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Cover Me

Chapter 6

Patrick made it easy for April to like him. He was funny, loved her food and listened to her stories. Of course she’d heard and read about his binge-drinking and other problems. It was none of her business and she didn’t really care about all this. Everybody deserved a chance and Patrick Kane was really nice to her.
“I guess I should better go home. Have to be fit for the game tomorrow.” Patrick got up from his chair, April and Jonathan followed him. “Thank you for the meal. Are you coming to the game tomorrow?”
April hadn’t really thought about this. She would be there alone, but it would be something different than staying in or going food-shopping.
“It would be great if you could come.” Jonathan turned towards her, after thinking about this for a moment. “Sharpie’s wife Abby wants to come to the game tomorrow. They got someone to look after their daughter. You’d get out of the apartment and meet new people.”
If he put it this way, it sounded really appealing. And watching a hockey game in the arena would be something new. Well, kind of. The last time she’d seen a hockey game in an arena had been about ten years ago, when her parents had made her come with them and her brother to a Red Wings game. She’d loved the atmosphere, the people and the game, but since her brother hadn’t been impressed they’d never gone again. And Dan hadn’t been a fan of hockey. Football was the only sport in his life.
“I’d love to.”
“Okay, then I’ll talk to Sharpie tomorrow.” Jonathan nodded his head before he looked up at Patrick again.
“Great!” Patrick added enthusiastically. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He gave her a little peck on the cheek before he walked to the door with Jonathan. Both of them stepped outside of the apartment. “And you’re telling me that there isn’t more between the two of you?”
“Of course there isn’t!” Jonathan scowled at his friend.
“Then you’re stupid. Really, really stupid. That girl is funny, witty and she looks good. What more could you possibly want?”
“She works for me. And she lives here. I want to help her out, not use her or something.”
“Oh forget it, Jonny. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Without another word, Patrick went down the corridor. Jonathan took a deep breath before he went back inside his apartment and closed the door. April was already standing at the sink cleaning up pots and pans. He stepped behind her, put his hands on her upper arms and gently pulled her a little bit back.
“What are you doing?” She turned her face towards him, arms poised in mid-air, water dripping on the ground from them.
“I want you to stop what you’re doing.” Slowly he let his hands drop to his sides. “You’ve already done the cooking. You go ahead and do whatever you want to and I’ll clean up.”
“You don’t have to do this. You’re paying me to clean up here, did you forget about this?”
“No, but you’ve done enough for today.” He rolled up the sleeves of his sweater and stepped in front of the sink. “Thank you, April. For the great meal.”
“You’re welcome.” She dried her hands on one of the towels. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight, Jonathan.” With a smile on her lips she went to her bedroom.

