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This whole lockout situation

Fucking sucks. I need my motherfucking Penguins back. 
Just sayin...
puckme69 puckme69
@puckme69 I agree! I need my Pens, Hawks and Canes back. I'm losin' it...............

hawkpencane20 hawkpencane20
Seriously. I think I'm gonna die. Like for realzies. I try and think about what I used to do before I started watching hockey (which was only a year ago) and I cant remember.
puckme69 puckme69
@puckme69 @hawkpencane20 I am with both of you on this. My friend came over the other day to hang out and catch up, but instead we reminisced on all of our favorite hockey moments from the past few years. I've been looking up interviews and stuff to fill the void but it's not enough!
And I tried watching basketball... Well, let me tell you, it is not the same as hockey!
Gracie-Girl Gracie-Girl
I just got out of the hospital so i have to be out of school for a while and because there no season i end up watching old games on NHL network....I really want my Pens back!
Pensgirl_11 Pensgirl_11
I really hate how they're dragging this out, cancelling just portions of games every month (not to mention the Winter Classic and ASG). I think they should just suck it up and officially cancel the entire season, because at this point there really is no saving it. :/
nana nana
I really do hate this. Watching old games just isn't the same!
LoveLA LoveLA
Personally, I think they need to get over their differences because at the rate they are going, there won't be many supporters of the NHL left. Maybe of the players, but not the league itself. It's all political bullshit anyways that is causing them to cancel games including the WC and ASG.
ldw choice ldw choice
Both the league and the players are losing more money through this lockout than they would be if they had settled for a contract that they might not completely be happy with. If either side didn't mind bending just a tiny bit then they wouldn't have nearly as many problems as they're having now. I still have no idea why the league wouldn't accept the 50/50 offer a few weeks ago. It was easily the best offer they got. And for them to get us all excited a couple days ago only to take it back and reject...very lame.
leecasper17 leecasper17

Hi! I just got into hockey throughout this year! What was the lockout about? Why did it happen?

divergent_spn35 divergent_spn35