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A Special Place (Sidney Crosby)

Chapter 1

Gia's POV

I never thought I'd see this coming, coach put me in as one of the kids for the 'Play Like A Pro' sweepstakes. I was shocked because I never thought that it could happen to me. He smiled and I squealed. "I won't let you down, Coach.!" I ran home with my gear and ran into the house. "MOM, guess what?!" She sighed and she knew that hockey wasn't something that a girl should be playing, but out of the 6 years of varsity hockey, I only had a sprained wrist. "Coach, put me in the competition where I can go and play with my favorite team!" She smiled at me. "I'm proud I hope you win." She took a puff of her cigarette and I sighed. "You really should quit smoking, it's not good for you." She rolled her eyes and stamped out the cigarette in a ash tray. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when do you find out?" I shrugged. "I guess when coach gets a call. I'm going to do my homework." I walked into my room and sighed. I loved my room. I had posters of my favorite hockey team plastered all over the walls. And my favorite player Sidney Crosby over my bed. My mom think that it's an illness, but I see it as a passion. I want to be a coach for either the Pens themselves or the Little Penguins kids hockey team. My mom tried to get me in that, but it went by lottery system and our number didn't get picked. I was sad but played for a community league instead. I went to crack open my books after I put on the sports channel to hear about the Pens. I love hockey season. I really do.

Sidney's POV

I got a call from Mario and he was telling me about this competition where a kid from high school hockey can play with the pros for one game. I thought it was cool and it was through tht NHL. They had to have the captain of each team come and look at the videos individually of the player who got put in through their coach. I thought it was cool and said I'm up for it they were submitted online and then we have to go to New York all the captains in two weeks to see who is the best. We then do a web cam chat with the player who won and ask what team do they desire to play that one game with. I sighed and the NHL sent me the links of all the kids that were submitted. I sighed and began to watch. This was going to be a long night.

After watching a few I was shocked, the best one I've seen out of all of them was a female by the name of Gia Phillips. She was the best, she had the fundamentals down to a perfect science and she was having fun with it. I saw a picture of her without her hockey gear. And she just made me like her even more. I put my vote in only to see that I wasn't the only one that liked her. She was getting votes like crazy and went to Plum High School. I think what shocked me the most was that she was the only girl playing on an all boys team.


Hi, so my first story and I'm dedicating it to the girl who wrote 'O Captain, My Captain' and 'Captain of my Life' they moved me enough to write this.



I know I am...I just posted chapter 4 and I hope maybe you can read it and tell others about it...??



helenabelatrix helenabelatrix
I liked it, though you should continue it =) 3 chapters isn't enough
Vondersnitzle Vondersnitzle