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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 28: Another Fight

Kris was headed to the practice facility to start rehab and working out with Jasmine one of the personal trainers. Kris was happy to be back to training. He hoped it would be well enough to start training on his own later on and to be ready for training camp. He heads into the locker room to change.
He meets Jasmine in the workout room.
"Ready to start." Jasmine asks.
"Yeah." Kris says.
"Good we are going to start out slow okay?" Jasmine says.
"That is fine." Kris says.
"Let's do some stretches." Jasmine says.
Jasmine and Kris go through a variety of stretches for the neck as well as the rest of the body.
"You need to make sure you do these before every practice and every game next year." Jasmine says to him.
"I know and I will." Kris says
"Good now let's start. I am going to go over a few exercises that will make your neck stronger and will help get you ready to start training again." Jasmine says.
She showed him how to do Turning neck stretch, Chin tuck, Side neck stretch, Shoulder shrugs, arm circles, arm and shoulder retraction, Pectoral stretch using doorway, jaw lowering, and diaphragmatic breathing . She made him do a few reps of each exercise.
"How does your neck feel?" Jasmine asks him.
"Good very little pain." Kris says.
"That is good. Want to try the tread mill at a slow walk?" Jasmine asks.
"Yes I would love that." Kris says.
"Good thirty minutes okay and that is it." Jasmine says.
Kris got on the treadmill for thirty minutes at a slow walk. He felt good. As Kris was doing stretches to cool down Sid walks into the workout room with Micah.
"His daycare called me because they couldn't get in touch with you or Liz." Sid says.
"What is wrong? Kris asks.
"He got sick threw up once but now seems fine no fever but they didn't want to take any chances." Sid says.
"I am sorry buddy." Kris says.
"Want me to watch him while to finish up?" Sid asks.
"Can you?" Kris asks.
"Got it. Come on Micah you can play one on one hockey with Uncle Sid." Sid says.
They head.
"You are doing well Kris. Should be back on the ice by training camp." Jasmine says.
"Thanks." Kris says.
Madison was at the facility working with Murray when she comes around the corner seeing Kris with Jasmine.
"Kristopher what are you doing here?" Madison asks.
"I was working out with Jasmine." Kris says.
"Oh." Madison says.
"Yeah and I am getting ready to head home. So I will see you there." Kris says.
Kris heads to change and then gets Micah from Sid and takes him back to their house. He knew Madison was going to be mad when she got home. Kris got food for him Micah and spend the afternoon watching movies with him. He texted Liz letting her know he had Micah and to let him know when she was home so he could bring him back to her.

Madison was hurt that Kris was training with someone other than her. She was pissed because it was too soon for him to be doing rehab like that. She didn't want him to push himselfk to far.
She finished early with both places so she headed to the house. She walks in. Kris was in the kitchen doing dishes.
Madison walks in and slams her purse down on the counter.
"I knew you would be mad." Kris says.
"Mad. I am pass mad and ready to throttle your ass." Madison hisses at him.
"I am fine. Neck is fine." Kris says.
"It is two early for you to be doing rehab and intense activity." Madison says.
"Intense activity? Jesus Madison all I did was do some stretching and Jasmine taught me exercises to build my neck muscles up for at home as well as there." Kris says.
"Yeah and its to early. " Madison says.
"It's been three weeks since my surgery Madison. And its a four to six month recovery. So almost a month has gone by and if I want to even consider being ready for pre season I need to start getting my body ready for it." Kris says.
"Did it even occur to you that it could set you back?" Madison says.
"Why all this talk of set backs? Do you not want me back on the ice? IS that what you want?" Kris asks getting mad.
"No of course not. I know how much hockey means to you and I know how much you want to be on the ice, however if you re injure yourself it would be a set back." Madison says.
"I think you and Jasmine know what you are doing. I don't think Jas would have made me do something she didn't think I was ready for." Kris says.
"As your doctor I suggest you wait for our sessions to begin next week." Madison says.
"I will see you next week as well as workout with Jasmine a few days too." Kris says.
"No Kris that is to much." Madison says.
"You don't know what my body can handle only I do. I am doing it unless I feel I can't end of discussion." Kris says.
"God you are so pigheaded and stubborn. " Madison says.
"Well you chose to be with me so you have to deal with it I guess." Kris says.
"God you are such an ass." Madison says.
"I am going to take Micah back to Liz's before we both say or do something to each other we can't take back.
Kris goes and grabs Micah and head to the truck. They get in and he heads to Liz.

Madison lets out a scream she was so mad. She goes and change into workout clothes puts a leash on Ashes and heads out for a run to clear her head.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

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Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

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So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

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ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

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