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One Night Out

First and Only

It was a hard loss against his former team, the Chicago Blackhawks.  Though Adam secretly would have loved to beat his old team, it wasn’t the Stars’ night.  Instead, Adam would have to settle for a little verbal abuse aimed towards his former teammates while they went out and shared a few adult beverages. 
Mike Ribeiro, Brenden Morrow, Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, and Adam were all out drinking together.  It felt good to see his old buddies again because to be honest, he missed Chicago.  It had become his home in the few years he spent playing for the Blackhawks and Dallas just wasn’t the same.
“So Bur and I put some white vinegar in the bowl of the toilet and baking soda in the tank and when Tazer flushed the toilet foam went everywhere!” Sharpie laughed and the rest of the group laughed as well. 
“Aw, Bur, why don’t we pull crap like that?” Mike laughed.
“Trust me, the last thing you want is to start a prank war with this one,” Seabs groaned at the not-so-fond memories that came to mind.
“Oh, we weren’t that bad,” Adam grinned slyly.
“I think Kane and Tazer would say otherwise,” Duncs laughed.
“Hey, Bur, your wife is here,” Morrow laughed and nodded his head across the room.  Adam’s head whipped around and that’s when he spotted her.  He grinned when he saw her blonde, sun-streaked hair bouncing as she danced.  His smile dropped when he realized she was dancing with some drunken frat boy.
“Did he just say your wife?” Duncs nearly choked on his beer.
“Oh, yeah, Bur here is pretty much in love with an intern we had over the summer,” Mike laughed.
“Are you kidding?  How old is she?” Seabs asked.
“Nineteen,” Morrow smirked.
“What the hell?  I leave you alone for a few months and you go cradle robbing?” Patrick gibed.
“Oh, he’s been trying to get into her pants since day one and she is not interested at all.  The funniest thing?  She’s like the female version of him,” Mike added.
“There’s no way.  God would not be cruel enough to create two of him,” Duncs laughed.
Adam ignored all of them and let his eyes linger on her.  That was when his best idea of the night came to him.  “Excuse me gentlemen, I have some brief business to attend to,” he took another swig of his beer and grinned as he made his way through the crowd. 
Adam knew he was going to royally piss her off but that was all part of the fun.  He loved when she got angry and her bottom lip stuck out in a pout.  It made him want to do very X rated things to her. 
“Excuse me,” Adam grinned as he tapped on her shoulder.  Katy whipped her head around and her surprised look dropped to a glare.  Adam didn’t waist any time bending down and throwing her over his shoulder. 
“ADAM YOU DUMBASS!  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Katy yelled as he laughed and held onto her thighs.  “PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!”
“Hope you don’t mind that I’m cutting in,” Adam winked at the guy she was dancing with, as he stood there dumbstruck.
“Aw, Katy, my love, surely you don’t mean that!” he laughed as he carried her back towards his group of friends, all of whom where falling over laughing.
“Put me down!” she said firmly.
“Alright, alright, calm down,” Adam laughed as he carefully set her back down on the ground.  As soon as her feet hit the floor she punched him in the arm as hard as she could.  “OW!  That hurt!” he whined.
“You’re lucky I don’t beat you to death with your own goddamn hockey stick!” she glared with her hands on her hips.
“Oh, relax.  It was funny,” Adam smirked.  He loved pissing Katy off.
“This was supposed to be my one Adam Burish-free weekend in Dallas,” she pouted.
“Well, how lucky for you I just happened to turn up,” he retorted smartly.
“Adam we already had this conversation, just because she’s tiny does not mean you can pick her up and carry her around wherever you like,” Morrow scolded.
“Hey Brenden!” Katy smiled.
“Hey Katy!” Brenden grinned as he gave her a big hug, picking her up and spinning around.  Adam glared slightly.  He hated the way she treated the other guys, but that’s what he got for being a bully.  “We miss having you around!” he added before placing her gently on the ground.
As soon as Katy’s feet it the ground, Mike attacked her in another big hug.  “What are you doing in Dallas this weekend?” he asked.
“Oh, I’m visiting some friends of mine who graduated recently,” she shrugged.  “Did y’all have a game this weekend?”
“Yeah, and we won,” Sharp smirked and Adam shot a playful glare his direction.  “I’m Patrick Sharp, Blackhawks.”
“I’m Katy Benet, I interned for the Stars this past summer,” she smiled and shook Patrick’s hand.  “So y’all are Bur’s old teammates?”
“That we are,” Seabs smiled.
“Did you come to take him back?” Katy asked hopefully earning laughs from the group.
“Shut up, you love me,” Adam smirked as he wrapped his arms around her.
“Not on days that end in Y,” she rolled her eyes and pushed him away. 
