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Beautiful Disaster

Bottoms Up

{Seven Years Later}

I swallowed the last of the dark amber liquid in my shot glass and slammed the cup down on the bar. Cringing slightly as the liquid burned going down my throat. I looked over at the bartender, who was looking at me. I lifted my glass and motioned for another one.

I watched as he grabbed the larger bottle and walked over to me. Pouring the liquid into my cup while shaking his head. I could only smile back at him shakily. We both knew it didn't take much to push me over the limit. The bartender was very familiar with me, in fact he owned the bar I was now downing my every day sorrows in. The bartenders name happened to be Ted. Teds bar was a smaller little dive bar, that the 'other person' and I had happened to find here in Los Angeles.

We had been lucky to find it that night years ago and had become regulars here. We loved it here because we were unreconizable in here, or people just didn't care. Plus the owner slash bartender Ted was a really nice older guy. I shouldn't really say older, I mean he was at least ten years older than I was. But he wasn't that old, I would say mid-thirties. His wife was really nice too, they both had helped me a [b]ton[/b].

I don't know how many drinks in I was, I had lost count. My body was starting to feel numb. I liked when I felt this way, this way I wasn't able to feel anything. I now understood why Asher liked to drink all the time. I was numb to all of my problems. And in that, that was probably the majority of my problems.

I looked up and saw Ted the bartender looking at me and over my shoulder worriedly. It was than I realized the presence of someone, or actually several someone's behind me. I turned my head and noticed several good looking guys behind me. They seemed to be a little irritated though.

'Hmmmmm how long have they been standing there?' I wondered to myself.

I gulped nervously and turned my attention back to my almost empty cup. I could tell they were waiting expectantly for me to say something, or ask for them to join me. Well hate to break it to them, but they would be waiting awhile for me to ask. It wasn't like I didn't want to or didn't find them attractive. Like I said they weren't good looking guys. I just couldn't.

I looked at the end of the bar and saw Ted still watching, and not in a creepy way. I think Ted felt the need to be protective over me, but the thing he didn't realize was he was fighting a losing battle. The thing he wanted to protect me from he couldn't. He didn't even realize he needed to protect me from myself.

"How about I buy you a drink beautiful?" One of the guys behind me slurred, stumbling slightly.

He kept his balance though as he threw one of his arms around my shoulders. I was right at the right height being on the bar stool. This guy was clearly intoxicated and even with how drunk I was I could smell the liquor rolling off of him. It hit all of my senses and was repulsive. I tried to shrug this guys arm off of my shoulders, only to have him tighten his hold.

"So how bout it?" He slurred again.

I sighed in response and wrapped a hand around my cup and lifted it up, to indicate my half full cup. I looked over at Ted and saw him slowly making his way down the bar towards us. When he finally reached us he kept his eyes on me.

"Everything alright over here?" Ted asked me.

I nodded in response with a tight lipped smile.

"How about you get us all a round?" The guy with his arm around my shoulders slurred.

Ted shot me a looking asking me if I was ok, again I only nodded in response. I wasn't about to open my mouth and talk in front of these guys. I didn't want to be made fun of and I just didn't find the need to talk anymore. I hadn't actually talked in years. You would think that would be difficult since I played on an professional indoor soccer team. But the girls and I had worked out a system that worked for all of us.

I watched as Ted sighed and walked away shaking his head. The guy who had his arm around my shoulders finally released me and settled down on a stool next to me. His friends sitting on the other side of him and me. Ted brang over a round of shots of some kind. He had the bar phone between his shoulder and ear as he set down the drinks.

"Uhhh huh, she's here," Ted replied to whoever was on the other end of the phone, he kept his eyes on me.

"So beautiful whats your name? I'm John by the way," the guy John slurred introduced himself.

My nose scrunched in disgust at the smell of alcohol on his breath. I picked up my drink and slammed it back.

"You know when someone asks you something it's not nice to ignore them," John sneered, his hand grasping my arm tightly.

"Maybe you should let the lady go," a voice snapped behind us.

I straightened up on the barstool I knew that voice. I knew that voice very well in fact. That voice belonged to someone who at one point had been a good friend. Well more like a best friend. But like everything and everyone else I had pushed him away. I slowly turned my head and came face to chest of Sidney Crosby. I lifted my eyes to his face and meet a very serious pissed off Sidney Crosby.

"Hey man I was talking to the lady first. Why don't you go find some other chick to talk to," John snapped, turning quickly to look at Sidney. At the same time he spun me on the barstool, almost making me fall off my stool.

Sidney reached out hand to steady me. As soon as his hand came into contact with my shoulder. I jerked my shoulder back from his touch. It had been so long since I had felt a soft caring touch, that it shocked me. I saw hurt flash in Sid's eyes, from me flinching. I looked over Sid's shoulder and could see Jonathan Quick standing behind him.

'Crap they've come to double team me' I thought to myself.

The only reason I knew Jonathan was because of 'him'. I had meet him a couple of times and we got along. I looked back up at Sidney to find him now looking at me through narrowed eyes. I turned my head side to side to look at the guys who had joined me, only to find they had left.

'Double crap now I'm really in for it' I thought, mentally cringing.

"So are you just going to sit there and not say anything Emmerson?" Sid asked, still looking at me through narrowed eyes.

I waved my hand in a 'hi' motion and than turned my attention back to my now empty cup. I tried to find Ted and saw him down at the far far end of the bar.

"Not going to work Emmerson. You've had enough and your drunk, it's time to go." Sid stated firmly.

I scowled over my shoulder at him and shook my head 'no' vigorously. I looked down the bar and tried to find Ted again. When I finally found him I lifted my glass again to indicate a drink again, but a firm warm hand wrapped my wrist stopping me. I frowned down at his hand for a few seconds and than turned it into a scowl and looked up at him.

"Again Emmerson not going to work. We're going to go now and your coming with me. Your going to stop avoiding everything. Also your brother wants me to bring you home. He's lucky I was in town so I could come get you," Sid stated trailing off, as I started shaking my head.

"Don't shake your head at me. Your brother is worried about you and your avoiding him. Hell you've been avoiding me, well everybody. Now weather you like it or not I'm taking you home," Sid finished, wrapping his hand around my arm and pulling me up from my seat.


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