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One Night and One More Time


I want these words to make it right,
But it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life...


Hannah knew it was him without turning around. His presence, even at a distance always made her skin prickle. She had never liked him.

"Whatcha doin’ in here all alone?” he asked.

What was she doing? Good question. Needing a moment alone was not an acceptable answer around a hockey team, not with people who worked and traveled and lived all over each other eight months of the year. Nevermind that she didn’t play, Hannah was on this team by association.

“Nothing,” she said lamely, unable to come up with something on the spot.

“Thought you might be waiting for me.”

Waiting for him in a closet? Just because the small room held supplies for the family lounge didn’t make it a place to hang out. So why was she in there?

“Just making a phone call.” Yeah, that sounded okay.

“Well I know you’re not calling him, he can barely talk.”

She hadn’t figured that into her lie. It was too new - only four days since the puck to the face - Hannah hadn’t considered the obvious. So she sighed loudly, making it clear she was annoyed. But she probably shouldn’t have turned to face him.

James Neal had something. It wasn’t something good – sure, he could smile a nun out of her habit – but it was always there. And it was usually aimed at Hannah. Now all six feet, two inches of him, plastered in a black cashmere sweater and designer jeans, leaned casually against the opposite wall. His head was tilted as if he were humoring her weak attempt at defense. As usual, his hair was perfect fucking bed head.

“What do you want, James?”

James’ mouth curled into a smirk. The more Hannah played hard to get, the more he wanted to catch her. She was always around, heating his blood one degree at a time until it boiled beneath his skin, begging for release.

“You know what I want.”

“My mindreading is a little rusty.” She put her hands on her hips, adorably exasperated. Her wavy, dark blond hair was pulled into a low ponytail with long pieces slipping free around her face. Jeans and boots were better on her than a cocktail dress, but underneath that was a body worthy of a very wet dream. She looked a little tired – but then, she’d had a rough couple of days.

James shifted his weight to stand up straight. He knew the tall, lanky thing worked for a lot of girls. Hannah was no delicate flower – she never would have lasted this long if she were. Still his size could make a girl feel feminine, protected, maybe even turned on.

She lifted one eyebrow as if to say, Is that all you’ve got?

It hadn’t even been three months since the lockout ended and James found himself finally back in Pittsburgh. He met Hannah his first day back. The next day, he played hockey. Every day since, those were the only two things on his mind.

“I want you,” he told Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend.

She knew that. He looked at her like she was a build-your-own-sundae bar and he was judging just how much whipped cream was needed to cover her entire body. Still, to hear him say it out loud made Hannah’s heart stop.

The situation called for a shutdown. Something more definitive than a no, one step below screaming for help and letting out a secret that had been building since the season started. Hannah’s brain was too slow, her synapses clogged by the words that had come from James’ mouth. He stepped forward and all she could do was back up mutely.

That wasn’t about to stop him.

“It’s gonna be awhile before he can…,” James let the words trail off. He was too close now - she could smell his cologne, or maybe he just always smelled like the woods at dusk. His hand gently brushed her arm. “That’s a lot of long nights.”

Hannah was in some kind of shock. Everything moved in slow motion. James closed the last of the space between them, towering over her. She was around big guys all the time, but this was intimidating. It was meant to be. His palm grazed all the way up to her shoulder, his fingers lifted under her chin. She had no choice but to meet his hazel eyes.

“Now can you read my mind?”

If James knew anything, it was how to size up the defense and wait for an opening. When he saw an chance, James took a shot. Now for the first time since he’d met Hannah, her goalie was out of the net.

He barely had to lean down to do it. Hannah’s brown eyes stayed wide open and locked on his as James touched his lips to hers for the first time.

It zinged right down his spine, a lightning bolt breaking off and zapping him in the crotch on its way to his toes. The air got thick with electricity – just enough to slow the swing of Hannah’s hand as it raced for James’ cheek. He caught her wrist before he even broke the kiss.

