sorry, I'm having a girl moment, what was yours?" I ask. Jeff grins and I giggle when his dimples show again.
"Adventure is out there!" we both start laughing at each other until one of us stops, and it's Jeff. "So...we didn't really talk much during the movie." I lean closer to him. "So, tell me a little about you." I blush.
"What do you want to know? You already know my name is Lucretia Finch, I go by Lucy and I like Eminem," I smile at him.
"What's your favourite movie?" Jeff asks. I hum.
"I'd have to say The Dark Knight." I answer with a chuckle.
"Batman's my favorite superhero!" Jeff laughs. "Or the Power Rangers." I laugh.
"There was this neighborhood boy once when I was in first grade who'd come get ready for school at my house, and every morning we'd watch Power Rangers and reenact the fights." I laugh with him. "I was such a tomboy."
"I like a tomboy. Though I will admit you do clean up really nice." Jeff smiles at me and I go weak in the knees as our food arrives

Jeff, that night walks me to my door, after he drives me back from the restaurant. "You know...I had a lot of fun." I smile as we stand by the door.
"So did I." Jeff laughs as if he's embarrassed. "We should do it again sometime." I reach up on my tiptoes and press a kiss on his cheek.
"We should," I unlock my front door and turn to Jeff. "Goodnight, Jeff." I wave and gasp when Jeff cups my chin and plants a kiss to my temple.
"Goodnight, Lucy." I smile and blush as I watch him get in his car and drive away. I sigh and turn around to see my little sister and brother, who had been at their friends for a sleepover over the weekend. My other two sisters and brothers are at my aunt's for the weekend and my older sister is away at school.
"You kissed Jeff Skinner!" My little sister Lynn squealed, pointing to my smeared makeup.
"Lynn, go to bed," I order as I run up the stairs to write in my diary over how well tonight went.



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