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The More Things Change

Chapter Three

Katherine propped herself up in a make-shift pillow fort on her bed and finished her coffee as she read through her emails. One advantage of separate rooms from Paul while on the road was space. Space to do her job, space to use the bathroom for as long as she needed, space to spread out and hog the bed. The bad thing was not having Paul there at night or in the morning. Of course there were the good night Facetime sessions and good morning texts; the occasional lunches and time throughout the day, but Katherine craved being able to breathe in the smell of Paul’s skin in the morning or even to fall asleep in his arms. Heck, at this point in the playoffs, she would even take his snoring without complaining. The playoff season had kept them apart with the exception of the home games when they had a few days of normal in a row, but even then, superstitions were held firm and the one thing that Katherine really missed with Paul was intimacy.

Sure, they managed a couple of quickies while on the road, with one particular encounter was arranged by Katherine’s former roommate and partner in crime, Rob Bortuzzo. Rob had meet Katherine during the Blue’s pre-skate while Paul and his other teammates were still on the ice. Katherine had been in a particularly bad mood and in typical Rob and Katherine banter, Rob declared that she was cranky and needed laid. Within minutes of the end of the practice skate, she found herself and Paul being escorted by Rob to a back room in the hallway of the Scottrade Center.

Katherine understood the pressure Paul was under and that required him to be focused on every detail of his game right now, but superstitions be damned, she wanted her man. Maybe it was something about being back in Pittsburgh, maybe it was watching him play his hardest night after night, maybe it was the note and breakfast, whatever it was, and Katherine got swept up in the emotions of wanting Paul. She moved her laptop off of her lap and grabbed her phone from the bedside dresser. She hit Message and starting to type…

“Didn’t hear from you after my VM, everything ok?”

Paul stood at the front of the Mario Lemieux statue, stretching out his hamstring after his run to the North Shore and back. He was about two blocks away from the William Penn when he decided to make a quick stop by the Marriott to say good morning to Katherine when he noticed his phone buzzing with a text from Katherine.

“Hey beautiful! Just got done with my run.” Paul replied to Katherine’s text. “How was breakfast?”

Paul leaned against the cold marble wall and waited for Katherine to respond.

“Breakfast was wonderful. You always know exactly what I need.” Katherine texted. She wondered how far she could take the innuendo.

Paul scratched his beard and wondered if he was reading too much into Katherine’s text.
“You know it, baby.” “Gotta take care of my woman.” Paul responded with a smirk on his face.

This is too easy, Katherine thought and she quickly typed her response.

“Where are you and what are you doing right now?”

“I’m actually in front of Consol and I was going to pop in and see you.” Paul texted.

“I hope you’re not too tired from your run because I need to thank you for breakfast.” “Get your ass up to my room NOW!” Katherine hit send, half expecting the typical brush off she had been receiving during the playoffs.

“Yes, ma’am” was all Paul sent.

Katherine jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom to assess the damages and to send one last text to Paul.

“Martin, just make sure your cock is hard by the time you get off the elevator.”

Paul smiled as he read Katherine text. His woman needed more that breakfast this morning and he loved her for it.



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