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Cover Me

Chapter 24 *End*

After spending some time with Haley at the game, April already liked her. She was a friend of Jonathan’s and he’d already told her their background story. How he’d saved her life, how much time they’d spent together. And of course she knew about the fake girlfriend thing. She admired that. To be honest, April probably wouldn’t be able to go through with something like that. And there was Haley, working for a newspaper and pretending to be Patrick’s girlfriend to help him, Jonathan and apparently the team as well.
No wonder April was already looking forward to spending more time with this girl. They’d meet in two days to go shopping for dresses. There was a charity dinner at the end of the week. Jonathan wanted her to go with him and Haley was supposed to go with Patrick. The guys wanted them to go out and buy new dresses. They’d pay. April wouldn’t have had anything to wear to such a fancy dinner anyway.
She realized this when she’d finished putting her clothes in the wardrobe. Jonathan had made more than enough room for her, but she didn’t even need half of it. She’d have to buy a few more things when she’d go shopping with Haley.
Jonathan had been busy in the spare room and she wasn’t allowed to go inside until he was finished. It was a surprise. The only thing she knew was that he’d taken her guitar, which made her a little anxious. She knew that it was in good hands and that he knew how much it meant to her, but she couldn’t shake that strange feeling off. Her guitar was her baby.
“Are you finished already?” Jonathan leaned against the doorframe and looked at her. He crossed his arms over his chest, keeping his eyes fixed on April. A gentle smile was playing on his lips. This was where she belonged.
April jumped a little at the sound of his voice. She’d been lost in thought and hadn’t even heard him approaching. When she turned around, his brow wrinkled at her reaction. A smile broke out on her face. “You keep forgetting that I don’t have that many stuff. The furniture in the apartment weren’t mine.”
He stepped closer and stopped next to her. “There’s still some room in the wardrobe that needs to be filled.”
“That’s what I intend to do when I go shopping with Haley.”
“You like her, don’t you?” Jonathan wrapped an arm around her shoulders and looked down at her.
“Yes. She’s really nice and fun to talk to. And she can probably tell me a couple great stories about you.” She chuckled to herself and turned towards him. Running a hand through his hair she gazed into his eyes. “I’m really looking forward to that.”
“There are no funny stories about me, should you hope to hear some.” He grabbed her hand, pulled it up to his lips and kissed the palm.
“I bet there are.” For a moment she looked at her own hand before she looked up again. “And they’ll only make me love you more.”
“Love me?”
April stiffened. Had she said this out loud? Her face turned red and she tried to turn away from him, but he stopped her. He lifted her head so that he could press a soft kiss to her lips. She melted into him, and he put his arms around her to keep her in place.
“I love you, too,” he said when he finally broke the kiss. He stroked her cheek with his thumb and stared into her eyes, not ready to let go of her yet, but he knew he had to eventually. After all, he wanted to show her the room he’d prepared. She hadn’t been allowed to go in there the day before and all day today.
“Want me to show you the new room now?”
April eyes lit up and she nodded her head, nearly knocking it against Jonathan’s nose. That would have hurt like a bitch, but they’d probably laugh about it later on. Jonathan took a step back and took her hand in his. He led her towards the room and without further explanation he opened the door and stepped inside with her.
April stopped dead in her tracks. In one corner of the room was a piano, next to it was her guitar on a stand. There was a desk with a stack of music paper, a sound system and enough pens to last her a lifetime. Along one wall there were shelved filled with books and another one filled with vinyls. The atmosphere in this room made her eyes water. Never had anybody ever done something so wonderful for her. She turned around to him and had only one question. “How?”
“Most of the books and the vinyls are mine and I’m planning on filling these shelves together with you.” He stepped in front of her again and took her hands in his, grinning from ear to ear. “I want you to be able to do what you love, make music. Create your own music and for that I want to give you everything you need.” He took a deep breath before he continued. “Music is to you what hockey is to me, so I want you to have everything you need. I want you to be happy.”
“I don’t deserve you.” Her voice was barely audible when she said that, tears were brimming in her eyes and she bit down on her bottom lip so hard that she could almost taste blood.
“Look, no matter what happened in the past, we’re together now and it will stay this way, do you hear me?” Slowly she looked up again. “I’ll do everything I can to make you happy. I can’t promise you that I’ll never hurt you, because this might happen, but I won’t do it intentionally. I can only promise you to try and be the best man I can.”
This was the moment April couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. She quickly wiped them away and threw her hands around Jonathan’s neck. She pressed against him, afraid that he might vanish at some point.
He didn’t know this, but he was already the perfect man for her. The best man he could be.


Okay, I am finished with this one, BUT Jonathan and April will still be a part of "Just a Little Longer" for obvious reasons. I know this ending is a bit cheesy, but well. sue me.
I'm planning a new fanfic, but I have absolutely NO idea who to choose as the main male character, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and I'd love to hear your opinion at the end. Thanks, guys :)


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


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Oh and I love your story!
You have a tumblr right? Cause if you do, I'm following you! Haha
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