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Won't Give Up Easy

The Bar


As the group silently walked toward the local dive that Patrick knew, Callie contemplated what had just happened. She knew it was a close call; that the night could have ended so differently had Jon and Patrick not come to save them. She remembered how the man touched her and how it made her skin crawl. The next thing she knew, she was wrapped around Jon.

Callie had smelt him, his cologne or after shave or whatever he used to make himself smell amazing.
The scent comforted her, despite the fear she felt earlier when he had his arms around her, she felt safe. Not just because he was a giant man beast that would have easily taken on the two men, but it was something more instinctive than that. She just knew, she knew as long as she was with him, that it would all be okay.

Brushing off the feeling, she shivered against the windy Chicago night. Jon must have seen because he took off his leather jacket and draped it around her. Again, his wonderful scent hit her and it because impossible to forget the feeling of him. The jacket was warm and she was drowning in it because it was so large on her.

She heard a giggle. Kennedy was already wrapped up in Patrick’s arms. His sports jacket already wrapped around her while her friend held his body close. The couple were laughing and smiling at each other. Callie wondered what was going to become of it. Kennedy was certainly experienced when it came to flirting. Patrick certainly wasn’t her type but the poor man seemed to be hypnotized be her.

Her gaze drifted towards Jon. He walked silently next to her, eyeing their friends. Callie really looked at him. His eyes were soft, happy, framed by the thickest lashes she had ever seen. But there were bags under his eyes, that hadn’t been there earlier today. She wondered if it was from the incident at the bar. Jon’s mouth was curling at the ends, forming a smile, hearing the couple whisper to one another.

Jon chuckled and it seemed to vibrate through his whole body. His fitted gray shirt moved against his chest and his dark jeans shifted as they continued on their walk. Callie saw his strong arm reach out but didn’t understand what he was doing until he pulled her close to his side.

All the feelings she had felt when he first pulled her to him at the bar came flooding back, minus the fear. This time new ones came too. An electrical buzz was sent through her whole body. She didn’t know if she wanted to jump Jon’s bones or cuddle up to him forever. Automatically, her arm went to wrap around his waist before she could stop herself.

She thought about what Patrick said; maybe they really could be good for each other. Maybe tonight had shown that he would be strong through lots of situations. Still she wanted to take it slow, only allowing herself to cuddle into him because she was cold.

As he adjusted his gait to match hers, he whispered into her ear. “So what do you think about them two?” Jon adjusted so she could look into his eyes. They held a mischievous glint.

“This isn’t anything new. He’s not really her type though.” Callie replied honestly. He seemed taken back and stole another glance at the couple who had continued to giggle and whisper in each other’s ears. Jon’s eyes returned to her. They were deep and probing this time. There was something in them she couldn’t figure out.

To avoid keeping his gaze, she looked up at the tall building that they were walking past, the lights against the dark sky, was beautiful. Although if there was anything she missed about the living hell that was the small suburban town she had lived in before coming to Chicago, it was seeing the millions of stars at night.

“Can I take you somewhere, just me and you, after we’re done eating?” Jon’s voice was rough in her ear. She looked to him and his eyes were trained on her. He must’ve seen the wariness in her eyes.

“I’m not going to jump you or anything.” He assured her. “I just want to show you something I think you’ll enjoy.” He stopped and thought about what he just said and chuckled again. “Will you just come with me?” This time, there was seriousness in his voice, in his eyes.

“You two, we’re here.” Patrick snapped them out of their little world. They had been so focused on each other they didn’t see the establishment they had walked right up next to. Jon just waved at them and motioned for them to go in before them. In the glow of the fluorescent lights, she saw the near pleading in his eyes. Callie couldn’t refuse.

“I’ll go.” Jon’s face broke into a huge smile and he pulled her into the dive to join their friends.


The excitement that Jon felt all the way to his bones didn’t wear off as they received their burgers.

Jon glanced at Callie, who was sitting across from him, taking a huge bite from her burger. Her eyes lifted to meet his. A blush crept up her cheeks, as she put down her burger and tried to chew carefully with her mouth so full. She gave him a look of apology.