The current still sizzled between their skin. Hannah tried to wrench her hand free but James held tight. “Is this your way of telling me you like it rough?”

“Get the fuck off of me,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

It was too late for such a question. James had already done enough to take down the world, one chaste kiss would be a wrecking ball through this house. There was no going back but he had to go forward. The pulse in her wrist beat hard against his fingers.

“What I should have done the day we met.”

Hannah was shaking. In that moment she wanted to die. She hated herself for being afraid and even more for being turned on by James’ aggressive, arrogant behavior. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt a traitorous drop of moisture soak the spot between her legs. The heat made her furious.

“Let go!” This time she ripped her arm free.

“Let’s go? Okay.”

“Fuck you!” Now that Hannah had an inch she needed a mile. “Do you want to get fucking traded to Calgary?” He laughed sarcastically, like he knew he had some clout around here now. He might be overestimating himself but James was definitely underestimating his opponent. “Back off right now and we’ll forget this ever happened. For you own good.”

“Good?” James spat. “You think he’s good to you when we’re on the road? They do look like you, the girls he fucks. Always blonds.”

She hit him in the stomach where he wasn’t expecting it - one good punch, burying her fist in James’ abs before he could tense up. Too bad he took hits for a living. James woofed out a breath but the follow through carried her right off balance. He grabbed her arm hard and yanked her back to his chest.

His breath was hot on Hannah’s ear. “Bent over you probably all look the same.”

It would have felt the same is James punched her back. The words had weight and on contact Hannah knew they were true. She’d always wondered - or tried not to wonder. She and Sidney were together; he made sure everyone around here knew it. And not one single person beyond here.

Is that why? she wondered, still tangled in James’ hold. It was so easy to believe what Sid said - he kept their relationship quiet to hold onto a modicum of privacy or to protect her from the gossip hounds. Could there be other secrets too?

“You’re lying,” she hissed as a reflex.

James’ big hand scooped her hair away to expose her neck, then soft lips grazed her skin. A thousand times more softly than before, now that he had her where he wanted her. His warm breath made the skin on Hannah’s neck prickle.

“I know it’s true, Hannah. Because I only fuck girls who look like you too.”

His hands were moving. She couldn’t think and defend herself at the same time. There was barely time to react to James squeezing his fingers into the cleft between her legs before he pushed the seam of her jeans right up into her clit. Sagging in his arm, Hannah practically moaned.

“I want you,” James murmured, rubbing the raised edge of denim against her hot spot. “And I’m worth it, Hannah. You know what I can do to you.”

Hannah’s eyes fluttered closed. He kept saying her name, like a trigger, like he was hypnotizing her with the buff of his low voice. She was in a state of emergency, hormones and body betraying her brain. James long, strong fingers ground the hem of her jeans against her clit again and a shudder rocked her whole body.

Traitor! she wanted to scream. With a twist she tried to wrench free.

James was ready for it. Hannah was purring in his arms inside of a minute, there was no fucking way he was letting go. If she wanted to take off, she’d have to actually take it. He stroked hard, feeling the lips of her pussy part and the ridge of denim slip between them. Holding her ass flush against his lap, James rubbed his growing erection against her as he dug his lips into Hannah’s neck, kissing hard all the way to her pulse point.

“James,” Hannah said weakly. It sounded like a request. His blood surged, making him harder. She felt his need throb against her backside.

“Oh God,” she gasped.

James was a lost cause. He could never take back what he’d already done and couldn’t stop himself doing more. With a flick of his wrist, the button on Hannah’s jeans was open. Silk panties slid over the back of his hand as he jammed it low, those long fingers finding wet, then warmth, then wow. Hannah’s back bowed as James tweaked her clit and ran two fingers right up into her pussy. Her feet almost left the floor. The shift in her weight bumped his stiff cock.

