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Beautiful Disaster


‚Äč Straightening out his tie I pushed the knot up to its rightful place. Than I pulled the lapels of his suit jacket together. I patted his chest and stepped back and watched as he buttoned the two other buttons on his suit jacket.

"You look good Sid," I stated proudly.

"Thank's do you think she'll approve?" He asked smiling, and turned to look in the mirror.

"Well if she doesn't than she doesn't know what she's missing out on and doesn't deserve you than," I replied, coming up besides him and bushing off the non-existent lint on his shoulder. Which was easier tonight with the heels I was wearing. "But if I know my twin sister like I think I do. Than you have nothing to worry about."

"Thanks Emmerz," he replied, smiling again.

"You know I think your going to give a certain defenseman we both know a heart attack tonight. I may have to step-up and play the big brother role, since your brother doesn't go here. But if I may say so you guys will look good all matching," he said.

"Thanks Sid that means [b]a lot[/b] to me. Considering I can't even go with him tonight and he has to go with her," I replied, getting teary eyed and looking down at my feet.

"Hey none of that. I don't want to be held responsible for ruined makeup," he teased, turning and putting his fingers under my chin. Than wiped my tears away, as a knock came on the door.

"Come in," Sid called out, pulling his hands back from my face.

"Are you guys ready?" My sister Asher asked coming into the room, with a huge smile.

"Ash," Sid and I both groaned.

Sid and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Someone who didn't know us would have probably thought Sid and I were related.

"You guys are so weird," Ash grumbled, "Besides I didn't want to be stuck downstairs waiting on you two with the fucking Brady bunch gang."

"Mitch and Jamie are here?" I asked.

"Yepper doodles," Ash replied cheerfully.

I turned to look at my twin, well to be exact my identical twin. Sometimes I wondered how we could be related. Asher was the more popular, outgoing, peppy cheerleader type. She never let anything get her down. Even after we lost our parents and her and I and our brother James had to move in with our grandfather. Now don't get me wrong or think I'm putting myself down. But I would put myself more in the popular, nerdy, athletic category. I was the one who would rather sit down and study and play sports. Asher would rather go out and socialize and party. Those are about the only things that separated us.

Other than our personalities being our differences you couldn't tell us apart. We had the same blonde hair that was layered and shoulder length. The same blue-green eyes. We were indentical in every since of the word. The only way you could tell us apart was the tiny pinprick birthmark I had on my ear. That actually looked like a doctor might have made to tell us apart. But no it was just a birthmark that only a few people knew about.

We had used our likeness a lot to fool other people. We had even used it once or twice to trick Sid. When Asher had been mad at him. He had been none the wiser to our tricks. We had even acted like one another against our brother James. Whenever he was angry at one of us. If he was mad at me, I would pretend to be Asher just to get him to talk to me and vise versa. I hated it whenever James or Asher were mad at me. Because in all honesty James and Asher were the only family I had left. Beside the select few friends we had.

And even though James was four years older than Asher and I. He was fiercely protective of us. Ever since our parents had abandoned us at our grandfathers doorstep. Even though I had been six at the time I still understood what was happening that day and remembered it like it was yesterday. Our grandfather had taken to Asher and James right away. He had never taken to me, saying I reminded him too much of our mother and how she had taken his son from him. And that Asher and James reminded him of dad.

"Hey.... Hey are you even listening to me?" Asher asked, snapping her fingers in my face.

"Huh? What?" I asked in a daze, shaking my head and pushing her hand out of my face.

"I've been talking to you for the past five minutes...... And you've been ignoring to the whole damn time. Did you even hear a word I said?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry sis I didn't," I replied sheepishly.

I felt bad for not hearing what she had been saying, because I knew how much it irritated her to repeat herself. She got that trait from our grandfather. He had to repeat himself a ton to me and that aggravated him to no end.

"Jesus Christ I'm trying to explain how we're going to get her and Jack away from the freakin Brady bunch and she still isn't paying attention," Asher said exasperated, throughing her hands up in the air.

Which earned a chuckle from Sid, but Asher shot him a look that shut him up quickly. You didn't want to be on the recieving end of one of Asher's looks. Asher had perfected the 'If looks could kill' look.

"Ash I hate to intrude on your little speech, but we have to get going. We'll just have to work out the plan as we go," Sid said, holding out a hand for Asher.

Asher thankfully relented and took his hand. I sent Sid a grateful look, which he acknowledged with a nod. Sid and Asher lead the way out of the room, with me following behind them. We slowly made our way down the staircase of the boarding house to the main sitting area. I could see Mitch standing there looking completely bored, and Jack and Jamie standing off to the side. Jamie was glued to Jacks side like a freaking leech. Practically humping his leg.

'God she's a tramp' I thought to myself and did a mental eye roll.

As we came to the bottom of the steps they all turned our way. They all told Sid and Asher how good they looked. Than they all turned their attention to me. I saw Jack give me an appreciative once over and winked at me. Jamie just kind of sneered at me and rolled her eyes at me, than put all her attention back on Jack. Mitch walked over to me and kissed my cheek and pinned the boutiner on my dress for me.

"You look beautiful Emmerson," Mitch said quietly, as he finished pinning the flower on me.

"Thanks," I replied, blushing slightly.