“Katy, can we get you a drink?” Mike offered.
“Jack and Coke please,” she smiled.  Adam smiled too: he knew it was her drink of choice when she was trying to get drunk and stay drunk.
“So, Katy, tell us about yourself,” Patrick grinned.  He and Adam exchanged looks and Adam simply smirked.
Two hours later, everyone was either trashed or had gone home.  Patrick, Adam, and Duncs had managed to fill in a booth near the bar and Adam had his arm wrapped around Katy’s shoulders.  She had so many drinks she didn’t even mind and cuddled into him slightly. 
Sure, Katy was attracted to Adam but she had to put up a front because nothing could happen between the two.  There was too much of an age difference that no one would take their relationship seriously.  Not to mention, Katy knew of his reputation with women all too well.
“I think it’s time to go home,” Patrick sighed.
“I can’t go home, I’m too drunk to drive,” Katy pouted.
“Come stay with me, we’ll get your car in the morning,” Adam offered. 
It sounded like a good idea to Katy.  Duncs and Sharp took one taxi and Adam practically carried Katy into another.  As soon as he slid in after her she wrapped her arms around him and cuddled into his chest.  This action surprised Adam but nonetheless he wrapped his arms around her with a smile on his face.
“Adam, I feel so drunk,” she pouted innocently.
“I know, you’re letting me touch you,” he joked.
“I know!” she giggled.  “You know, I don’t not like you.”
“Really, that’s news to me,” Adam smiled.
“Well, it’s true.  I think you’re really cute,” she smiled and looked up at him.
“Then why are you so mean to me?” he asked in a pout similar to hers.
“Because you’re mean to me!” she exclaimed defensively.
“I’m only mean to you because you’re so sexy when you’re angry,” he smirked.
“That’s not a good reason,” she pouted.  Her bottom lip stuck out again and all Adam wanted to do was taste it. 
“And because boys are mean to girls when they like them,” he added.
“You like me?  You know, Morrow always said that you did but I didn’t believe him,” she said and shook her head.
“Believe it, babe,” Adam smiled with a twinkle in his eye. 
Adam leaned in to kiss her and surprisingly, she didn’t pull away.  Instead Katy kissed Adam back with as much feeling and desire as he did.  Adam knew this was wrong because he wasn’t as drunk as she was, but what alcohol he did have in his body only made him think about one thing.
One of Adam’s hands snuck down to grope her ass as he deepened the kiss.  Katy gripped onto his collar and pulled him closer to her.  Adam’s hand had just slid down to grip her thigh when he felt the cab stop.  He broke the kiss and looked out the window to see that they were parked in front of his house.
“You owe me $48.60,” the cabbie spoke in a think accent.
Adam threw three twenties at the guy and said, “Keep the change.”  Adam and Katy rushed out of the cab and towards the front door.  Considering Katy was able to hold herself up and walk in four-inch heels Adam felt like she had sobered up immensely. 
“Hurry up,” Katy whined impatiently as she wrapped her arms around him.  She nibbled on his ear and he let out a throaty moan. 
Adam fiddled with his keys until finally the door unlocked and they threw themselves inside.  Their lips smashed together and it was like they couldn’t get enough of each other.  All of the sexual frustration they had felt for months was finally coming out.  Katy’s arms were draped around his shoulders and he gripped her waist tightly.  Adam wanted her underneath him.
“Follow me,” Adam sighed as he pulled away.  He grabbed Katy by the hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.  He stopped in front of the foot of the bed and she pressed up against him, kissing him again.  One of her hands immediately went to work unbuttoning his shirt while he pulled at the hem of her shirt.  They broke away and he pulled the floral tank top over her head and looked down at her lace bra.
“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do this,” Adam sighed and leaned down to kiss her again. 
Katy pulled away and grinned up at him, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”  She pushed him back on the bed, taking him by surprise as she crawled on top of him.
“I love this new side of you,” Adam grinned as she straddled him.  Katy finished unbuttoning his shirt and unbuttoned his pants.
“You’re about to like it a lot more, too,” Katy smirked as she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside.  Adam sat up and wrapped his arms around her, his mouth attaching to her nipple, and pulling her down.  He kneaded her other breast and rolled over so that he was on top.
Adam slipped out of his pants and kicked them away before unbuttoning her little, white short shorts and sliding them down her legs.  Adam kissed down her stomach and slipped two fingers underneath the lace of her panties.  Katy whimpered has his fingers brushed across her clit.  Adam smirked up at her the entire time he dragged her panties down her legs.  Katy bit her lip in anticipation.
“Adam, don’t tease,” she whined.
