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Tell Me What You Want

I'm Sorry

“What the fuck Ashley?”

“I’m sorry I-.“

“No just save it.” The door slams as Luke walk out of my apartment. I sit there, still a little surprised at Luke’s sudden anger. I’m pulled out of my thoughts when Luke’s sister Paige enters. Luke, like Paige, is my cousin. The two of them and their parents have been looking after me ever since my parents died in a fatal car accident years ago. Luke was the same age as me, Paige being a year younger, but nonetheless we are still the closest of friends. Paige had been my best friend since I was ten. When everything in my life changed, Paige was the one thing that remained constant.

Also, she was the first one that I told I was moving from Minnesota to Chicago, and unlike her brother, she took it a lot better. She seemed to be fine with me going, a little sad that she wouldn’t be able to see me every day but she knew it was what I really wanted. She promised she would come visit a lot, and she seemed to really like the city. I mean, hey, maybe I’d have a new roommate soon. I honestly wouldn’t mind. Paige and I were so close, we knew everything about each other and told each other every minor detail of our lives.

The rest of the family seemed okay with me leaving, it just seemed to be Luke who was really bugged by it. He had always been the real protective one of me. He played hockey and was a pretty intimidating guy. When we were in high school and through college, although I knew he was just trying to protect me, he made it really hard to make friends or have any attempts at a love life. He threatened any boy that came within a ten mile radius of me and always sentenced me to my bedroom whenever any of his friends came over. It got even worse when he found out I had been sneaking around with one of his friends.

I told him I was moving, but in all honestly, I wasn’t really planning on telling him when I was leaving and where exactly I was staying in Chicago. As much as I loved Paige, it was sometimes challenging for her to keep a secret. One could draw information out of the girl easily. So thanks to her, Luke was able to find out exactly where I was. He, dragging Paige along with him, stormed onto a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, Illinois and took the first taxi he could find to my apartment.

He was absolutely pissed off when he came by earlier, but I suppose he knew why I left without telling him. It was in fear something like this would happen. I had a couple friends in Chicago as well who were supposed to be in the NHL Draft that I wanted to be there to support them and I think Luke understood that as well. But I wasn’t a baby anymore. I was 22, fresh out of college and ready to settle in the big world.

I didn’t have much money saved up, just exiting school with the weight of thousands of dollars’ worth of student loans towering over me. I knew I’d have to find a job somewhere in this city. And in a city this size, it shouldn’t be hard to find a job. I just hoped it didn’t end up being at McDonald’s or anything like that.

“What’s up his butt?” She asks in sarcastic tone dropping her bags by the door. Her keys make a loud clinking sound as she drops them in the bowl by the door.

“Well hello to you too. Come in and stay a while why don’t you?” I say in a somewhat serious tone. She seems surprised by my bitter tone which has probably stuck from the previous conversation with Luke.

“Sorry I thought I could just walk in. You’re the one who doesn’t know how to lock a door.”

“Yeah whatever” I shrug.

“On a more serious note, what was up with Luke? He seemed really pissed off when I passed him in the hallway.” Paige makes her way into the kitchen and helps herself to a glass of milk.

“I don’t know. He must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something.” I don’t feel like dwelling on the subject much longer and I think Paige can tell. She begins to rummage through my cupboards, seemingly looks for something in particular. I stand from my seat on the stool next to the kitchen and move into the living room. I plop down on the sofa and grab an outdated magazine from the coffee table to browse through.

“Where do you keep the fucking oreos in this place?” Paige shouts from the kitchen. It was then I realized that I wasn’t really up to date on my house management responsibilities. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in over a week. It didn’t really help that Luke ate everything in sight whenever he came over.

“Sorry Paigey no oreos. Luke probably ate them earlier!” I pull out my phone and scroll through my contacts, deciding I’d make some plans with some of my other friends tonight. I hadn’t really hung out with anyone except Paige and Luke the past week or two.

“Damn Luke” Paige mumbles. “What about frozen pizza?”

“Nope, haven’t been grocery shopping since the beginning of last week.”

