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Won't Give Up Easy



Callie had to get out of there. With everything inside her, she hoped he’d back off. But if Jon was anything like he was on the ice, he wouldn’t be giving up so easy. While trying to concentrate on the road, she remembered how he’d looked when he had arrived in her office.

Jon’s massive frame filled the doorway when his knuckles wrapped on the door. Just looking at him made Callie’s knees weak and it took everything in her to stand and gesture towards the seat. His body moved fluidly, his presence immediately dominated the room. He examined her all the while, he thought she couldn’t see him looking at her body, she bit her lip to keep from saying anything and letting the interview go to shambles. She had tried to ignore him at the moment and completely shut it out during the interview.

When he finally decided to take a look at the pictures, she used to time to examine him. His skin was slightly tan from the passing summer. But what really matter was that it was covering what seemed like miles and miles of taunt muscle. His t-shirt almost looked like it would bust as it stretched across his chest and shoulders. As the soft cotton loosened around his torso, Callie could see it brush against his abs as he shifted. She almost growled. His long legs were encased in dark jeans and his reputation preceded true, he really did have a fantastic ass. He had to be proportionate and she was almost ready to throw his body on the desk and find out.

And then she had gone and done it again, undressed him with her eyes, when he had asked her about her nervousness. The prospect of the interview didn’t make her nervous, he did. He dominated her office. She could smell his cologne everywhere around her. Jon seemed to take up more than one chair. She kept herself in check, Callie though as she reflected on her interview. What happened towards the end caused her to believe that maybe her first interview was a bust.

When he had asked her to dinner, she knew, deep down that she had actually considered it. Callie also knew that she was possibly the worst choice for a man with so much responsibility, like Jon. She came with baggage and insecurities. She wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with, Callie knew she’s bring complications into anyone’s life. That coupled the fact that she technically worked for him and he had the option to date anyone in the city, just put too many strikes against it all.

As she pulled into a lot and got out of her car, she bundled in the heavy sweater she wore to combat the chill and walked towards the end of the Navy Pier. She thanked her lucky stars she hadn’t taken him on the desk. Callie also thanked the hockey gods that the Blackhawks would be on a road trip next week for the rest of the preseason, for two weeks, which she hoped was enough time for Jon to forget her.


Jon had been kept up all night with images of Callie running through his head. What was I going to do, he thought to himself as he drove to the Blackhawks practice rink. She’d made it clear to him that she was not interested in him. Her reasoning, he had to find out, it was eating at him.
He thought for a moment about pursuing her, would dating him cause her to lose her job? No, Jon told himself, even if things ended they were still both adult enough to maintain a friendly relationship. The thought of ending anything with Callie, even before it started, left a knot in his stomach. A part of him rationalized that thinking about the break-up of a relationship before the woman even considered the first date was probably irrational and stupid on his part.

When he arrived to the rink, he parked in his usual spot. “Hey!” Jon looked back to his friend. Over the past couple years, Patrick Kane had considerably grown up from his frat boy days when he first joined the league. When they had first met, his teammate was just a lanky kid, back then the girls had been down just to be able to say they had dated in NHLer. But now that Patrick had gotten, his life, his drinking and partying in check, the kid was starting to look good, he seemed to have grown into his body. The man took more responsibility, was more careful in the choices he made, whether it be on the ice, on the streets, or with a lady. He was proud of his friend for turning his life off that path.

The two men walked in together. “How was that interview yesterday? Was she a dweeb? A total fangirl?” Jon couldn’t help but laugh at Patrick’s teasing.

“No, no she wasn’t.” Jon wasn’t sure if he should share his plan with pursuing Callie with his blonde curly headed friend. He decided it really couldn’t harm anyone. “She was a babe. I think I’m going to try to get her to go out with me.”

Patrick did a double take. “Jon, you haven’t exclusively dated anyone in years.” His friend didn’t sound harsh, he just stated it as a fact, and it was true.

Jon shook his head as they opened the door to the locker room. “You haven’t met her, you don’t get it.” A familiar laughter rang from the far end of the room. He turned his head so quickly he should have gotten whiplash. There she was, taking to Coach Q, smiling at whatever the older man just told her.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard Patrick whistle. “Who’s the chick?” Jon turned to glare at him. Patrick’s eyes got wide. He looked from Jon to Callie and back.

“Her?” When Jon didn’t answer and just walked to his stall, Patrick followed on his heels, as Jon grabbed his clothes and headed to change. “It’s her. Well, don’t be shy, introduce me. If you fail, I’ll gladly take a shot.” This caused him to glare at Patrick again. His friend knew him too well. “You already tried?” Patrick’s laugh caused a couple of teammates to stare. “Well, damn. Good luck.” He sauntered out of the changing area.

When Jon finished putting on all his under armor, he headed out to put on his padding. His gaze flew to Callie. She wore jeans, low tops, and a black t shirt with a bright blue sweater. It was adorable on her, but then again, anything would be. She was standing talking to a few of his teammates. They had her smiling, it made him jealous. He would have to make his move soon if his teammates were milling around.


The Blackhawks were a funny group. A funny and handsome group, she had to admit to herself. Everyone in the locker room had been a ten on her scale, even the younger prospects. Large bodies were stripping to their underwear, casually walking around. A few went to an enclosed changing area, Jon, in particular, had gone there. Callie knew she shouldn’t have been disappointed but she was, that she wouldn’t be able to see his gorgeous body.

Now, she could feel his gaze burning her body. It distracted her, so much that she didn’t notice the beautiful man that came up to her. One glance at told her that it was the unmistakable Patrick Kane. The first thing she noticed was that the man was shirtless and she would have to be dead and not notice how amazing his body was.

He stopped in front of her and held out a hand. “I’m Patrick Kane.” He said when they shook hands, she couldn’t help but notice his rough hands, and she had to admit, this man oozed sex appeal. Patrick smiled at her and his dimples appeared on each side of his perfect smile. Mixed with his soft baby blue eyes and the blond curls that fell on his forehead, he had easily become the most adorable man in the room. Well, the second most adorable.

For a minute they just stood there, eyeing each other, until she realized her manners. “Oh, shit, sorry. I’m Callie. Callie Bennett. I’m a writer for Jeremy. He asked me to watch some of the practices and attend meetings. Keep myself informed, collect info for him. So basically a work horse.” She felt like she was rambling but she didn’t care. She loved her job. He laughed anyways.

“Well, then Callie. I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of you. Good.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek before winking and walking away. Well damn, she thought, he almost laid it on as thick as Jon. At the thought of him, her gaze went to his stall. He stood, glaring at Patrick, the man was fuming. A part of her was happy he was jealous, that part wanted him, wanted to be with him. Another part was sad, he was wasting his time and it could just never happen. She was no good for him

With that, Callie walked out of the locker room to the bench where Coach Q had told her she could sit on the wall and take notes. She happily hopped to sit on the wall and swung her feet, so she faced the rink. It was beautiful. Looking out on to the ice, she had felt more home than she had ever before.


He was furious with Patrick. Didn’t the man know that she was off limits? After their drill, he skated to stand next to him. “Callie is off limits.” Jon nearly growled. “What were you doing in the locker room?” Pat gave him and innocent look, ruined by his trademark devious smirk.

“I’m not doing anything really, unless you don’t make your move.” Jon knew what his friend was doing, he was pushing him to get a move on. Not that Patrick didn’t like Callie, he Jon worried that if he didn’t do something that Pat would no doubt go in for the kill.

“I don’t need your motivation. I’m working on it.” As he skated away, he heard Patrick’s laugh. Jon didn’t really realize where he was going until he was standing next to Callie. She was happily swinging her feet, scribbling notes. “What’re you doing?” His voice must have startled her because she went flying off the wall, into his arms.

Her scent filled his nostrils and her arms were gripping him through his practice jersey. She gained
her composure quickly and backed away from him. Jon watched as she tried to jump up on the wall but her shoes would purchase against the ice and kept slipping. “Let me help.”

When he grabbed her waist, she started to protest. “Don’t manhandle me. I can do this myself.” He picked her up and settled her back to where she had been sitting. Jon looked at her face; her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and her molten brown eyes cast down. “Thanks.” She mumbled.

Jon just smiled at her and repeated his question. Callie looked at him for a full minute before answering. “I was just taking notes.” She gestured down to her notebook. One glance told him it was filled with times and names of his teammates. She had recorded the drills and information on the players. Some were her observations, there were a few special marked notes, they were formerly injured players as well as himself, who hadn’t been injured. It made him smile that she kept a tab on him, until he saw that she had also marked notes about Patrick. Oh, it was definitely go time.

“Why won’t you go to dinner with me, again?” She looked at him in surprise. Not surprise that he would ask again, but surprise he would do it in the middle of practice.

“Because I don’t want to, I’ve told you before Jon.” Hearing his name on her lips was a turn on. He couldn’t help it, he was possessive. Jon noticed that she didn’t look him in the eye when she said this but rather to his side, focusing on a few of the players that were racing.

“Liar.” He repeated his words from the day before. She looked into his eyes with a deer in the headlights look. He caught her.


Callie didn’t know what to do. She wanted to turn him away again but she didn’t have the will power like the day before. Not when she had seen how funny and amazing he was with his teammates. Not when he looked so gorgeous. So tall in his practice gear, towering over her, lightly coated with sweat, dark hair pushed back from his face. Not when she actually start feeling herself beginning to like him. Jon’s dark eyes probed her, they searched for answers.

“It’s not going to cost you your job. I promise you.” He told her. His voice was sincere. So much that, she almost believed him, and that would be bad. Callie was about to give into temptation when Coach blew the whistle.

“Captain, will you stop bothering that poor girl and come over here for the shootout drill?” Coach yelled from his position across the ice. Jon gave her one last glance before skating away to line up with his teammates. Relief ran through her.

Callie watched as one by one, players got eliminated from the drill. The Blackhawks had an excellent goalie, and the prospects for the season where playing great, this made her all the more excited for the coming season. She could see it in the guys too. They were genuinely happy. She watched Jon in particular. He moved with such grace and speed, like he was born to skate. She watched as his body forced the puck behind his own goalie into the back of the net.

When they all finished with the drill, Coach had made them huddle to tell them what a great practice they had. Patrick made sure to give her a smile before he went. From her encounters so far, Patrick was nice, funny, sexy, and sweet, nothing like his former reputations, but he didn’t know he didn’t really stand a chance. Callie made her way into the locker room and left to go to her office before the team had a chance to file in, there was no way she was risking running into Jon again.


Jon looked around the locker room after his shower. Callie was nowhere to be found. Where did she go? He needed to crack her again; he could almost feel her give in earlier during practice. All he needed was a little time to convince her and then before he knew it he would have a date.
She had been so beautiful during practice. Sitting there, Jon couldn’t think of a better moment. She had been so focused and so at peace there. It’s almost like she belonged there as much as he did. He could tell, she loved every minute of watching his team on the ice. Despite never having an actual relationship before, it felt as if a weight had been lifted knowing that she love the sport and knew the dedication to it as much as he did.

Patrick pulled him from his thoughts, “Quite a lady, Callie is.” His friend had a devious smile. “Very pretty, very smart, I bet she loves hockey as much as we do. She’d make a perfect WAG, you know.” Jon could feel his anger rising. “It’s just a matter of whose.” He had never felt so angry with his friend, who always knew how to push his buttons but he wasn’t going to let Patrick win this time. He was just going to collect the prize.

Walking out of the locker room, he decided to check her office. If she was still here, that’s probably where she was. He heard country music as he turned down her hallway. With the door opened an inch, he heard a Keith Urban song blast, her soft voice singing along. Cautiously he opened the door. Music was playing from a dock in the corner.