“Fuck,” he groaned. He wanted to bury those fingers in her tight snatch, feel her ripple and shake until she cried his name out loud for the whole arena to hear. Someone would have to kick down that door and they’d just see James taking this trophy right out from under his captain’s nose. Her jeans were too tight, there was no room to handle her like he needed to.

Hannah yelped when he ripped his hand free, already shoving her jeans away with the other one. She reached for the wall to keep from collapsing as James forced her clothes down around her knees. The warm flat of his palm grazed her ass just before the clink of his belt opening. She didn’t think, she didn’t even breathe. There wasn’t time. A split second later, James was screwing his dick between her legs.

He was going to come like a rocket and put her right though this wall, cinderblock or not. Her bare skin was flawless, the perfect amount of give where he spread her open. He gasped as his tip parted her pink folds; it was like touching a hot stove. James roughly grabbed her hips and slammed himself inside.

The noise Hannah made wasn’t loud, it wasn’t even a word, but to James it was better than the goal horn blaring. It was the sound of surrender - she wanted this, she wanted him, she just needed to be told and taken until she learned. Her body had already relented. James pounded again, desperate to get deep enough times to prove it to her.

She shuddered at each impact. James was longer that Sid and he was bottoming out, railing her. It hurt and she liked it. More than anything, that made Hannah feel like a whore. She wanted to be punished for enjoying her betrayal. A glance over her shoulder showed James was enjoying it too: eyes closed in concentration, lips parted as he struggled to breathe. He blinked and caught her looking.

“James, James,” she sobbed. How could she let James do this? How had she resisted so long? He - she would not allow herself to think Sidney’s name - he would never do this. He never lost control. Well, maybe with those other girls on the road. Hannah had the impression James never gave this to a stranger - he’d been saving it all for her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Make me forget him.”

James grabbed a handful of Hannah’s hair, twisted her face to his and kissed her as hard as he was fucking her. The other hand drove down between her legs.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” her mouth fell from his at the force of his thick fingers on her clit. He smiled, bouncing her between his thighs and his hand, hard and deep from both sides. His lips found her skin, that spot between the neck and shoulders that could drop her to her knees. Now there was nowhere to fall. He sucked and bit at her flesh while her body rioted. Each flick of her clit twanged right through, twisting her against his penetration until she was ready to snap. James felt it quickening.

“Give it to me, baby. Let me feel you.” His teeth gnashed, forcing back to flood of his own orgasm. The words were a growl. “First of many, Hannah. All the ways you dream of being fucked.”

Her traitorous body broke, heaving, at James’ command. The orgasm crashed through her system, threatening to drown her, swallowing her scream. Every nerve ending lit went up like a firework. Against her ear, mouth still greedy for her skin, James moaned forcefully. Somewhere around her heart, his cock pulsed load after load of desire into a place her boyfriend had never been.

James held her until they were still, then gently freed himself but didn’t let go. A feather-light brush of his mouth along her neck brought that purring voice back to her ear.

“Tonight. Come over.”

“I...,” Hannah started to protest. There were a zillion broken things to fix now, not the least of which were her girl parts. The idea of going again, of James having his way with her in a proper bedroom, or bathroom, or kitchen, or car....

Stop! she yelled in her head. It too was still pounding.

“You can’t stay with him,” James said quietly. No way after this would he allow Hannah into another man’s arms, forget the one who’d already lost her. Sid never deserved her, never earned her and he sure as shit never did what James had just done. James knew he’d stolen a treasure and he intended to spend every last cent.

Hannah quietly agreed, “No.” She couldn’t even look at Sidney now. He’d never wanted her like that - enough to take a huge risk, enough to ruin everything else to get to her. The only thing Sid wanted that badly was winning. In a twisted way, James’ act made Hannah feel like a prize.

“I’ll make you want to stay with me,” James promised.

Hannah closed her eyes on the life she’d known. I already do.


soooo good!!!
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This is wonderful oh my god.
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