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Won't Give Up Easy

The Special Place


Callie, again, didn’t know what to make of Jon. She watched him while he looked out to their beautiful city through the cab window and then at hers. Deep brown eyes connected with hers, she could get lost in them given enough time. His hand, she saw, slowly crept to where hers was resting on the leather seat between them. His large calloused hand enveloped hers, she couldn’t stop enjoying the feel of it. Jon turned to her as their fingers intertwined, he just smiled at her before turning back to look out the window again.

She studied his profile. The man was drop dead gorgeous. The strong square cut jaw, the smooth ridge that was his nose, his soft lips were all outline with the city lights through the window as they passed. Callie wondered, not for the first time, where they were going. When they entered the cab,
Jon had given the driver directions rather quietly. Piecing a few tidbits of information together, Callie knew they were not heading out of the city but rather further in.

The cab jostling to a stop, interrupted her thoughts. “We’re here.” Jon stated, excitement was clear in his voice, he quickly paid the driver and ushered her out of the cab. Callie looked at the large skyscraper in front of her. It wasn’t an office building but an apartment complex. She prayed that he had not brought her here for a lay.

“I’m not sleeping with you.” Callie told him rather bluntly, even more so than she intended. Jon looked a little surprised, a little hurt. His gaze probed her, almost as if he were waiting for to take back what she had said and just give in. He would be so used to women falling to their knees for him.

“I didn’t take you here for that. Although, this is my building. But no, I didn’t bring you here to make love to you.” The tone in his voice almost sounded as if he wanted to add a yet on the end. He obviously thought wiser; Jon brought her hand to his lips and looked into her eyes. “Do you trust me?” the question was whispered against her skin, causing her whole body to react. She felt warm and tingly all over.

Callie just nodded, not able to answer while his lips were touching any part of her. She probably shouldn’t be doing what she was doing. Following a large man into his apartment complex in the middle of the night hadn’t been her best idea but it felt right as he tugged her past the lobby and into the elevator of the building.

Jon pressed the button for the top floor. While the elevator made its ascent, Callie noticed he chose to stay on the opposite side of her in the tiny confined space. It was probably for the best but it didn’t stop her from wanting to be all wrapped up around him. When the elevator finally dinged to inform them they had reached their destination, it seemed like years had passed.

Again, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to what would be the entrance to a stairwell. After a set of stairs, they reached a door. Jon didn’t hesitate as he pushed it open, he propped a brick between the door and the frame to keep it from closing.

As soon as she walked through the threshold, Callie found herself looking down at the most beautiful city in the world and above them were the stars she had missed so desperately.


Her face said it all. The surprise, the wonder, Jon mused it must have been like that for him when he first decided to come up here. He had seen her look up at the sky earlier that night, longing on her face. So he took her to the stars.

“You can’t look off the side of the building, it’ll make you sick how high it is. So just look out to the city, look up at the stars.” Jon knew he sounded cheesy but he had to ensure she didn’t look over the edge. He had made that rookie mistake his second time here and immediately vomited everything he had eaten that day. Looking over the edge evoked a fear from you that could not be understood. Maybe because it was as close as you could get to falling from the sky without an airplane, maybe it was just him but he wouldn’t want to take that chance with her.

“I wouldn’t do that.” She murmured. Callie’s dress blew in the wind, her hair wiped around, had she been tanner, she could have been Pocahontas. But this was so much better. She stepped out of her heels and bent at the knees to grab them off the ground before slowly treading to about ten feet from the railing that was the edge. Her even being that close sent waves of worry through Jon that nearly had him regretting bringing her.

Callie plopped down, smoothed her dress and laid back. Jon did the same. As she looked up at the stars, he looked at her. He saw as the stars twinkled in her eyes. Her lips were parted; her hair was spread out around her. All feelings of regret faded. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“This is my special place. “ He whispered. Her head turned to face him. “It’s the only place I know of in the city where you can see the stars.”

“Thank you for sharing this with me.” Her whisper was no louder than the wind that occasionally whipped around them. Jon saw her shiver. Instinctually, he pulled her in, when she curled into his side, he almost did a fist pump in victory.

They stayed there for about an hour. Just looking up at the stars, watching as a few airplanes flew about them. Not a word was spoken. It was seemingly understood that this place, their place, wasn’t one where they even thought, they just were there, together. “I have to go. It’s getting late.” She whispered.

As much as he didn’t want to let her go, she was right, it was nearing one and he had a flight to catch and he still needed to pack. They made their way off the rooftop and to the elevator. Jon still got to hold her as they rode down. Her body was chilled from the wind. He could stay like that forever, just holding her.

When they reached the lobby and walked out, Callie raised an arm to the street and immediately a taxi pulled up. She turned to him, “Thanks again for that. It was amazing.”

Jon was about to press the issue of her cell phone number when she pulled on his shoulders and kissed him. Not really much of a kiss as she just touched his lips to hers. Then next thing he knew, she was out of his arms, in a taxi. She smiled at him; he was going to beg her for her number when she turned to the driver and recited her full address before closing the door and being whisked away from him.

He didn’t know if she had given the taxi driver her full address because she clearly wasn’t from the city or if she was trying to tell him something, either way he wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip.

Jon knew that despite what had occurred between them on the rooftop that Callie still wouldn’t be easy to catch but he was going to do everything in his power to make sure she fell in love with him as much as he was already starting to for her


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