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The light of my life


Isabelle had been laying on Patrick's chest all day.
"You know, I can get used to this", Patrick said.
She looked into his blue eyes. "What do you mean?"
"Having you laying on my chest", he said like it was such a obvious thing.
Isabelle didn't know what to say, so she just sighed.
Patrick looked at her. "Isabelle, don't sigh. We did this all the time before"
"I know, Pat... But times changes, just like people"
He raised his eyebrows. "Really, Belle? If you think, there isn't much that have changed. We're just some years older, but we're still the same people as we was as teenagers. The same Isabelle, and the same Patrick"
"No", Isabelle whispered as looking down at her hands. "I'm not the same girl, Patrick. I have changed"

She wasn't the same. The truth was, when she left Buffalo she left a bit of herself there.
Sometimes, Isabelle wished she didn't leave Buffalo. But let's face it, she was to weak to stay. She just ran away from her problems. How much she wished, at that point she wasn't strong enough to fight against them. Not that she would be strong enough to fight against them now either.
Isabelle shook her head, and came back to reality and broke the silence that now was between the two. "Do you want something?"
"Water would be fine, thanks", Patrick said with a smile.

As Isabelle went to the kitchen, Patrick made his way to where she had the books.
"She still got the Harry Potter books", Patrick whispered to himself.
She had a lot of books, most of them was about criminal things. Then, Patrick saw something that looked like a diary.
His eyes was wide open when he held the diary in his hands.
"Do you want to read it?", he heard Isabelle ask behind him.
He turned around. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, Belle. I didn't mean to... -"
"No no, it's fine. Really, Patrick, it's fine. Keep the diary it if you want to, you deserve to know what I felt like after I left, I guess", she said, and then she remembered. "Oh! I have some letters I wrote to you after, yeah you know. I wasn't brave enough to send them to you. Wait, I will go and get them!"

"Where the hell did I left them?", Isabelle muttered to herself. She was in her wardrobe, where she had a lot of stuff. Everything from clothes to old things from her childhood. "They have to be here, I know I put them here... There they are!"
Isabelle couldn't help but feel a bit sad when she held the letters in her hands. These letters remind her of the things she had put behind her, things she never wanted to happen again.
She took a deep breath before heading to the living room, where - to her surprise - a now crying Patrick was sitting.
It was heartbreaking to see him cry, especially for Isabelle who not often had seen Patrick cry.
"Aw no, Patrick. Don't cry!", Isabelle said as she sat down next to him with her arms around him. "Or cry if you want to, it's better to cry then held in the feelings."
"I just... I just love you so much. Please never ever leave me", Patrick said with a voice that cracked. He was so... small right now. Like a little piece of paper could break him into parts.
"I promise, Kaner. And you know I love you too", she said as she wiped Patrick's tears away with her fingers. "What part are you reading?"
She just had to read "The pills is in the bathroom" to know why Patrick was crying.


A new chapter. Weyhey.

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This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

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