There Callie was, facing away from him, organizing papers and books on her wrap-around desk. She danced the music. Her hips moved and her arms moved above her head. Her long brown hair swished down her back. Before he knew it, she was jumping around to the song, turning towards him. Her eyes were closed but only for a second, then she was staring at him.
Callie’s eyes got wide when she was him, her lips formed a little O and she stopped moving, frozen. Jon chuckled, she was so cute, a blush crept up her cheeks and she gave him a shy smile before turning and shutting off the music.

“Don’t stop because of me.” He smiled at her. That only seemed to make her more embarrassed because she got redder. She looked at him, but this time, it’s wasn’t the look she had when he had caught her by surprise twice that day. Now, she looked indifferent, bored almost.

“Did you need something?” Here was professional Callie. He didn’t really like her, her voice, the way she looked at him, it made him feel unimportant, almost miniscule, like she could see through him. She used it when she had dismissed him yesterday and she was using it now.

“You should consider what I said. I’d really like it if you’d take me up on my offer for dinner.”

“I did consider and I still said no.” He looked at her face, it was smooth, passive, but her eyes. He didn’t know what he saw in them – Regret? Sadness? He didn’t know but he’d figure it out.

“I’m going to get you to say yes, whether you like it or not. I’m not going to give up.” With that he left, but not before he saw the look of pure shock on her face. He hoped Callie took what he said to heart and just gave him a chance, because there was no way in hell he was going to give her up to anybody, not Patrick, not a regular guy on the street.


Callie walked out of the office with Jon’s words on his mind. She had been so preoccupied she ran right into Jeremy, who grabbed her by the arms and held her steady so she could regain her footing. She smiled at the old man. Even past the age of fifty, he was still tall and strong, his blue eyes shown as bright as they probably had when he was twenty.

“What has you so deep in thought?” He asked. Callie didn’t know if she should tell Jeremy about the Jon thing, would that get her in trouble? She had been saying no but what if Jeremy didn’t think it was a good idea for her to go to practices and team meetings anymore? What if he didn’t want her to interview the players ever again?

She looked up into the old man’s eyes. Callie decided to tell him, she trusted him to see that it wasn’t her fault. “It’s Jonathan Toews.” She said, confusion passed over his face.

“I thought that interview went well. No need to worry.” He patted her shoulder. She stopped him from moving.

“No, you don’t get it. He’s been pursuing me. I mean, I said no. But he is.” She kind of just mumbled. He started to look angry. Oh, great, there went her job, out the door.

“You don’t want him to?” he asked in a calm voice, his eyes said a different story.

Callie felt small, “No, I mean, yes, he seems like a great guy but I said no. I didn’t want to be that girl who gets a job in an organization to get with the player and I just…”
Anger seemed to fade from Jeremy. “It’s okay.” He chuckled.

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Why in the world would I be mad at you?” He seemed shocked.

“I don’t know. I just thought, you’d be mad that he liked me, I guess?” It sounded more like a question.

“No, I’m not mad. Any young man with eyes would be stupid not to like you Callie.” He smiled at her.

“I was mad because I thought that Jon was trying to hit on you and you didn’t like it.” Jeremy paused.
“You know, it’s not against any rules to date a player.”

Callie smiled at the man. “I guess, I just don’t know yet. I still have a lot I’m dealing with.” Jeremy smiled. He knew exactly what she was talking about. She remembered her first week here. One phone call was all it took to break her that day and Jeremy had been there. He’d told her all the things she needed to hear. For all intent and purpose, the man had become somewhat of a father figure that Callie’s young life lacked and lately he’d been more than just her boss and friend but a great mentor and teacher but he had become someone who she trusted and somewhat depended on. She didn’t know how to thank the old man for being there for her that day instead of sending her home or telling her that she didn’t seem fit for the job. He had been there when she felt utterly alone in the world.


Patrick watched as his friend go head over heels for a woman. A great woman, no doubt, Callie was beautiful and smart and loved hockey just as much as he did. He wasn’t lying when he said that she would become a great WAG but, as much as he liked her, he couldn’t do that to his friend and she certainly didn’t solve void that he was beginning to feel.

Ignoring the feeling that had become somewhat of a dull ache as of late, he turned back to the task at hand, helping Jon get a shot with Callie. Currently, he was just watching as she sat on the wall again and ran drills. He’d done so all week. After this he would go and try to convince her for ten minutes and skate away defeated. He couldn’t say he envied Jon but he understood his determination. Today was the last day before they left for preseason away games, Patrick was going to give Callie something to think about.

After the first day, he back off his advances of his own on Callie, seeing how much it really bothered Jon. Still, he and Callie had become good friends and he hoped that influence would help him in what he was about to do. Patrick felt eyes on his back as he skated towards Callie. He just rolled his eyes. Jon should know better than to this that he would actually try to steal his girl. No matter how much he joked.

Callie saw him approach and gave him a genuine smile. One that she would never give Jon directly but Patrick saw that whenever she thought no one was looking, her eyes would follow Jon around like a little lost puppy. She didn’t know how good the two of them would be together. Patrick saw it, the coach saw it, everyone saw it.

“Hey, Callie, Let’s go get some lunch after this, last time we can hang out for two weeks.” She smiled. From what Patrick had gotten to know of her, she didn’t really have many friends in the city besides her coworkers and she had mentioned a roommate. She wouldn’t refuse his friendship.

“Sure. Where do you want to go?” Patrick almost laughed at how easy it was for him. He knew it was different, that Callie knew he wasn’t trying to be with her romantically anymore, that the first day they met had just been to tease Jon but all the same, his friend had been trying so hard and probably would give up his apartment to be in his spot right now.

“I know a place. I’ll meet you outside the locker room after practice and we can head out.” She just nodded and went back to her work. Patrick turned and saw Jon staring at them, just like he did every time they talked. The boy was going to have to get over his jealousy and thank him for this one day.


Callie waited for Patrick to come out of the locker room and prayed that he would be faster than Jon. She thought about what a good friend Patrick had become over the past week. After the initial first day, they were friendly, he teased her about Jon, of course, but more than that, they talked like friends, and today it would be the first time they really hung out outside of the rink. She was excited.
She had moved to Chicago after high school alone, and while she made friends in college they had all moved on to either New York or LA after graduation because of the better job findings. Callie knew how lucky she had been to basically have been handed her dream job because her favorite professor had recommended her.

Her roommate was from her hometown, though, Callie didn’t exactly relish the reminder of the town where she was less than welcome. Now, she was set to start over. Starting with Patrick, as her brain spoke his name, he walked out of the locker room, looking pretty damn good.

Over the last few days, she had her chance to see what Patrick looked like with clothes and even without most of them. While he really should have sent her into a hot man induced coma, it was dull compared to what she felt for a certain other Blackhawk. Which was really starting to become a problem, all week he’d been following her around and while she was flattered, she really believed he should just give up.

She was no good for him. He should be concentrating on the season coming up but no matter how many times that she told him that or that she didn’t want to go. He would simply tell her that it was his decision in what he did and that she lied when she told him that she didn’t want to go out with him. Which was partly true but this was his best interest, not hers.

Patrick smiled at her and led the way to his car. “I’ll drop you back off when we’re done.” They drove in a comfortable silence until they reach an Italian bistro. It was a little past the lunch hour so there weren’t many people around.

They were lead to a table, ordered, and were served. For a while, they talked about little things, hockey, the college she went to, how she was enjoying her job, and general small talk. Until he dropped the bomb, “Say yes to Jon.” He said simply, taking a bite out of his sandwich. She must have visibly stiffened. “Oh, don’t get all stiff on me. You’ve seen the kid, mopping around every time you say no. But you haven’t seen you, you get upset too. Do you not notice how you follow him around with puppy dog eyes when he’s on the ice?”

“I don’t! I’m just taking notes. I do that for everyone.” Callie felt the need to defend herself even though it was true. Patrick just laughed.

“Don’t lie to me, Cal. If any woman looked at me the way you looked at Jon, I would snap her up in a second. So don’t say you look at me or the rest of my teammates, other than Jon that way. Give him a chance, he’s not a bad guy.”

