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The Best Job Ever. - Comments, page 2

Loveeeeee (((:

kristinnx kristinnx

@Purple Crayon
Thank you sooo much!!! It means a lot! :) I figured I'd add that for some comedy. hahaha. :) Thanks for reading! :)

alliteeeee14 alliteeeee14

I really like this story so far!! I love Brandon Sutter and I absolutely adore him in this.
Favorite part of this update was definitely when he thought she was a virgin, haha : )

Purple Crayon Purple Crayon

I'm glad you like it!!! :) And that's sweeettt. I know a few other people named Alli that spell it wrong. :P I don't know how you could. Hahaha. :)

alliteeeee14 alliteeeee14

I love this story!! And we have the same name! Spelled the Sam too!! Sorry just had to tell you that

Hockeyfan19 Hockeyfan19

Thank you soooo much for reading!! :)

alliteeeee14 alliteeeee14

Hey! You said you didn't know a lot about AT's, so if you have any ?'s you can ask me , I'm actually going to school to be an AT. One major thing I should point out is that AT's aren't suppose to date their athletes, but that doesn't have to ruin the whole story, it could add another angle to it. The one exception to that is that if you are actually in like a serious relationship when you apply for a job. So for instance, say I met Beau at Denver and we started dating while in college, then I went and applied for an athletic training job with the Pens, and let them know we were together, that's a different story. But other than that, good story! Like I said that necessarily doesn't have to ruin your story. Any other ?'s feel free to ask!

This story has a lot of potential, I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

PensGirl PensGirl

They are in for a surprise for sure