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“Hey Price!”

I looked over to see Towes crouched next to my net.

“Fuck off, Towes. I’m playing a game here.” I shouted back.

“I heard you fucked my girlfriend.”

“She’s not your girlfriend anymore.”

“Oh right, she’s your whore now, isn’t she.”

I gritted my teeth. “Go away, Towes. Before I do something I regret.”

[b]Sarah’s Point of View[/b]

Everything was fine, until I saw Jonathan skate over and start to exchange words with Carey. Oh, shit.

Then Carey and Jonathan both dropped their sticks and gloves, Carey ripped off his mask, and they started to go at each other.

“What the hell is he doing?” Andrei asked. “Go Price! Show him!”

The refs were skating over and started to try to pull them apart, but they still went after each other. Carey was still shouting as the ref forced him away. Jonathan was laughing. All of the players and fans were cheering. On my other side, Coach Martin had his face in his hands.

The refs didn’t seem to know what to do. They had to penalize somehow, but it was the goalie. The ref sent Carey to the box, and I noticed he had a cut above his eye. I tapped the medic on the shoulder and pointed. He nodded.

Coach Martin switched out players so there were stronger defensive players out on the ice. The next two minutes were unbearable. Carey sat in the box with his face bleeding, wincing every time the puck got close to the goal. And the Blackhawks were all over the goalie being out.

When the two minutes were finally up, Coach Martin called Carey in and sent out Budaj. The medic immediately started working on Carey.

“What the hell happened out there?” Martin demanded.

“He was saying shit!”

“About what?”

“About Sarah! I couldn’t let him get away with it!”

“What the hell, Carey!” I shouted. “I told you not to get in a fight with him!”

“He called you a whore!”

“I can defend my honor well enough. I don’t need you swooping in to save the fucking day.”

Carey slapped the medic away. “So I’m just supposed to let him?”

“No, you’re supposed to tell me so I can deal with it!”

“Well at least I did some damage. He’ll have bruised ribs in the morning.”

“Way to go, Price.” Andrei congratulated.

“Andrei stay out of this.” I said. “Carey, sit and let your face be fixed up. And for fuck’s sake, no more knight in shining armour crap.”

“Price, you’re not going back in till the last period.” Martin said, before turning away.

Carey shrunk in his skin.


After the game, I waited outside the locker room to go in and talk to the team. Montreal win. We’d be going to Sainte Jean’s.

“Hey, Sarah.”

My head snapped up to see Jonathan Towes standing there. I glared at him.

“Go away Towes.”

“Oh, last names now?”

“Yeah. You gave Carey a black eye and cut him open.”

“Yeah, well, he did start it.”

I snorted. “Yeah, like you didn’t go over looking for a fight.”

“What are you doing, Sarah?” he asked. “You’ve barely been working for them for a week and you’re already fucking a player?”

“It was just once.” I snapped. “Not that it’s any of your fucking business.”

He shrugged. “Well, I still had you first.”

[i]Fucking men always trying to mark their fucking territory.[/i] I thought as he hobbled off on his skates.


I really like this story it`s really good!!
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie