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The light of my life


The next day, Isabelle went home to her apartment almost direct she woke up. But she wasn't alone, Patrick was with her. She had been the one who asked him to follow her home. She felt like she had to do it, he deserved it. Of course, she didn't mind at all. She loved every minute with him so far.
They had bought food on the way to the apartment, and they were now eating it. Patrick was still shocked Isabelle still was obsessed with chicken, just like she was when they both were teenages.
"I'm here thanks to you", Patrick said out of nowhere, with his mouth full of sushi. Isabelle couldn't help but smile a bit. He's still talking with food in his mouth, she thought.
"What do you mean?", Isabelle asked, and then Patrick told her.
He was in the NHL, thanks to her. When she left Buffalo, he didn't see the fun in hockey anymore, but he continued play. He wanted to make it to the NHL, and make her proud. He said she was the reason he woke up every morning, and just keep fighting. He had promised her once upon a time that he would make it to the NHL, which he did.
"You know, I have and will always be proud over you, Pat. No matter what league you are playing in. Of course, I'm so damn proud you're in the NHL, but remember I will forever and always be proud of you, Patrick"
Isabelle meant every single word she said. She would be proud of him no matter what. She also didn't care if he made mistakes or something, she loved him with her whole heart.
He didn't care about her answer, he just continued talking. Then he said something that made her cry. The fact he remembered it was incredible.
"You know my number? It's not standing for the year we both are born in, it stands for the date you and I met"


short but yeah, it's better than nohing, I guess. xx


This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

Devils emma Devils emma