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A New Life

[b]Sarah’s Point of View[/b]

I sighed as I shut down my laptop and moved it from the dock on my desk into my backpack. First day of work and there was already a personnel problem. One of the on call paramedic’s decided to quit, and I would have to replace them before the team left for New York. My original plan for the day was to get organized until around four, go and work out, then go home. But because of the state of emergency I had been thrown in I was here making phone calls until eight.

I put the rest of my things into my backpack before heading out to the private exit of the Bell Center. I thought of what my mother would say if she heard me referring to the stadium as the Bell Center.

[i]“Screw the Bell Centre. The Habs play at the Forum.”[/i]

Needless to say, I grew up a little confused as I watched Hockey Night in Canada.

I blew on my hands as I walked to the bus stop. My new apartment wasn’t far, but it was defiantly too cold to be walking there now. I stopped and counted the change in my pocket. There wasn’t a lot of it. And I hadn’t gotten around to getting a bus pass yet…

Walking it is.

I pulled my sleeves over my hands and gritted my teeth as I started walking home, wanting to kick myself for not wearing an actual jacket today.

It took me half an hour to get home. I guess it replaced going to the gym. But still, note to self, get a fucking bus card.

I opened my door and threw my keys into the bowl by the door. As I flipped on the light, my Jack Russell puppy Mercedes clicked over to me.

“Hey girl.” I cooed, petting her as I put my backpack down. “You probably need a walk, huh. Let me get some gloves on.”

I put on gloves and grabbed a leash and a plastic baggy before walking outside with Mercedes. I stood under the street light while she sniffed around, shoving my gloved hands into the front pocket of my hoodie.

I thought about my day, meeting the team. The automatic openness and welcome I received. Not to mention seeing Carey again. I knew I would, but still. It made me a little happier inside.


I looked up to see the man himself in jogging clothes, pulling earbuds out of his ears. I smiled. “Hey Carey.”

“Walking your dog?”

“Not really walking. I live right here.”


We stood there for a moment in an awkward silence. Mercedes whined, telling me she was getting cold and wanted to go inside.

“Well, guess I’m going in.” I said. “I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.”

“All right.”

I went back into my building and watched him jog off from the window. Small world.

I returned to my apartment and made myself a quick dinner before slipping into bed. Mercedes jumped onto the bed and curled up at my feet. The noises of a strange city almost kept me from sleeping. But I was so tired, nothing would stop my eyes from closing.


I really like this story it`s really good!!
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie