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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 9: Fun at the Zoo

Kris had stopped by Elizabeth's to pick up Micah.
"Daddy." Micah says running to Kris.
"Hey buddy." Kris says picking him up.
Micah kisses Kris on the cheek throwing his arms around his neck. Kris kisses his head. He then sits him down. Micah runs to finish getting ready.
"Thanks for taking him Kris I am swamped with work stuff and haven't had the time too." Elizabeth says.
"No problem. I don't mind gives me a chance to hang out with my favorite guy." Kris says.
"That is what I figured guy bonding." Elizabeth says.
"I will bring him back after dinner." Kris says.
"Actually I have a date tonight so can you please keep him." Elizabeth says softly so only Kris could hear her.
"Sure." Kris says happy that she found someone else like he had.
"Your not mad are you." She asks.
"No I am happy for you Lizzy. I hope it works out. Just because we aren't together doesn't mean I don't love you as a friend. You were my first love and the mother of my son. So I want nothing but the best for you and I hope you would feel the same about me." Kris says.
"I do. I hope you find someone who can make you happy." Liz says.
"I have well at least I think I have." Kris says.
"Spill it Letang." Liz says.
"Well I am currently out of the line up because of a neck injury. Well they are hoping that with rehab and massage therapy I won't have to have surgery." Kris says
"Well I hope that it helps and you don't." Liz says meaning it.
"Thanks well the Doctor, Madison is treating me with everything well I am starting to fall in love with her." Kris says.
"Does she feel the same way? Just because we didn't work out as a couple doesn't mean I don't want what's best for you. I am so glad that we could remain close friends and co raise Micah together." Liz says.
"I don't know she is a hard nut to crack. Just when she starts to let her walls down and let me in she pulls away again." Kris says.
"Just be there for her and show her what a great guy you are." Liz says.
"She is actually meeting us at the zoo. I want her to meet Micah. I hope that is okay." Kris says.
"Absolutely. That tells me you really care about her and she does mean a lot to you if you want her to meet our son." Liz says.
"I do. I think if she would just let me in we could be something and that one day she could be my wife. I hope that don't hurt you." Kris says.
"Nope not at all. Kris you are my best friend I am so glad that when our marriage imploded that we didn't loose that." Liz says kissing his cheek.
"Thanks Liz. I feel the same way." Kris says.
"Now go enjoy the zoo with Micah and Madison." Liz says as Micah comes running with his bag.
"See you later mama." Micah says hugging her.
"See you later baby. You are staying with dad tonight okay." Liz says.
"Yay. I will see you tomorrow." Micah says as Liz bends down smothering him in kisses.
"Love you mama." Micah says.

"Love you too baby boy. Be good and listen to daddy okay. OH and Kris remember you are a good guy and wonderful father. If Madison don't see that then she don't deserve you." Liz says kissing his cheek.
"Thanks." Kris says.
Micah grabs his hand and all but runs to the truck. Kris helps him up and buckles him in. He puts his bag in the back seat and then goes to get in. They head towards the Zoo.

Madison pulled into the parking lot of the zoo. She was a few minutes earlier and didn't see Kris's truck yet but knew he would be here soon. Not even a minute later Kris pulled up parking beside her. He gets out and helps Micah out. Madison gets out as well.
"Hey Maddie I want you too meet Micah my son." Kris says introducing them.
"Hi Micah I am Madison Grey." Madison says getting down eye level with him.
"Nice to meet you Ms. Grey." Micah says.
She was impressed that he had such good manners for such a young age.
"How about you call me Maddie." Madison says to him.
"Can I dad?" Micah asks looking at Kris.
"Sure buddy if Madison says you can than you can but that is always good to ask." Kris says.
"Okay daddy." Micah says.
"Let me get the stroller out and then we can go in. "Kris says.
He hoped he didn't need it but wanted to have it in case Micah got tired. He gets it out of the car and opens it. They head towards the ticket booth.
"Hello Mister Letang. Here to see the penguins." The person behind the ticket counter asks.
"Yes amongst other things." Kris says.
"I will let the zookeepers know you are here and I am sure they will let you see Letang, Sid and Geno."
"Is Uncle Sid coming today?" Micah asks.
"Not today buddy. Uncle Sid is on the road playing." Kris says.
"Oh yeah and daddy has boo boo so that is why he can't be with them." Micah says.
"That is right Micah and I am hoping to be the one to fix daddy's boo boo so he can go back playing." Madison says as Kris pays for them to go into the zoo.
"Yes she is taking good care of daddy in more ways than one." Kris says smirking at her.
Madison just shakes her head. They head into the zoo and start to explore it. Micah was leading the charge. Kris takes Madison's hand linking his fingers with hers. She let's him.
The stopped at a few exhibits along the way and Kris snapped some pictures of Micah. Madison even took some pics of them together for him. She was having fun.
Micah was playing in the little play area for a minute just being a kid.
"Aren't you glad you came?" Kris asks.
"I am. Micah is a great kid. Smart as a whip and full of energy." Madison says.
"Thanks I am glad that he is so resilliant. It helps him deal with the fact that me and Liz aren't together anymore." Kris says.
"Yes divorce can be hard on a child." Madison says as she had gone through it with her parents.
"I take it you know from experience." Kris asks.
"Yeah my parents divorced when I was 10 and my sister and brother were five. It was hard on us because it got ugly and they put us in the middle. I got to chose who I lived with but my brother and sister didn't. Mom got full custody of them and even though I wanted to stay with my dad I went with her because I wanted to be with them." Madison says.
"Wow I am sorry. That is horrible but you were a great big sister." Kris says.
"Yeah I like to think I was. I know they look up to me." Madison says.
"I am sure. That is why I am so glad even though are marriage is over and we don't love each other like husband and wife we still love each other as friends and parents of Micah." Kris says.
He was holding her hand again. Micah comes running over to them.
"Can we go see the polar bears and penguins now?" Micah asks.
"Sure buddy." Kris says.
"Are you dating my dad?" Micah asks Madison.
"Micah." Kris says.
"Well." Madison starts but Micah cuts her off with another question.
"Are you going to have a baby?" Micah asks.
"Micah James Letang that is not a proper question to ask." Kris says scolding him.
"Sorry but I want a brother or sister and someone at school told me that their dad held hands with a girl and not long after he had a sister." Micah says.
"I know you want a brother or sister and when daddy is ready he will have a baby. And I am sure when Mama is ready she will have another baby too. It just won't be together." Kris says.
"I know they will be my half siblings." Micah says.
"Right." Kris says.
"Now can we go to the polar bears and penguins." Micah says grabbing Madison's hand.
"Sure let's go." Kris says.
Micah all but pulls Madison towards that part of the zoo. Kris smiles happy that Maddie and his son were bonding well.
They arrive at the polar bear exhibit and go underneath the polar bears were swimming and were coming right up to the glass. Kris picks Micah up and puts him on his shoulders so he could see better.
Madison winced knowing that it wasn't good for his neck injury but didn't say anything. Watching the bond that him and Micah had was so precious but it also broke her heart. She knew he would want more kids some day and he should have them because he was such a great dad. But she wasn't ready for that. She didn't know if she would ever be ready to be a mom. She backs away and all but runs back to her car. Tears were rolling down her face. She gets in her car once back to it. She lays her head on the steering wheel and cries. She was falling in love with Kris with her whole heart. But she could never be with him because he wouldn't want some with scar tissue and baggage nor would he ever be able to be completely submissive to her letting her have control in the bedroom. She takes one look over at his car knowing she was doing the right thing before there was anymore attachment and they got hurt. She pulls out and heads back to her apartment.
Once there she changes into her pajamas and gets a tube of ice cream out of the freezer. She was going to down her sorrows with Ben and Jerry and then she would move on and get over Kris. That was when the first wave of nausea hit her.
She runs into the bathroom and throws up everything in her stomach. She then goes and puts the ice cream away. She lays in bed with a basin in case she couldn't get up in time and tired to sleep it off.

"Look Maddie the polar bear is putting his paw against my hand." Micah says turning to her but she was gone.
Micah starts to cry.
"Shh baby it's okay." Kris says rubbing Micah's back as he cries on his shoulder.
"I am sorry that I drove her away with my questions earlier." Micah says.
"Buddy I am sure you didn't. She might have gotten a emergency call and had to leave." Kris says.
"Yeah." Micah says.
"Yeah she is a neurosurgeon so she might have gotten paged for surgery." Kris says.
"Oh no do you have to have surgery." Micah asks.
"No and Maddie is hoping to keep it that way." Kris says.
"Okay." Micah says.
"Let's go see Letang, Sid and Geno and then we can go home." Kris says.
"Okay." Micah says.
They go and see the penguins and they even let Micah play with the three. Kris gets some pictures to post later on and to send Liz. They leave. Sid had just texted Kris letting him know that they were home from the road trip and that was coming over to see how he was doing. Kris was happy because he would ask him to stay with Micah for a bit so he could go check on Madison. He was worried about her. He heads home and gets Micah ready for bed. Sid arrives.
"How are you doing?" Sid asks.
"Good the therapy is working." Kris says as he tucks Micah into bed.
"Hi Uncle Sid." Micah says.
"Hi buddy. Sorry I didn't get here earlier to play with you before bedtime but I promise you tomorrow before daddy takes you home I will. Maybe I will take you to practice and you can see all the guys." Sid says.
"Yay can I dad." Micah asks.
"Sure." Kris says knowing that would cheer him up from earlier.
They both say goodnight to Micah and leave.
"Okay spill it Tanger. What is bothering you." Sid says knowing him.
Kris tells him everything about Madison and his feelings and what happened up until she left them at the zoo.
"Go to her Kris. I will stay and watch Micah." Sid says.
"Are you sure I know you have to be tired." Kris says.
"You have a couch or a spare bedroom. I think I will be fine. Now go." Sid says.
"Thanks man I owe you." Kris says.
"You can repay me later now go." Sid says.

Kris grabs his keys and heads towards Madison's apartment.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58