Callie thought about how to counter that and the only thing she could come up with is the truth. “Well, I’m not exactly good for Jon.” She said quietly. He rolled his eyes. “You don’t get it, Pat.”
His eyes bored into her. “Explain it to me until I do.”

She thought it through; maybe if she told Patrick, he would get Jon to back off. “I didn’t come here just for college, Pat. I came here to run away. They have a great college for sports writing in Maryland, they do but I couldn’t stay. I ran from problems. My family, drama, a lot of things. I’m still dealing with it. You know, I’m still trying to get over it myself. I come with baggage and Jon needs a clean slate every season.” She shrugged. Understanding came into his eyes.

“I may not get the whole family problem and stuff but I get having baggage.” Callie knew he was refereeing to his former bad boy image. “And it shouldn’t stop you. Sometimes you’ve got to let people in to help you carry all of it.”

“I don’t want to be a distraction from hockey.”

“You won’t be. Look, Jon isn’t perfect; he won’t expect you to be. Plus, he really wants a shot, Cal. Just one shot. I’ve never asked him but he has to feel something strong for you if he hasn’t already given up. Don’t let him give up on you because I think you two deserve each other, you’ll be good for each other. And I can tell you he’s been going crazy, if anything you telling him no is going to screw with his game.”

Callie didn’t know what to say about Patrick’s rationalization. Their conversation went back to light and friendly but she couldn’t take her mind off of it. Was she really screwing with his game, making him try so hard? She hadn’t meant for it to be so. Callie thought he would have quit by now.
Maybe Patrick and Jeremy were right, maybe there was nothing wrong with dating a player. They would just have to take it slow, she would have to open herself up, really open herself up to him slow. Maybe be friends for a bit. She really did come with a lot of baggage and she didn’t just want to dump it on him. It’s a good thing they were going away for a bit, maybe then when he got back, they could be friends and see where it went.


Pacing his apartment that overlooked the city, Jon finally pulled out his cell phone. He was angry. Seeing Callie get into Patrick’s car and go god knows where had put him on edge, it was time for him to tell his friend to really back off. He dialed his friend’s number and waited.

“Hello, Jon.” His casual tone sent Jon on the edge.

“Stay away from Callie, how many times am I going to warn you?” He growled into the phone.

“Jon, I-“He cut his friend off.

“No, listen; you know how much I like her and you still go after her. Taking her out today, that wasn’t cool with me. I don’t care about your warning, I was working on it and you know it. Come on man. What’s wrong with you? Just back off, Patrick.” He huffed.

Patrick was silent and waited for his breathing to return back to normal. “You done?” he asked. Jon made a noise. “Well, then, I’ll just tell you that I went to lunch today to convince Callie to finally say yes. Asshole, do you really think I am that shitty of a friend to do that to you?”
Jon felt bad. His friend had just been trying to help him out and all he was doing was being a jerk.

“I’m sorry, Pat. I didn’t know. I guess, I owe you one.”

“Yeah, you do. That’s why we’re going out tonight. I’ll call you when I decide where we’re going.” His friend hung up and Jon just smiled at the phone. Now, there was only one thing to do.
He scrolled through his contacts before coming up to the one person he knew that could help him. He continued to pace as it rang and prayed to the heavens it didn’t go to voicemail.

“Hello, Jon.” Jeremy’s scruffy voice on the line had him sighing in relief.

“Your writer, Callie-“he started before the older man cut him off.

“What’d you want with her?” his tone was gruff, almost warning. This caught Jon by surprise.

“Her number, her address, anything you can give me.” He knew his tone was almost pleading but Jon hadn’t been able to get information from any of the other writers for the Blackhawks all week and Jeremy was the only one left.

“I can’t, and it would do that girl some good if you were careful. She’s a good girl. Not one of your conquests.” The words coming from a man he admired so much for his dedication, kind of stung Jon, not because he was hurt but because it was kind of true. As his time as Captain, he’s landed many girls, not that he was ashamed but thinking back now, he hadn’t really ever been with a ‘nice girl.’ He would change that for Callie. Jeremy must have thought he had really hurt Jon. “Look kid, I can’t give you it because of confidentiality reasons, but let me give you a hint. Use a phone book.” There was a click and a dial tone.