“Relax, baby.  I’ll take care of you,” he smirked.  Adam lowered his head and Katy chewed on her upper lip nervously.  As soon as his tongue came in contact with her clit she had a jumping sensation in her stomach.  Adam gripped her hips tightly to hold her in place as he continued her endeavor.  Katy whined and moaned as he slowly slid one finger into her. 
“Adam,” she moaned and gripped his long hair.  Adam simply smirked at her response as he continued licking circles.  His tongue darted out again and Katy gasped loudly.  Katy started writhing underneath him and Adam knew she was close.  Adam added another finger and it was just enough to send her over the edge.
“Oh my God,” Katy moaned and her toes curled. 
“How was that?” Adam smirked as he crawled back up her body, placing a sweet peck on her belly button on the way.
“Awesome,” she whispered before he brought his lips to hers. 
Adam grabbed Katy’s hand and put it in front of his crotch.  “Look at what you did to me, baby,” he smiled.  Katy smirked and reached in his boxers and grabbed hold of his dick.
“Don’t worry, I’ll return the favor,” she winked as she pushed his chest.  The two rolled over and Katy slipped her hand under the waistband of his boxers.  She kept her eyes on him as her hand slid up and down his shaft.  Adam bit his lip at the thought of how hot she looked.  She dragged down his boxers to reveal his totally erect erection and slowly began sucking on the tip. 
As Katy went further down Adam’s breath hitched in his throat.  For the first few minutes she only used her mouth, but eventually began using her hand to match her movements.  Adam had a hard time keeping silent when she began using her hand and when her innocent looking brown eyes flashed up to his he became even more aroused. 
“Shit, baby, you need to stop,” Adam panted.
Katy picked her head up and gave him a confused look: “Why?”
“Because if you keep going I’m going to cum and I need to be inside of you right fucking now,” he answered honestly.
“If you want me,” she began as she moved up his body, “then take me.”  Their lips connected and Adam forced his tongue between her lips.  He flipped them over and propped himself up.  His dick was throbbing at the prospect of being inside of her. 
Adam moved his dick toward her entrance and Katy took a sharp, anticipating breath in.  “Fuck me, Adam,” she begged.  It was all he needed to hear.  Adam thrust into her quickly, making her cry out before she bit down on his shoulder. 
For the first few moments his thrusts brought a mixture of pain and pleasure as he completely ravaged her body.  He was bigger than she was in several ways.  Soon the pain completely faded and Katy felt like she was in a world of ecstasy.  Her mind was fuzzy as she focused on the sensations he was making her feel.  Neither thought about how inappropriate their age difference was or how this could put her at risk for her internship, their minds were only focused on each other.
Adam placed a sloppy kiss on Katy’s lips and she wrapped her legs around him, begging him to go deeper.  Adam thrust deeper into her and Katy gasped, holding onto his shoulders tightly.  Adam loved this response and smirked as he mimicked his previous motion and she cried out again.  He continued at this pace and Katy bit down on her bottom lip to keep from being too loud.
“Fuck, Katy,” Adam groaned as he struggled to keep from shooting off too soon.
“I’m so close,” Katy sighed before sucking on his earlobe.  Adam picked up his pace and Katy dug her fingernails into his back.  She held on tightly as they released their orgasms together, Adam continuing to rock in and out of her. 
“Oh my God,” she sighed as he pulled out of her.  She had a sneaking suspicion that she would be walking funny in the morning. 
“If I had known you were going to be that good I would have thrown you in my bedroom and locked the door months ago,” Adam panted.
“Same,” Katy breathed and leaned in to kiss him again.  The kiss was as passionate and fierce as the sex had been.  Even after finishing they still couldn’t get enough of each other. 
“What time is it?” she asked as he rolled over onto his back.
“Like, four AM,” he chuckled as he pulled her into him.  She snuggled into his side and rested her head on his chest.  He wrapped his arms around her tightly and tried to even out his breathing.
“So, I think we effectively killed the friendship,” Katy laughed.
“Eh, we weren’t that close anyway,” Adam shrugged before turning his head to place a kiss on her forehead.
“God, I’m exhausted,” she sighed.
“You better rest up because as soon as we get up tomorrow I plan on ravaging that little body of yours all over again,” he smirked.
“Adam, tomorrow’s Sunday.  I need to go home eventually,” she laughed.
“Are you kidding?  You’ll be lucky if I let you out of this bed let alone this house,” he chuckled.
“But if you don’t let me out of bed how will we ever have sex in the shower?” she asked with an innocent tone and his eyebrows shot up. 
As Adam looked down at the devilish look in her eyes he knew he was in for it. He had been dying for this girl to be in the exact position she was in for months now and now that he had her he didn’t plan on letting her go.  All because they got a little too drunk during their one night out. 


Hope you enjoyed yourself ;)


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