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The light of my life


Patrick couldn’t believe it. She left him.
The letter was everything he had left of her. She really wanted it to be like she never existed, but the problem was, she had existed. The truth was, she had existed and she meant the world to him.
Patrick couldn’t held in the tears. He already wanted to hug her, and whisper “Everything is going to be okay, Belle”, like he did all the time before she… left. He wanted her to be with him. Patrick wanted to play with her brown hair, and look into her beautiful brown eyes. He wanted to have her watching him play hockey, like she always did. Annabelle was the main reason Patrick never quit playing hockey, because whenever Patrick didn’t feel like he played good, Annabelle was there and told him even the best players could play bad. Annabelle told him he would make it to the NHL one day, and she meant it every time she said that.
Patrick knew Annabelle had problems at home, but he could never imagine her leaving Buffalo for it. Maybe if he had been there for her more, she wouldn’t had left.
He didn’t cry often, but he did cry that day.

The 16 year old Patrick loved Annabelle then, and the 25 year old Patrick loved Annabelle too. Too bad, it felt like Patrick would never get the chance to tell her that.


I deleted the old chapter 3, since I didn't like it. If anyone is confused, the start is from 2004 and the end from 2013.


This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

Devils emma Devils emma