Jon raced across his apartment to the coat closet where he kept the phone book. Why the hell hadn’t he thought of this before, he asked himself. He flipped around until he found the public listings and prayed that she was there. In the city of Chicago, there were at least fifteen listings of a C. Bennett. Doing the only thing he could to find out, Jon started dialing.


Callie was jumping out of the shower as the apartment phone rang. Her roommate, Kennedy, must have been out in the city because it kept ringing, she heard her voicemail recording and was about to grab the receiver to answer when she heard a deep voice that almost caused her to drop the towel around her.

“Callie. You would be the very last number in the phone book.” Jon’s deep laugh filled her apartment.

“Say you’ll go to dinner with me. I like you and I’ve been going crazy, just one dinner.” He laughed again and recited his number. When the message ended, she noticed that she had grabbed her phone and put the number in her contacts before even thinking. She would accept his offer when they got back.

When she heard footsteps leading to her apartment, Callie quickly deleted the message and made her way to her room. “Honey, I’m home.” Kennedy’s voice filled the apartment while Callie dressed in a t-shirt and pajama shorts. Her hair still wet she walked out into the living area where Kennedy gave her a distasteful look. “Change, we’re going out tonight. I’m making bank with this family.” Her friend was referring to the family that she was planning a huge blowout party for.

“I don’t feel like going out.” Callie knew she sounded whiny and she knew she would lose the battle. Walking toward the kitchen for a drink, she examined her roommate. Callie remembered when she was just a lanky teenager and now, she had grown up to attract all kinds of attention. Kennedy winked at her and walked to her room where she started digging through her closet and taking off her work clothes.

“Well, you are. Now go to your room, do what you need to do because we’re getting out of this apartment within the next hour.” Kennedy shut her door and left Callie to her own devices. She had essentially no choice but to do as Kennedy said or be forced to hear about it for weeks.
Callie shrugged. It was one Friday night, she should go out. She’d earned it for working so hard since moving to Chicago. Anyways, what’s the worst that could happen?


He could not believe he let Patrick take him out the night before they had to head out for a road trip, during the preseason, no less but he owed his friend one. Jon looked over at his friend whose eyes were roaming the bar they were at for girls. Jon himself had seen the pickings but no one held his interest so much that he stopped thinking about Callie. He thought about the message he left her and how he hoped she would call and accept dinner with him for his last night in the city. She hadn’t. Now, she left him no choice but to continue trying when he got back

Jon heard Patrick take in a loud breath and followed his eyes to the entrance where two women were walking in. At first, the crowd blocked too much of the way for him to see clearly. Bodies were gyrating on the dance floor for him to get anything but a peek of body parts. That’s when he saw her.
Jon would have dropped to his knees if he hadn’t been sitting in a booth. There Callie was standing there under the low lighting of the bar. She looked like she had been plucked out of his favorite fantasy in a red dress that cupped her wonderful chest and flowed down her body with a wispy fabric and drifted as she walked towards the bar. Her long hair flowed in curls down her back and around her face. He was too far from her to see her face.

Patrick let out a slow whistle. “Damn.” For a second, Jon thought Patrick was talking about Callie and he had been ready to throw a punch but his stare was pointed towards the woman next to Callie, a long legged blonde, bottled blonde. She was slimmer than Callie, attractive, not as sexy as Callie’s but okay all the same. Jon thought about what he was doing, comparing a perfectly shag-able girl to the one he couldn’t get his mind off of.

Jon stood and walked away from their booth and felt Patrick follow. Only when he was a few feet from Callie did he notice two men saddling up next to her and her friend. Both Patrick and Jon watched, the men were practically eating them with their eyes. The man who was trying to talk to Callie had moved his hand from the previous position on her back to lower. Callie tried to scoot away but the two men were basically corralling the women.

