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The Staal Sister


You know, being a Staal is hard work. Having to live up to the name the Staal brothers have given their family, yeah, it's always been the Staal brothers. Soon, it will be the Staal brothers and their little sister.

To be completely honest, the sister of Marc, Eric, Jordan, and Jared Staal wanted to be in the NHL but also wanted to be a girl who went out to get manis and pedis, but it never did fit with her whole personality. She was the girl who had missing teeth in her grade eight school photo, not by choice, of course. It was Staal Fever; playing hockey with her older brothers for fun, eventually getting addicted and busting her plump lip. She lost a few teeth in the process too. That's really how she became addicted to hockey, because each time she ended up playing her brothers, she would beat the shit out of them. Easily... But also has a few aches and pains afterwards.

Her dad knew she had talent, the whole family did actually. The Staal sister overlooked it, figuring that no hockey team wanted a girl to play with them. Her dad disagreed and started recording her while playing with Marc, who's a defenseman for the rangers. He uploaded it to youtube and a few people ended up seeing it, to name a few; Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, and Patrick Kane. They ended up showing the video to their team's GM and coach.
Sister Staal received call, after call, after call.

The Penguin's general manager took a real liking to her, found out she's played for the London Knights, is 18 years of age, and used to play lacrosse instead of hockey. He said sister Staal could fly down to Pittsburgh and practice with the team for a few months. Now the only problem she had with that, was that Jordan used to play for them but was later traded to Carolina.

Jordan didn't have a problem with her flying out and practicing with them, "They're great guys." Jordan told his sister, "But to be clear, you're there to practice, not fall in love with a guy who would drop you in a heartbeat." She gulped as those words repeated over and over in her head while walking into the arena where the team was practicing for the day.

Her black heels clicked against the tile flooring. The Staal sister made her way over to an entrance and pulled open one of the curtains to the rink, "Cassandra!" Coach Byslma shouted as she walked down the steps to the edge of the rink, "Come this way." He waved, walking into the locker room area. She followed, Cassie's duffle bag hanging over her shoulder filled with all her hockey equipment and her skates in my hand.

Cassandra Staal scanned the room full of bearded hockey players, as to why they had beards in the offseason, she had no clue. They all were chatting amongst themselves; skates being laced up as they laughed at each other. As a girl, she was a bit smaller than some of the guys, and definitely lighter in weight. Standing at 5'11 and weighing about 130, she was definitely in for either an injury or death. Death was probably the more probable one for her.

Dan ushered Cassie to an empty stall in the middle of all the players. She walked across the room with her black heels on, hiding her face a bit as guys pulled confused faces. As she sat down, the guy next to her looked up from his skates, "You must be the Staal sister." He said, a prominent 'C' on his chest.

"No, my name is Cassie," She said, dropping her bag to the ground, "Not the Staal sister." Cassie growled, pulling her pads out. He laughed and Cassie raised her blonde eyebrows at him as she pulled her heels off. "I'd appreciate it if you called me by my name."

He chuckled nervously, his eyes flitting over to one of his teammates, "Geno!" He called to a taller man walking out of the locker room, "You'll like this one!"

The fact that this boy was captain only made it a hell of a lot harder to control her temper, even if it was on ice she'd have to contain her raging hot head because she didn't want to be a dirty player. Her brother's never were, so why should she?

"I'm Sidney, by the way." He stuck his large hand out in front of Cassie, who shook her head and laughed.

Sidney Crosby was taken aback by the reaction of Jordan Staal's sister, completely blowing off his formal introduction to continue lacing up her skates. No one ever blew off Sidney Crosby, and today would certainly not be the day that that started to happen.

"Shake it." He held his hand out even longer, jerking it to get her attention.

"Shake your ass out of here so I can change," Cassie smirked, starting to peel off her tank top, "And then maybe I'll shake your hand later."

"Why not shake it now?" He asked, his black hair slicked back nicely. That was soon to be messed up by his helmet, although he would not care.

Cassie looked at the vein poping out of Sidney's arm. she knew he was tense just talking to her, so she grabbed his hand firmly and shook it. "Now go," She growled, "Before I unleash my brothers on you."




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