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A Mad Shruinger

A Mad Shruinger

A Mad Shruinger

It's A Shruinger, but mad.

No, really, it's me. No one trolling. The time has come where...I have finally...been locked out of my account.

Okay, it's more like I logged in and HFF gave me a brand new account.

So I can't go back and access my stories because...they're not in my stories section! I got a brand new slate.

I mean, it could've been worse...where my stories were deleted. But, it kinda sucks having to start from scratch. A good thing is that I'm done with A!, so it's not like I'm in a middle of a series! And it's pretty good timing to have a new account??? because I'm transitioning from A! to more darker stories. So yeah...

Hopefully I can get my account back?? I don't know. I made sure it's under the same email address and it is!

Anyway, go Sharks and you can find me on Wattpad.

I'll fix this soon when I'm prepared.