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Cover Me

Chapter 7

After being examined by the team doctors again, Jonathan was cleared to take part in practice the following day and in the game a day later. On his way home he picked up a few groceries, deciding that he’d cook tonight and let April read a book, watch TV, or whatever she wanted to do.
April had left the apartment at the same time he’d left for his examination and talks with the trainers. She’d told him that she’d meet with Abby for a coffee. Good. It was great that she and Abby got along. That way April had someone else to talk to, another friend.
When he opened the door to his apartment, he could hear April’s voice from the bathroom. It was a bit muffled because of the closed door, but she was definitely singing. He put the bags down in den kitchen and returned to take off his shoes. April’s voice got louder, an indication that she’d opened the bathroom door. Curios about whether she’d keep singing or stop when she saw him, he looked up, but he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.
“… Funny how a melody sounds like a memooooOOHHH MY GOD!” April screeched mid-song when she saw Jonathan. She was standing in front of him in her gray panties and matching bra, hair wrapped up in a towel. She’d forgotten the rest of her clothes in her room and because she’d assumed that he’d be home a lot later, she hadn’t worried about leaving the bathroom in only her underwear.
“Um… Hey.” Jonathan couldn’t look away from her. It wasn’t possible.
“Hi!” For a few seconds she stood there motionless, before she regained control of her limbs and walked in her room, slamming the door shut. This had not happened. Dear Lord! First the kiss that morning, now this. Couldn’t they go at least twenty-four hours without another embarrassing moment? Apparently not.
Jonathan stood there a moment longer. He’d known that she had a nice body, with big breasts she tried to hide beneath her clothes sometimes, but seeing her only in her underwear had shown him just how good she really looked. For society’s standards she probably weighed too much. Well then, fuck society, because she looked great. She looked all soft, with nice curves. A body that would feel great beneath his hands.
He shook his head vigorously and went back to the kitchen part to put the groceries away. His mind had no business going in that direction. That would only cause him trouble. Nothing he needed right now. The same probably held true for April.
When he was finished with his task he turned around and looked straight into April’s eyes. She was fully dressed now, her hair, still damp from the shower, hung loosely around her face.
“I didn’t expect you back so soon,” she finally broke the silence. “This is embarrassing.”
“Oh, come on. It’s not worse than what happened this morning.”
“At least you were still half asleep and probably thought you were still dreaming or whatever. I have no excuse for standing in front of you in my underwear. And if a man sees me in my underwear I should at least wear nice underwear. Something with lace and whatnot.” She started rambling. Jonathan couldn’t believe that they were talking about her choice of underwear now.
“Are you kidding me? You looked damn hot in that underwear. No lace needed.” Had he really just told her that? Around her he had a tendency to say out loud what he was thinking, when he should better keep his mouth shut.
“Thank you,” she murmured after long moments of silence, not really sure how to react. Thanking him seemed appropriate somehow. The look in his eyes made her think of the kiss they’d shared this morning, though. The way her body had reacted to him straight away. She wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t pulled away.
“I’m sorry for what happened this morning. I may have been half asleep, but it’s no excuse for grabbing and kissing you.” Jonathan turned around and got a pan out of the cupboard. It was time to start dinner and that way he didn’t have to face her while talking about this.
“To be fair, you hardly grabbed me.” She leaned against the counter watching him. “And to be honest, I enjoyed the kiss, even if I pulled back.”
Slowly Jonathan turned around again. Screw not facing her when talking about this embarrassing moment. She’d just said that she’d enjoyed that kiss and he had to look in her eyes to see if she was telling the truth. And she was.
“I’d dreamed about kissing you. Well, that had been one of the things. And when I opened my eyes you were there.” He took a step closer.
“You dreamed about me?” She straightened a bit. Never had anybody said that to her. He’d dreamed about her. About kissing her. And other things. Oh God! Her heart started racing again just like it had that morning after the kiss.
“It wasn’t the first time.” He took another step closer and was now directly in front of her. April had to tilt her hair back to keep eye contact. The way he looked at her sent a tingling down her spine to the soles of her feet. When Jonathan ran his hand through her damp her and tilted her head a bit further back, she leaned against him. It felt so good to be close to a man. A man who could make her feel good about herself.
He lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. And she was lost. A little moan escaped her lips, making him grip her hip a little tighter with the hand he’d placed there before. Gone was the soft kiss that had started as he touched his tongue to hers. April ran her hands up his chest and held onto his shoulders. He was crushing her to him, exploring her mouth with his tongue, making her yearn for more. And suddenly his lips were gone again.
Breathing heavily Jonathan looked at her. He let go of her and smoothed down her hair. When he took a step back, April’s hands fell away from him. Her fingers felt numb when she opened her eyes and looked at him. What the hell had that been?
“Damnit,” he mumbled to himself before he looked up again. “This shouldn’t have happened.” He ran a hand through his hair. “You live with me and work for me and I shouldn’t use you.”
“Do you really count that as using me?” April raised an eyebrow. “I was participating, okay?”
“Still.” He shook his head. He shouldn’t have lost control of himself like this. “You might not see it that way, but I do.”
“Fine.” A little exasperated, confused, and still longing for more, April left him alone in the kitchen, closed the door to her room and got her guitar out. Playing a song or two would get her focused on other things. She would not get hung up on a kiss. Or rather two kisses. No matter how good they had been. She had plans for her life that didn’t involve a man.


Since I don't have to do my presentation tomorrow, I had time to write a little more today. And after the last chapter I knew exactly what I wanted to write, so herre you go :)


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


Its weird reading a story when the female character has the same name as you surname and all... lol
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She and Jonathan just need to get back together haha. Great story can't wait for more and for the Kaner story!
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Oh and I love your story!
You have a tumblr right? Cause if you do, I'm following you! Haha
Springsteen fan I assume? Same! I really like your story!
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