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The light of my life


June 2004:
The sixteen year old girl walked past the forest. She loved to be here. Of some weird reason, she felt like she felt when she was with her best friend. She felt happy. She felt like she could do whatever she wanted, without being afraid of getting hurt or ashamed.
She sat down on a stone. The stone was grey and cold, but the girl didn’t care. In fact, there was only one thing she cared about, and it was her best friend.
She closed her eyes and felt the cold wind. She loved to feel the wind.
She got up, and continues the walk in the forest. Her brown eyes got big when she saw a cat. The cat looked lost, so the young girl decided to bring the cat with her. Her parents would probably try to kill the fluffy little kitten, but no way she would let her parents hurt the kitten like the hurt her. No way.
“I’ll name you Stanley”, the girl told the cat. She knew the cat would probably not listen, but she wanted to say that. Stanley. It sounded great actually.
Together with the cat, they sat down in the end of the forest.
“Do you want to visit new places, Stanley?”, she asked the cat. “’Cause I want to. No, I need to visit new places. I can’t stay here. A new start sounds good, huh?”
The girl sat there, together with the kitten, for hours. No one missed her. No one called her. Her best friend was busy with hockey, she knew it. Her parents… Why would they care?, the girl thought by herself, they have never cared about me. Not even when Nick was alive.
Just the name made her cry. Her poor brother.
With his whole life in front of him, he got killed. He was at the wrong place on the wrong time.
The girl could feel tears on her cheeks. She missed her brother. To be honest, her best friend and her brother used to be the only humans alive who really cared about her. Or maybe her best friends’ mom too. But her brother was not alive anymore...


This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

Devils emma Devils emma