“Don’t feel embarrassed. I’d rather you and that burger than someone picking through a salad.” He smiled at her and saw that she blushed again. Kennedy burst out laughing.

“Smooth line, Toews.” Patrick laughed at Kennedy’s antics. Jon noticed she was picking at her burger and fries.

“It’s not a line.” He told her with a straight face. Immediately, Kennedy looked Jon straight in the eye, as if she were examining him for imperfections, judging him, trying to make him feel miniscule. He felt as if Kennedy was putting him through some sort of test, so he sat there, never breaking his gaze from her eyes.

Kennedy looked away first. He assumed he passed because she left it at that and continued conversation with Patrick, She acted as if the tense moment never happened. If Patrick noticed, he ignored the situation completely, being sucked into conversation with Kennedy. Callie cleared her throat not oblivious to what had happened because she was glaring at her friend. I’m sorry. She mouthed. Jon nodded and gave her a smile in return. It was her fault her friend was a tad rude.

“So, how do you ladies know each other?” Patrick asked, adding a cocky grin and winked at Kennedy, who rolled her eyes.

“We were neighbors, way back when.” She explained with a grin. “Callie, here, used to be quite different from the sweetheart she is today. Just ask about high school.” Kennedy had a certain amount of snarkiness in her voice and Jon watched as Callie winced at her friend’s words.

“I’d take back that whole time if I could.” Callie whispered looking down at her burger. Jon wanted to reach out and hold her hand or do something to comfort her but he had a feeling it would only cause Kennedy to bring it up again. As if his sympathy would only mean that she deserved the verbal assault.

“Anyways, we’ve been friends for a while. When she told me she was coming out to Chicago, I decided I was done with working in the South and came up to room with her.” Kennedy continued ignoring her friend’s obvious discomfort with her earlier statement.

“Yeah, it was a lovely surprise, arriving one morning, unannounced.” For the first time, Jon heard venom in Callie’s voice. Kennedy ignored her remark; she acted like moving to the city with her friend, invading her life was doing her a favor. Jon would bet his apartment that she wasn’t very happy her childhood ‘friend’ had come to Chicago with her.

“What’d you do?” Patrick piped up, oblivious to everything, he was clearly infatuated with Callie’s friend.

“I’m an event planner.” She replied. “I work with hot shot clients.” She continued to go on about her life.

Kennedy’s cockiness made Jon uncomfortable. He looked over to his friend who was obviously over the moon to be having a conversation with this girl. For some reason, Jon’s opinion of her went from sweet girl who got traumatized at a bar to woman who was a lot shadier that she seemed. He paid attention at the body language between Callie and Kennedy for the first time, Kennedy seemed completely comfortable, she dominated the space, while Callie seems to shift away whenever was possible, staying as far away from her roommate as possible. She went as far to sit on the edge of the booth, Jon noticed.

Jon stood from the table. Everyone looked at him. Kennedy wore a face that said she was less than please with the interruption to her life story. “I’m sorry. Uh, Callie and I finished, you two aren’t.” Patrick looked at him as if he were suffering from sort of mental brain lapse. He didn’t know what to say to make a graceful exit; he didn’t even know what else to say.

Callie saved him. “Oh, yeah, he promised to show me… something.” Her gazed flew to him. He had never been more grateful to anyone in his life. “So you two, stay, finish your food. We’re just gonna go….” An awkward moment passed.

“Whatever.” Kennedy rolled her eyes, dismissed them, and continued tell Patrick her story with enthusiasm. Callie made her way towards the waitress, before Jon even realized what she was doing, she handed her their portion of the bill.

She walked back with a smile on her face. “You shouldn’t have pair our bill. I was-“ she cut him off.

“Consider it payment for being my savior.” Jon shook his head and smiled what he knew would be a devious grin.

“If you wanted to repay me, we could have figured a different payment plan.” He winked and watched her skin flush and listened to the sound of her laugh as she tossed her head back. She had no idea what she did to him.

“Okay, smooth guy. I’m ready to go. The mystery is killing me.” Jon relaxed and pulled Callie out of the restaurant and into the night.


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