Nonetheless, Paige was able to dig up some pasta noodles and started up cooking them as someone knocks on my door. I approach the door, opening it and squealing when I see who stands outside.

“Katie!” I scream, wrapping my arms around her.

“Oh my god, Ashley! I haven’t seen you in forever!” she muses, returning the hug. Paige, hearing all the commotion, ventured outside from the kitchen and yelped in delight when she realized Katie, a mutual friend of ours, had come over. Paige shuffles over and joins the hug.

Not seeing each other in what seemed like forever didn’t seem to have taken its toll on our friendship. As soon as Katie walked in the door it was like she had never left.

“Ashley… Ashley… ASHLEY!” Katie shouts, pulling me out of my thoughts. I had been thinking about all the times we had together years ago. The sound of her voice had startled me and unfortunately for me, it mean a trip off the end of the couch. I land on the flood with a loud thud.

“Katie you know not to scare me like that!” I scold.

“Thinking about Brody again?” Katie brushes off the scolding and sends me a teasing wink.

“What about Trevor, Victor, and Zach?” Paige chimes in, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Actually Katie, I am and how pissed he’s going to be at me. And Paige, just because I talk to those guys doesn’t mean I like them or want to date or hook up with them!” I said with a giggle. They both look at each other than back at me.

“Why would you fucking care if Brody’s pissed at you or not?” They both scream at the same time.

“Ashley you have to get over him. You’re in Chicago home of the Chicago Blackhawks!” Katie’s voice continues rise after each word.

“And the Chicago Bulls!” Paige adds from the kitchen where she is finishing preparing the pasta.

“Fuck it.” I mumble, grabbing my car keys from the bowl next to the door. I was getting slightly annoyed with the pestering I was receiving from the girls. I honestly wish they could understand how much I don’t want to talk about it.

“Where are you going?” Katie asks me, trying to grab my wrist in attempts to stop me from leaving. I pull away fast and start towards the door.

“Well first off, I have plans with Roy and Lauren. Did you know they were dating?” I tell Katie as she gives me wide eyes.

“The hell? Since when did those two start dating and when did they move to Chicago?”

“I guess since they hooked up at the senior party back in high school. She told me they were pretty serious and just started telling people. And they are just visiting. Roy is being scouted by the Chicago Blackhawks.” I shrug, relaying the story that Lauren had told me.

“Well at least they could stay together going to different colleges for four years. Oh and by the way nice place.”

“Thanks” I shrug.

“Please at least stay for pasta. We’ll all go when dinner’s finished.” Katie begs. I turn the thought over in my head and finally agree, seating myself across from Katie at the dining room table as Paige enters with the finished meal, placing it all in front of us on the table.

“Ready to go?” I ask the two of them once we’ve finished dinner.

“Yeah where are we meeting Roy and Lauren?” Katie asks standing up and following me towards the door.

“Millennium Park. We can see the Bean while we’re there.” Katie and Paige snicker.

“So cliché.” Paige laughs. I shrug. We start out of the apartment, I turn around and lock the front door behind me. I follow the girls down the hallway, bending my head and slipping my keys into my coat pocket when I suddenly run into someone.

“Sorry,” I say quickly, steadying myself against the wall while trying to hide the fact that I’m blushing a deep red. “I can be kind of clumsy sometimes.”

“Yeah I know.” I snap my head towards the figure when I hear the familiar, deep tone.

“Ashley, are you coming?” Paige asks, turning around. She sees who’s standing in front of me and immediately elbows Katie.

“Ow,” she whines, but when her eyes settle on the figure she freezes. “Well shit.” She mumbles under her breath, barely loud enough for anyone to hear.

“What are you doing here?” I ask the familiar man quietly.


Hey guys! So this is my first fanfic and hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think in the comments! Thank You! Also Thank you to my friend Delaney (hellocaptainserious) for helping me write and edit this! It means a lot! Read her story called playing rough! She is an amazing writer! I also posted this on Mibba!


please update!

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WOW !!!
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This is a really good story!!!!
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