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Give Love A Try One More Time


Nicole is a French teacher at a high school just outside of Chicago, IL. She comes from a prestigous family and is very intelligent. Her career choice was not exactly what her parents wanted for her, but they supported her anyway. Aside from the reward of shaping children's minds and broadening their linguistic skills, she also gets the chance to meet a very sexy hockey player.

Katie is stuck following in her father's footsteps and being conditioned to take over the family business. All she really wants to do is become a photographer. Her parents are divorced and live on opposite ends of the city and both want her to take over the business because it is profitable. She spends her spare time photographing and coaching the JV hockey team at the same high school where her best friend, Nicole, teaches.

Both get chance encounters with the Chicago Blackhawks when the team's charity committee decides to donate new uniforms to the school for the hockey teams. Their encounter takes place at a school assembly to announce the donation. Nicole is in charge of the organization of the whole event, and Katie accepts her team's new uniforms.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have no idea what they're in for.

First chapter is in Nicole's POV. Second in Katie's. Then Nicole's. Etc....



Kinda curious to see what happens next.