He heard Patrick audible growl when the other man forcefully grabbed the wrist of Callie’s friend.
Both men were becoming aggressive, touchy and grabby, while the two women were trying to squirm themselves out of the mess. “Follow my lead.” Jon told Patrick.

They strolled to stand in front of the women, Jon grabbed Callie from the strangers reach and pulled her to his side and saw that Patrick did the same with her friend. The women’s eyes went a little frantic until Callie recognize who he was and had given her friend a small nod that Jon felt on his chest. The woman in Patrick’s arms noticeably relaxed a bit against his side. “Hey, babe, are these guys giving you any trouble?” Patrick growled, obviously telling the men to get lost.

The taller one, who was still shorter than Patrick’s 5’11 frame, with muddy brown hair and a too square jaw, that had been pawing at Callie’s friend answered. “They’re not with you they walked in alone.” The man laughed. Jon’s stomach rolled at the piece of scum. What would have happened had
they not decided to go out?

“We were meeting them.” Jon bore his eyes into the man who had been touching Callie. The asshole had the audacity to still be staring at her body while she was in his arms. He felt her shiver in fear. “And if you two don’t get out of here, our fists will be meeting your face.”

Both men looked at each other and glared at the group, the one who hit on the other woman spoke.
“You dumbass jocks in this city think you can get anyone you want.” He gestured to his friend that was still looking at Callie. “Let’s go, no piece of ass is worth this bullshit.” Jon felt Callie huddle deeper into his arms as the men passed by rubbing up against her ass along the way. It took all of Jon’s strength to keep from grabbing their collars and slamming their heads against the bar.

“Can we get out of here?” The woman in Patrick’s arms spoke. Jon saw his friend give the woman a million dollar smile. He also saw the way the woman was clinging to Patrick in sheer fear still. It made him angrier at the perverts.

Jon and Patrick kept the women close to their sides until they were under the street lamp outside.
Once the women felt safe, they both released from their saviors embraces. When Callie let go of Jon, he immediately felt the loss. Her scent still lingered for a moment or two, but the warmth of her arms were gone.

“Thanks Jon, Pat, I don’t know what we would have done if you two weren’t there.” Callie’s voice was so small, it was basically a squeak.

Patrick quickly hugged her “It’s okay, Cal.” He smiled at her and Jon saw the reassuring smile he gave her before giving him look that showed how scared he was at the thought of them actually not being there. “I wouldn’t have let those guys hurt you or your friend.”

“Shit, um, Jon, Patrick, this is Kennedy, my roommate. Kennedy, this is Jon and Patrick, they play for the Blackhawks.” Callie said this all so rushed and she blushed that so much attention was on her but she was louder, more confident.

“Are you two okay?” Jon asked, his eyes flip flopping back and forth between the two women.

“We’re okay but we’re not going back in there.” Kennedy said pointing at the door of the bar. Callie’s gaze went to the door and she shivered in fear again. Jon had the overwhelming urge to pull her back into him.

“Neither are we, do you girls want to… I don’t know. Catch a bite to eat with us or something? It’s still early, most everything is still open, and it’s only ten on a Friday night.” Patrick piped up. He only had eyes for Kennedy. Her answer would be the only one to matter to him. Jon could already tell that what was going to happen between his friend and the girl that seemed to captivate his attention immediately would surely interesting.

Jon focused on Callie. He took the chance to examine her up close, having had only a peek across the bar and handling the situation with the bastards. She was biting her bottom lip just like she had been when he was in her office less than 6 hours ago but man, did she look different.

Earlier, she had been dressed so casually, right down to her hair, which he now knew air dried naturally wavy. Now, she was done up. Her hair had been styled so that her long hair fell in soft spirals that ended below her breasts. Her face, so pale and natural earlier had been transformed. She was literally glowing under the light of the street lamp, no cakey make up, just soft beautiful skin.
She had put something around her eyes that made her look foreboding and mysterious, not like a raccoon the way other girls did when they wore too much.

Kennedy and Callie exchanged glances. “Sure.” Kennedy answered. Jon let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Maybe he would get his dinner tonight after all.


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