Don't get me wrong Mitch was a very good looking guy. He was tall, good looking, athletic, had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was plenty of girls dream guy, in fact he had plenty of girls drooling over him. But he just wasn't my type. He was just a very good friend of mine. I would even go as far as saying he was one of my best friends. But I had never been interested in him any other way, much to my grandfather dismay.

When our parents had abandoned James, Asher and I off on our grandfathers doorsteps all those years ago. Our grandfather had thrust us into society. Our grandfather had quiet a bit of money, his family had made themselves quiet a fortune in developing an area in Bloomfeild Hills. So he had always made sure we had the best educations, and everything we needed. But with that came him trying to be with people who also came from money.

Our grandfather had tried to set me up with Mitch at first and even Mitch had tried to make it work. But Mitch finally realized that [b]me[/] and [b]him[/b] just weren't going to work. So we decided we would just be better off as friends. As I said much to the dismay of my grandfather and his sisters Jamie and Nicole. Mitch had also realized that a certain blonde headed boy had caught my attention. Which also ticked his sisters, especially Jamie off.

There were also other reasons as to why Jamie and Nicole didn't like me. But that's a different story for another day.

We had all been at our Winter dance for a few hours now. The boys thought it would be a smart idea to sneak in a bottle of liquor. Where the got it from? I had no clue and wasn't about to ask either. I wasn't a big drinker to begin with, so I had a few drinks of it at the beginning of the dance. Just enough to make me feel good. The rest of our little group was sloshed though. Even the ever present level headed Sidney, was wasted.

I was standing off to the side off the dance floor at that moment swaying back and forth to the music. When Asher came stumbling up to me.

"Come on Emmerson," Asher slurred, dragging me off towards the bathrooms.

"Where are going Ash?" I asked.

"To the restrooms," she replied.

"Why? I don't need to go," I replied.

"Just come onnnnnnnn," she whined drunkingly.

Once we were in the bathroom she turned and locked the bathroom door.

"Strip," Asher demanded slightly slurred, as she tried to reach her own zipper.

"What? Why?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, as I watched her turn in circles still trying to reach her zipper.

"Do you want to dance with Jack or not?" She asked in a huff, stopping her ridiculous turning and looking at me.

"You know I do," I replied.

"We'll if you had been listening earlier, instead of off in la-la land. Than you would have heard me say I had a plan. Now you know that the only way you'll get to dance with Jack is if Jamie thinks your me. Now strip," she demanded.

"Ok," I replied, still not understanding how this was going to work.

I pulled down the zipper on my own dress and stepped out of it. Than seeing that she was still having problems with her own, I went over and stopped her turning in circles. I unzipped her dress and than helped her step out of it. She handed me her dress and than took my dress and put it on herself. She turned her back to me and I zipped my dress up on her. I was still standing there in nothing but my bra and panties when she turned and looked at me.

"We'll are you going to get dressed? Or are you going to go back out there looking like that?" She asked.

"Asher this isn't going to work," I sighed, shaking my head.

"Yes it will. I've already worked it out and the guys already know the plan. So you need to get dressed and go back out there to Sid. Don't worry about anything else and don't screw this up Emmerson," she huffed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Fine. But this better work," I sighed, putting on her dress and zipping it up.

After we had gotten dressed and fixed our hair and put some more lip gloss on. Asher unlocked the bathroom door we headed out. Sid was leaning against the wall opposite of the bathroom.

"Creeper," I muttered jokingly.

"You lovely ladies ready?" He asked, winking at Asher and grabbing my hand.

It felt weird having Sid hold my hand. It felt wrong in a way, like I was betraying my sister in some way. But I had trust that whatever my sister had planned, that it was going to work. As we head back out towards the ballroom, Asher went back over to where I had been standing. Sid lead me out onto the dance floor, turning me to face him and put his hands on my hips. My body tensed up from the contact.

"Relax Emmerson or this won't work," Sid mumbled quietly in my ear.

"I hope you and Asher know what your doing," I muttered.

Just when he was going to answer I heard someone clear their throat behind us. Sid stopped our swaying motion and I turned my head slightly to see Jack and Jamie standing there.

"May I have a dance with the lovely Ms. Asher tonight Sid?" Jack asked.

"Sure be my guest. As long as I can dance with Jamie," Sid replied.

Sid gladly handed me over and Jack gladly took my hand and quickly lead me away from Jamie and Sid. I almost giggled at the ridiculousness of the situation. But I realized it did seem to work, at least for now. Jack lead me as far from Sid and Jamie's prying eyes as he could. Than turned me towards him, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close.

"Relax Em," Jack said, rubbing tiny circles in my lower back.

"If one more person tells me to relax," I huffed, looking up into his eyes.

"What, you going to hurt me?" He teased, with a chuckle.

I could only smirk at him in response. He knew I could never hurt him. We settled into a comfortable silence and danced to several dances together. It seemed all to soon when Sid, Jamie, Asher and Mitch came over and joined us. Looking at Mitch I could tell he was even more wasted than before.

"I'm hungry. Lets go get something to eat. We don't have to be back on campus until one," he slurred, swaying slightly.

We all agreed to go with him. None of us willing to let him go alone in his current state and none of us wanting to return to our dorms yet. When we finally decided where we were going, we grabbed our coats and headed outside. When we got outside we all pulled our coats tighter around us. It had started to snow when we had been in the dance.

We all got into the huge SUV we were taking and headed out for some food. All I could think was this was one of the best nights we had in awhile.


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