April was nervous when she entered the Arena and was introduced to Patrick Sharp and his wife Abby. All the old insecurities about what people might think about her popped up again, but she needn’t have worried. Abby immediately welcomed her with an affectionate hug. Stunned, April put her arms around the woman. This was new to her, but it felt good. She didn’t know how welcoming people could be.
“It’s great to meet you. And especially to have someone to watch the game with me.” Abby turned around to her husband, gave him a quick kiss and wished him luck for the game, before she took April’s arm and steered her towards their seats. “I heard a lot about you.”
“No, nothing bad, don’t worry!” Abby smiled at her and squeezed her arm. “Jonathan told me about your problem. And he also said that you’re a great help around the house, that you’re funny and it’s a joy to talk to you.”
“He said all that?”
“Why would I make something like this up?” When they got to their seats they sat down. “Your first hockey game?”
“My second.” April looked around, taking the atmosphere in. “But the first one was years ago.”
They talked until the first period began and made plans to meet the following day. Abby told her about their daughter, about the games she’d been to and the Blackhawks organization and fans. The more April heard the more fascinated she got. She’d already heard a lot from Jonathan, but hearing the same things from somebody else made them more real somehow. Abby had given her a woman’s point of view. A woman who was invested in the sport. Someone she could maybe become friends with. And especially someone who wasn’t friends with Dan.
When the first period started, Abby told her a couple of things. April had watched games, but there were still things she didn’t understand. The different penalties for example. Abby loved explaining everything to her. In the second period, April even asked her questions instead of just sitting there, watching the game and listening to Abby talk.
The Blackhawks were up 2-1 at the end of the second period when Toews was checked into the boards and stayed down. Abby and April jumped up from their seats, as if it helped them see what was happening better.
“Oh no”, Abby mumbled scaring April even more.
Kane was the first one by his side and he helped his captain up. Jonathan was cradling his elbow when he left the ice.
“What do you think happened?” April looked at Abby, concern written all over her face. Jonathan wasn’t only her boss. Over the weeks she’d gotten to know him better and considered him a friend. Kind of. She didn’t really know what to call him.
“It’s either his elbow or his shoulder. I don’t think they’ll let him play the last period to be honest.” And Abby was right. Jonathan didn’t even come out for the last period. He stayed in the locker room with the doctors. They Blackhawks maintained the lead and in the end they won 3-1.
When Abby and April got down there, they had to wait for quite some time. Patrick Sharp got to them first. He could tell them About Jonny’s state. He’d dislocated his right shoulder: They’d set his arm again, but kept him back there to watch him a bit. He’d hit his head pretty hard, too. They’d have to see him again tomorrow, but for now he’d gotten painkillers to get him safely home and to sleep. And he would need sleep. Lots and lots of it.
Jonathan got out just after Abby and Sharpie had left. He looked a little pale and exhausted. His right arm was hanging loosely by his side.
“Hey,” he mumbled when he reached her. “Is it okay if you drive? I can’t really do that right now.”
“It’s perfectly fine.” She took the keys from him. Once in the car and on their way home, she asked: “How are you feeling?”
“Tired and exhausted. I just want to go to bed.” He rubbed a hand over his face. “Thanks to the painkillers I can hardly feel the pain, but they make me tired as hell.”
“Sounds like breakfast in bed to me.”
“Actually, that sounds like a great idea. Thank you.”
It was the least she could do for him in her opinion. She parked the car, rode the elevator up with him and sent him to his bedroom straight away. He really needed sleep. But when he called her from his bedroom, she didn’t know what to expect.
“Can you help me out of my shirt?” He looked at her exasperatedly. “I can’t really move my right arm right now and can’t get out of it.”
“Sure.” Gingerly she placed her hands under the shirt and helped him pull it over the injured arm and shoulder. Her eyes got stuck on his stomach and pectorals. Damn, she’d been living here for some time now and had never thought that he’d look like this underneath his clothes. She shouldn’t be thinking about this at all. Quickly she helped him out of the shirt and folded it together.
“Thank you.” He said, throwing her a dazzling smile.
“Was that a smile, Captain Serious?”
“Maybe.” He turned away from her and opened the button of his pants. Time for April to go. She’d already seen enough of him for one night.

When Jonathan had slept for nearly ten hours, April decided to bring him breakfast. She’d prepared everything on a tray. A cup of tea instead of coffee this morning and even scrambled eggs. Hopefully he was already feeling better this morning.
She knocked on the door and heard him mumble something inside. Slowly she opened the door and stepped inside.
“I made breakfast.” She walked up to the bed where he was lying flat on his back. The sheets were tangled around his legs and lower torso, leaving part of his stomach and his pectorals out. The mumbling must have happened in his sleep, because he still looked very much asleep to her. As quietly as possible she put down the tray on the nightstand.
“Yes?” Apparently he wasn’t asleep. She turned towards him and looked into drowsy eyes.
“Come here!” he mumbled, reaching for her with one hand.
“What is it?” Genuinely worried she sat down on his bed and leaned a bit over him. Maybe it was his shoulder, or something else hurt.
“Come here!” he repeated again before he pulled her clothes and sealed her lips with his. Heat flooded her whole body. Her first instinct had been to shove him away, but it felt so good that she gave in, even if only for a few seconds. She leaned into his touch, placed her hand on his chest and reveled in the feeling of his lips on hers, until her mind told her that this was a bad, bad idea.
She pulled back with such speed, that she nearly fell off the bed. Instead she just got up and stared down at him. A look of utter horror on her face. That had apparently woken Jonathan up completely as well.
“What the…?” Carefully he sat up and looked at her. For a few seconds he didn’t say a word, replaying what he thought he’d been dreaming in his head. “What are you doing here?”
“I brought you breakfast.” Heart beating rapidly in her chest, she looked at him for a moment, but averted her eyes quickly. “I didn’t want to wake you.” Was she really apologizing after what had just happened? It was probably best if they’d never talk about this.
“Breakfast?” He wanted to get up and apologize, but standing up was out of the question if he didn’t want to embarrass himself any further. “Thank you. That’s great.”
“Okay, enjoy your breakfast then.”
She couldn’t get out of the room fast enough and Jonathan couldn’t blame her. Man, what an awkward, embarrassing start to a day. But to be fair, it wasn’t completely his fault he’d dreamed about April and mistaken reality for a dream. It had all fit perfectly together.
Still, this would take some time to feel normal again. Oh boy.


This turned out slightly longer than the ones before. let me know what you think :)


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


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