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Gabby struggled to find the proper hole for her earring as she ran to the door. Finally it slid in and she was able to open the door. Gabby didn’t bother holding Benet back when Patrick was coming in the door, for some reason Patrick adored the way Benet would attack him like Dino in The Flintstones.

“Hey, buddy!” Patrick laughed as Benet jumped up on him. “Hey baby, you look beautiful, ” Patrick leaned over and kissed Gabby quickly.

“Thank you. So, ready to get caught?” she asked excitedly.

“More than. Now maybe I can take you to a restaurant again… and not spill something on you,” he added and she laughed.

“That would be nice, but I think you still owe me a dress,” she said thoughtfully.

“I’ll take care of it, I promise,” he smiled once he was done playing with Benet and leaned forward to kiss Gabby again, this time much more intimately. “I have a present for you,” he smiled when they pulled apart.

“Yeah?” Gabby grinned and Patrick held out a large Kane jersey. “Yes! Now I have something to wear to your games!” she held it out in front of her excitedly. It looked a little big but it wouldn’t be too difficult to dress it up a little bit.

“I’m excited, now I can’t wait to go to your game,” she grinned and planted a kiss on his lips.

“I can’t wait for you to go to my game. I take it you like it?” he grinned.

“I love it. Now the whole world will know who my favorite player is,” she kissed him again and folded the jersey neatly before laying it down on the kitchen counter.

“Ready to go?” he asked. Gabby and Patrick were going out for drinks with a few of his teammates where paparazzi would be swarming due to the large amount of famous hockey players. Once they saw Gabrielle Savedra it was sure to get a little crazy. Gabby wasn’t worried, she knew Patrick would be there no matter what.

“Let me just slip on my shoes,” she smiled and ran to her bedroom while Patrick waited patiently with Benet.

Gabby came strutting out of her bedroom with her high heel pumps on and grinned at Patrick, “Let’s go.”

The pair walked out of the apartment building a few minutes later to Patrick’s car. He was even gentlemanly enough to hold open the car door for her. It made Gabby blush like a fool to know he respected her enough to be so chivalrous. Patrick jumped in the car and they drove off towards the bar where they were to meet his friends. Gabby was nervous and the awkward silence wasn’t making things better.

“So, I have something that’s kind of awkward,” Patrick started.

“Yes?” Gabby urged curiously.

“I saw that Vogue spread you did,” he started and Gabby interrupted excitedly.

“Did you love it? I loved that we shot on my parent’s ranch with Benet,” she grinned.

“I just wasn’t expecting you to be topless in one of the pictures,” he shrugged. It was true: in one of the pictures Gabby lay in a bed of wild flowers with low rise jeans, boots, and nothing but her arm draped delicately over her breasts.

“Are you jealous?” Gabby grinned.

“Maybe a little, the rest of the nation has seen more of you than I have,” he complained.

“You know that’s not true,” she smiled and rubbed his arm. He was being protective and she was enjoying it.

“A fair warning would be nice. When Duncs told me he saw you half naked in a magazine I thought he was exaggerating and now I kind of feel like an idiot,” he pouted and Gabby continued to smile.

“Fine, I will warn you next time I’m not covered in a magazine. But in my defense that was shot before I even knew you,” she stuck out her bottom lip as he slowed to a stop at a red light. He looked over at her and she caught his lips in a sweet kiss.

“Sorry I got jealous,” he smiled.

“It’s fine. In fact, I think it’s sweet,” Gabby gave him another quick kiss. “Besides, tonight might be the lucky night where you get to see a hell of a lot more of me than that camera,” she smirked.

“I like the sound of that,” Patrick smirked before leaning in for one more kiss. The car behind them honked and Patrick looked forward to see the light had turned green. He quickly accelerated making Gabby laugh nervously.

Ten minutes later they were at the club and Gabby felt butterflies in her stomach. This would be the first time she was talking to Jonathan since their confrontation and she wasn’t looking forward to it. No matter what, Gabby had to walk into the club confidently for the possible press and to put up a front with Jonathan.

“You look amazing,” Patrick smirked as he looked at her. Gabby felt amazing. She wore a silk deep blue one shoulder-dress with champagne high heals and a tan Burberry trench.

“You’re looking pretty good too,” she smiled as he laced his fingers with hers as they waited in the valet parking line. “Are you nervous?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it’s a good kind of nervous,” he smiled.

They pulled up to the valet and Gabby slid off her coat so she wouldn’t have to carry it inside. Patrick jumped out of the car and tossed the keys to the valet before opening the door once again for Gabby. She slid out gracefully and he grabbed her hand before leading her inside. A series of three bright flashes and their work for the evening was done.

Patrick looked back at Gabby and she couldn’t help grinning. Both of them were well aware of the new beginning that was happening. Now, all Gabby had to do was survive Patrick’s hockey team.


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