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Jonathan allowed his body to relax as he walked through the doors of the United Center. Stacey was driving him crazy with her constant worrying about the wedding. It was a full eight months away; he just didn’t understand why everything from the dress to flowers was a constant emergency. Not to mention, he couldn’t remember the last time he had sex. Jonathan was just happy he still had hockey as a release.

“Hey, Tazer, how’s the fiancé?” Sharpie asked as he walked into the locker room.

“Crazy. What is it with women and their weddings?” Toews sighed.

“There’s no telling. Why do you think I’m not proposing anytime soon?” Sharpie laughed.

“Because you’ve only been seeing Morgan for two months,” Toews shot, not amused.

“Someone’s on their man-period,” Kane joked as he walked in the room.

“And someone’s on time for once,” Toews shot.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kane smirked.

“You’ve been late to practice every other day this month,” Toews scolded.

“Yeah, what have you been doing?” Sharp asked. “Wait, let me rephrase that, who have you been doing?” At that comment, Patrick’s eyes lit up and his smirk seemed to grow even larger.

“It’s no big deal, I’ve just been seeing this girl,” Patrick shrugged but his smile said something else.

“Wait, did you say you’ve been seeing a girl as in just one girl,” Sharp asked.

“Maybe,” Kane blushed.

“Since when are you a one-woman-man?” Brent Seabrook asked, interrupting.

“Yeah, who the hell is this? I want to meet this woman!” Seabs laughed.

Jonathan was absently listening in as he also wondered who could possibly be the girl to make Patrick change his ways. Then his eyes grew wide and he nearly chocked on his own spit. His stomach churned in horrible ways as he realized who Patrick’s dream girl must have been.

“Is it Gabrielle Savedra?” Jonathan exclaimed, desperately needing to know.

“No way, she gave you her real number?” Sharpie asked.

“It is, and of course she did,” Kane glared in the other Patrick’s direction.

“Are you kidding?” slipped through Jonathan’s lips.

“No, why is it so hard to believe that I scored Gabrielle Savedra?”

“I don’t know… Have you seen her recent magazine cover? Morgan subscribes and let me say, sexy,” Sharpie nodded.

“How is she?” Seabs asked.

Amazing… Jonathan sighed to himself.

“Hey! That’s for me to know and you not to,” Patrick grinned.

“You don’t know, do you?” Sharpie laughed.

“Oh my God, you’ve been seeing this woman for a month and have yet to score?” Seabs scoffed.

“Gabby isn’t like that, okay? I really like her and I don’t want to screw it up,” Patrick defended. The momentary break in jealousy once again flared up twice its size when Jonathan heard Patrick talking about Gabrielle in that way. Why did his best friend have to pick her to settle down with?

“Aw, wittle Patwick’s in wove,” Sharpie teased and Kane punched his arm.

“Shut up!” Kane was now getting embarrassed. Jonathan wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of him.

“Good for you, Kaner. It’s about time you settled down,” Seabs nodded approvingly in his direction.

“I still can’t believe you scored Gabrielle Savedra. I knew you were good but I never thought you were that good,” Sharpie complimented.

“You slept with Gabrielle Savedra?” Duncan asked, shocked from the comment he overheard. Jonathan’s insides tightened.

“Not yet,” Seabs muttered, earning a punch from Kane.

“I’m dating her,” Kane rolled his eyes.

“That’s the biggest load of bull shit I’ve ever heard,” Duncan laughed and stopped he realized when no one else was joining in. “Wait, really?”

“Why is it so hard to believe?” Kane whined.

“Because I saw her half naked in a magazine and I know not even you could score that,” Duncan laughed. She was half naked? Jonathan thought to himself. He would have to confirm this.

“Well, I did. And I’m asking her to go to our next game wearing my jersey,” Kaner added.

“Are you kidding?” Jonathan burst out again.

“No, I want her there,” Kane answered.

“You might as well put on the jumbo-tron ‘I’m dating Gabrielle Savedra,’” Jonathan growled.

“God, I’m going to see your face everywhere I go,” Seabs groaned.

“Whatever, I’m going to go play hockey. You ladies can keep gossiping,” Kane rolled his eyes and walked out of the locker room.

Jonathan needed to hit something so he walked out as well. He couldn’t get the desire to beat the shit out of Patrick out of his head. He imagined them together like he and Gabrielle used to be together: not just sex but kissing, touching, cuddling, laughing. It made his stomach twist painfully.

The more he thought about it the more enraged he became. It was the only thing on his mind as he went through the drills Coach Q called out. He heard her moan in his head and couldn’t stand the thought of her making that noise with Patrick.

His jealousy peaked during a scrimmage. Jonathan wasn’t even in control and he wasn’t sure why he did it, but Jonathan slammed his best friend into the glass as hard as he could possibly manage. Patrick fell to the ground and skid a few feet before he popped back up and went after Jonathan. Helmets came off and a few punches were thrown before the rest of the team pulled them apart.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?” Kane shouted and Jonathan’s glare immediately dropped. Guilt hit him and he couldn’t even say anything. Jonathan just skated off the ice, shrugging off everyone else, and walking away.

“Tazer! TAZER! You don’t turn away from me,” Coach Q called, “What the hell was that? Kane is your best friend.”

“I’m just under a lot of pressure and I broke, okay? I’m not fucking perfect,” Jonathan snapped.

“Hit the showers, you’re suspended. One week, no practice and you’re not playing the next game,” Coach pointed.

“But Coach,” Jon began to rebut.

“No, you have some issues that need to be worked out off the ice, especially if they involve Kaner. I don’t like doing this, Jon, but I can’t have you beating on your best friend for no reason,” Joel said firmly.

“That’s fair,” Jonathan sighed before walking back to the locker room to shower and change.

What was he going to do if he didn’t have hockey to keep him calm? The stress of his home life was already driving him insane. What was Stacey going to say when she found out why he’d been suspended? How was he supposed to apologize to Kaner? Jon threw his helmet in his locker angrily and caused the loud bang to echo throughout the empty locker room.

Jonathan had never been so disappointed in himself in his life. But he knew there was only one person in the world that could drive him crazy like that.


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