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Cover Me

Chapter 23

Slowly April opened her eyes again, Jonathan’s lips still close to hers. Since they’d met again, she hadn’t touched him. He’d touched her cheek, kissed her, but she herself hadn’t initiated anything. Her hands were aching to touch his hair, his skin, and so she gave in to this urge. She combed her fingers through his hair and leaned her forehead against his, never looking away from his eyes.
Slowly she rose and settled on his lap. As much, as she wanted to gaze into his eyes longer, her eyes drifted shut, when she kissed him again. His hands touched her back and she shivered involuntarily. She could feel his smile against her lips. “Are you laughing at me?” she mumbled pressing her own body against his chest.
“I would never do such a thing!”
“Liar!” She gently bit down on his bottom lip. Before she knew it, she was on her back, her hands pinned above her head and Jonathan’s weight was pressing down on her. She liked that very much.
“Who are you calling a liar?” He lowered his head to her ear.
“Well, you are, because I’m pretty sure that you did laugh at me.” She could feel his lips on her neck, making her shiver again. And she couldn’t do anything against this, because her hands were pinned down by one of his hands. He ran the other one down the side of her body until he reached the hem of her shirt.
“I did. But only because it was so wonderful to feel and see your reactions to the way I touch you.” He slowly kissed his way down to her shoulder and slipped his hand beneath her shirt, where he fanned his fingers across her stomach. “I missed that.”
“You’re not the only one.” April’s voice was barely audible. When she tried to free her hands this time, he let her. She ran both her hands through his hair and carefully guided him up, so she could seal his lips with hers again.
She ran her fingertips over his chest and stomach, his muscles tensing up beneath her touch, making her eager to touch his bare skin. She knew what an excellent body he had, but she needed to feel and see it again. It had been way too long.
Jonathan ended the kiss and peered down into her face. He pushed her hair back and ran his thumb along her cheek and jaw, then over her lips. April drew his thumb into her mouth and closed her lips around it, so that Jonathan had to take a deep breath to keep his composure.
“You’re killing me right now, are you aware of that?” When she smiled, her retracted his hand.
“That was never my intention.” She ran both her hand up his chest again and locked her fingers behind his neck.
“Move in with me again!” He’d wanted to tell her ever since she’d stepped inside his apartment again. It was where she belonged. In this city. In this apartment. With him.
“I guess my room is still vacant, right?”
“Actually, you can’t have your room back,” Jonathan said with determination. Never would he let her go back to that. “You’ll share my bedroom with me. And your room will be a place where you can make music.”
“Are you serious?” Her eyes widened and her hands were completely still. Never had anybody offered her something like this. Okay, Joshua had offered her to open up for them, but this was something completely different.
“Of course I am!”
April hugged him with such force that they both fell from the sofa, April landing on top of Jonathan. They started laughing at the same time and needed a full minute to recover from this.
“So, what do you say?” Jonathan finally managed and cupped her face in his hands.
“YES!” She said way too loud, because she couldn’t control her happiness.


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


Its weird reading a story when the female character has the same name as you surname and all... lol
curlylocks14 curlylocks14
She and Jonathan just need to get back together haha. Great story can't wait for more and for the Kaner story!
alicatt alicatt
Oh and I love your story!
You have a tumblr right? Cause if you do, I'm following you! Haha
Springsteen fan I assume? Same! I really like your story!
parisegirl09 parisegirl09