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Cover Me

Chapter 5

Talking to Jonathan the night before had been good. It had made her relax even more around him. She’d already felt pretty comfortable around him and in the apartment, but now that he knew more about her, she felt like she could really be herself. He hadn’t judged her. Listening to him talking about hockey, how he’d started and how much the game meant to him, had been interesting. She liked watching hockey when she had the time, but she’d never talked to anybody who earned their money with this. Hockey had always been a part of Jonathan’s life, his big dream. Hockey was his music.
Jonathan had left the house nearly three hours ago. He would have another training session and bring someone home with him. He’d asked her if she wanted to cook for them or if they should order something. In a kitchen like Jonathan’s, April really enjoyed cooking. And preparing something for one person more wasn’t a problem at all.
“Patrick has been bugging me to finally meet you for more than a week now,” Jonathan had told her over dinner the night before. She’d only met Patrick Kane briefly. They’d only exchanged a “hello”, so getting to know him properly should be interesting.
April got the washing out of the drier and started folding T-Shirt, pants and whatnot. She left the dress shirts aside so that she could iron them later on. With the basket in hand she entered Jonathan’s bedroom. The first time she’d been in here, she’d been very careful not to touch anything, but now that wasn’t a problem anymore. The walls were white, the gigantic bed, the wardrobe, the cupboard beneath the TV on the wall as well as the bookshelves were all dark-brown. It looked good together, comfy. The bookshelves had surprised her, though. She hadn’t expected to find so many books in there. There were classics, but especially thrillers and crime-fiction. She would never have thought of him as an avid reader. When did he find the time to do that?
The bell to the apartment startled her and she nearly let the basket drop the floor. Instead she put it down carefully on the bed. A quick look in the mirror on his wardrobe revealed that she looked okay. Her hair looked good and her clothes were clean even after cleaning the whole place. On her way to the door she picked up a pair of boxer briefs that she’d lost on her way to the bedroom.
With a grin on her face she opened the door. In front of her was a gorgeous blonde woman about her own age. Her hair was pinned back and she wore a beige coat. Apart from that April could only see that she was wearing jeans and boots that looked really expensive.
“Hey,” she finally said, still trying to keep the grin on her face despite the ice-cold look of that woman. “Can I help you?”
“Who are you?” The woman tried to look around April, so April took a step closer. She didn’t know who this woman was and she didn’t want to let her into the apartment. For all she knew, she could be some kind of serial killer.
“I’m April. And you are?”
“Amelia.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at this April. Jonny was so out of her league, and he belonged to her. What was this woman doing at his place then? “I want to talk to Jonny.”
“He’s not here. He’s got training and later he’ll bring Patrick home. Do you want me to give him a message?”
“I have a message for you. Keep your filthy fingers off my boyfriend and especially his underwear, understand?”
“But he’s not-“
“I said back off, slut!”
“Well, okay then.” Without saying another word, April stepped back and slammed the door shut. Stunned she looked at the closed door. What the heck? April took a few calming breaths before she returned to Jonathan’s bedroom. Apparently this woman was Jonathan’s girlfriend. How he could be together with such a fury, was beyond her. At least she’d have something to tell when he got back.
But before that she still had to put away the washing and get started on dinner. Or rather think about something she could make for dinner first.

“April?” Jonathan called after he’d shut the door behind him and Patrick. It already smelled so good in his apartment that his stomach rumbled. Yeah, he’d been looking forward to this meal all day after tasting April’s pasta the day before.
Only seconds after he’d called Amelia appeared in her usual jeans and band shirt. Today it was MIKA. With a huge smile on her lips she approached them.
“Hello Patrick, nice to meet you properly this time.”
“I can say the same.” He let his gaze travel over her body really quickly before he looked in her eyes again. “It smells delicious in here. What are you making?”
“Chicken Roast with potato wedges and a side salad. I hope you two are hungry.”
“Starving,” Jonathan said looking at the table she’d already set. There were no glasses so far. Maybe she didn’t know what to offer them for drinks.
“Good, it’s nearly ready.” April went to the oven and turned the temperature down a notch. She god bowls ready to serve the salad in. “Oh, before I forget this. Your girlfriend came by today.”
“Girlfriend?” Jonathan straightened and stared at her.
“Yeah. Amelia Something. She didn’t tell me her last name. But she told me to keep my filthy hands of you and your underwear. Oh, and she called me a slut.”
“She did not!” Now even Patrick was staring at her, disbelief showing on his face.
“Yes she did.”
“I broke it off nearly four months ago with her.” Exasperated Jonny sat down on a chair. And here he’d thought that Amelia wouldn’t bother him anymore. The last time he’d heard from her had been five weeks ago.
“But now she thinks that April is your girlfriend. Or something similar. This is brilliant!” Patrick sat down as well, grinning at April, when she looked at him questioningly. “Maybe now she’ll leave you alone.”
“She didn’t sound like it.” April got three beers out of the fridge, opened them and placed the bottles on the table. “She was more than pissed.”
“I’m sorry, April.”
“It’s not your fault. If it helps you get rid of her, I’ll tell her I’m with you now, if you want to.” She went back to the kitchen part to get the salad bowls.
“That’s actually not such a bad idea.” Not at all. Amelia already believed that there was something going on between him and April. He doubted that it would be enough if she just told her that they were a couple now, when they met again. But it would be a start.
“This is going to be so much fun. That crazy woman has to stay the hell away for good.” Patrick had never liked her. And he’d been right all along.


Yes! Springsteen has been a huge influence on me/my life :)
And Thank you!


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


Its weird reading a story when the female character has the same name as you surname and all... lol
curlylocks14 curlylocks14
She and Jonathan just need to get back together haha. Great story can't wait for more and for the Kaner story!
alicatt alicatt
Oh and I love your story!
You have a tumblr right? Cause if you do, I'm following you! Haha
Springsteen fan I assume? Same! I really like your story!
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